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Happy 2016! These CEOs Have Already Banked An Average Worker's Salary


Happy 2016! These CEOs Have Already Banked An Average Worker's Salary

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

By lunchtime Monday, Canada's top chief executives had already banked an average worker's annual salary.

To put that another way, in 2014, the country's top-paid CEOs took home 184 times as much as the average Canadian worker, according to an annual report on publicly-traded companies released Monday by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.


A worker's average annual salary may pay for ONE executive lunch with the execs and their board members. Meanwhile, these execs are rewarded for reducing labor costs, undermining worker benefits (or outright eliminating them), breaking unions, compromising safety standards, ignoring poor working conditions, negotiating labor contracts (if unionized) that strangle the workers through threats of job loss and other coercion. Their unconscionable punishing acts against their workers do not keep them awake at night or give them pause for reflection...not when the private jets and limos await them.


Refer to the following link for the 100 Highest Paid CEOs in the U.S. in 2014:


As the graphic on the right of the web page indicates, the average CEO (in the U.S.) earned 331 times more than the average worker in 2013. The average worker earned $16.94 and hour or $35,235 for the year.

Let's take a brief look at just one example: Pfizer, Inc. (Pharmaceutical)

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Pfizer Inc
Ticker: PFE
Headquarters: New York NY
Industry: Pharmaceutical Preparations

In 2014, I. Read (CEO) received $23,283,048 in total compensation. By comparison, the average worker made $35,239 in 2013. I. Read made 661 times the average worker's pay.

While workers produce the products and provide the services that generate wealth, it is the capitalist class that collects and accumulates that wealth. There is no equality under capitalism … only tyranny.