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Happy Birthday, EPA! (Hopefully Not for the Last Time)


Happy Birthday, EPA! (Hopefully Not for the Last Time)

Wenonah Hauter

The EPA is suddenly on life support

(photo/Lorie Shaull)


The true parents of The Environmental Protection Agency are Rachel Carson and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Today, the forces that opposed both Kennedy and Carson appear in the ascendant, but appearances can be deceiving, and they are deceiving in this instance.

The truth will out - and the people will win.

“no one disputes that by 1964 the environmental revolution was on, and Kennedy and Carson were among its John the Baptist figures.”


The EPA ceased to function as an environmental protection institution during the Clinton/Gore “reimagining government” treasonous attack on democracy in the U.S. Clinton/Gore made reporting “voluntary” in most cases, pushed (unfunded) enforcement onto states, privatized many EPA (and other governmental) functions, etc.

The same was true for most other governmental regulatory agencies. The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) successfully fostered a coup against the Republic on behalf of oligarchs and plutocrats, including the notorious Koch Bros.

Meanwhile the people of the U.S. were “fascinated” by the Kabuki theatre surrounding the serial criminal abuser Clinton, the fact that he could blow a saxophone and falsely credited him with being the “First Black President” while his policies drove millions of African-Americans into prisons and jails, and impoverished those who managed to sidestep “three strikes” and other Constitutional outrages and violations of international law.

And then there were Clinton’s illegal bombings in Afghanistan which really got Al Quaeda and the like going, dirty wars throughout the Americas, the Haitian coup against Jean-Bertrande Aristide, outages in Central Africa, bombings in the Balkans, etc.

But I digress. Basically I think Ms. Hauter is a little late on this one.


I think you’re full of shit, Tom. Whose side are you on?
Go to hell, you fucking anarchist moron.


Sorry, I got carried away. Tom, your perspective is exactly that presented by rightwing propagandists. “Democrats are bad. Government is bad.” So I repeat, whose side are you on?


Let’s not forget that Reagan tried to dismantle the EPA after he took office. He appointed Anne Gorsuch as head of the agency and she did her best to gum up the works. Reagan was famous for claiming that trees pollute. Amazingly many Americans regard Reagan as some kind of a hero. This great hero also appointed James Watt to the head of the Department of Interior and Watt advocated drilling and mining rather than protecting the land. In a sense we have been here before but this time we need the EPA to help fight climate change and the Republican Party is far more right wing than it was when Reagan was elected. The main advantage now compared to the days of Reagan is that we have environmental organizations that are much larger and better funded. Every step that Trump tries to take backwards will be fought in the courts and politically. But what happens may largely depend on the 2018 election. The main way to stop Trump at this point is a sweeping victory for the Democrats in the House and Senate.


I was on to Clinton from the start when he twanged the twang of a Southern Baptist preacher despite not seeming to be a member of the flock. A gifted huckster/orator no doubt, he proved to be the same in the political realm also. I “Peroted” him twice, at least keeping my dignity intact.


What you been talking to your lawyer or are you just plain gutless and afraid to stand on the B.S. (libelous and defamatory) that you spew. Maybe Trump’s lawyers can help you out of your confusion.


Kinda Elmer Gantry like (though EG was Midwestern).


I suspect that he probably cannot even name more than a few cabinet departments, much less know what, say, an NPDES permit is…


During the 1990’s, environmental protection programs produced hybrid-electric vehicle and automotive battery tech for all-battery EVs. Mass transit, especially electric rail systems were developed and expanded. Bus tech also advanced (low-floor easy boarding) but not yet in ways that are still needed. Forestry practices in the 1990’s further regulated the practice of clearcutting and a near halt of cutting old growth. A lot of small scale environmental restoration projects were completed or got their start during the Clinton era. Tom, you act like a black mask-wearing idiot vandal anarchist with no idea how to actually make progress and change. People like you are saps for deceptive rightwing propaganda designed put assholes like DJTrump, GWBush and Reagan in office to do the bidding of rapacious industrial business interests hellbent on making a fortune and life worse for the rest of us.


I also voted for Perot in 1992, but more for the effect of steering republican votes his way and to oppose NAFTA. I knew Clinton was a shoe-in and am satisfied he did well enough in important ways, including high tech, avoiding war, rebuilding the economy and environmental protection.

NPDES = National Pollution Dispersal Elimination System.


Right on Wenonah and Food and Water Watch. We’re with you.


I well remember the smell of paper mills and a Koch refinery I had to drive past. I remember Love Canal and dozens of other crimes committed against life itself. Even my own small town has it’s own Superfund site. I will not be going back to those days, just because some guy bullied his way into the Presidency. First, DID HE REALLY THE MEET ALL CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT? I think not.

As one of the owners of the USA, and one of the jurors of Trumps actions (and inactions), I can say with conviction that he never proved TO ME that he had any Right to sit in the Oval Office and appoint anybody to anything.

How about you? Did you see him meet all of the requirements that you, as an owner of the USA, have for anyone trying to get into our seat of greatest power? Did he share with you proof that he had truly divested from his hundreds of dummy businesses?

Until he PROVES to you, and I, and everyone ellse that he has an Earned Right to the Presidential Appointment Pen he’s been waving around, its all just bullshit that we all need to ignore. HE says he is President. I say he’s not. What do you think, Mr. or Ms. Juror? Your country hangs in the balance.