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Happy to Engage Workers and Community on Green New Deal, Ocasio-Cortez Accepts GOP Invite to Kentucky Coal Mine

Happy to Engage Workers and Community on Green New Deal, Ocasio-Cortez Accepts GOP Invite to Kentucky Coal Mine

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday accepted an invitation to tour a coal mine and meet with voters in Kentucky—taking advantage of an opportunity to engage with some of the Americans who could benefit most from a Green New Deal.


As a friend of mine said: AOC is a “Visionary with Brains”.
Let the DCCC know if you like their idea of stifling challengers to incumbents, i.e. stopping the flow of new, younger candidates with fresh ideas. I called the DCCC at (202) 863-1500.


This is exactly what the actual left should have been doing long ago. I wish there were more AOC’s, not just ideologically but also in regards to going to working people and offering policies that speak to them. The reason that the neoliberals write off large parts of the country is that they offer nothing what so ever to large parts of the country. If you are Nancy Pelosi and are undermining policies that would benefit the poor and working people, if you are corrupt and announced publicly that there will be no change on policies that are abject failures at everything but enriching and empowering the already rich and powerful, what exactly do you offer working people and poor people in places like Kentucky and West Virginia. Just because SHE and those like her have nothing to offer doesn’t mean the left has nothing to offer. The left’s ideas are popular and would benefit working people, and there are clear benefits to talking directly to people. Instead of getting what she says distorted by right wing clowns, she goes to them, speaks to them and does so without any distortions. This development would not only probably make the Republicans uncomfortable, it would also make those in charge of the other rotten party uncomfortable, because it could, could, change the composition of those elected to government from their party. And their policies might, unlike Pelosi, benefit working people and the poor, and they might want to take on the rich and powerful.


Hey - bring in Paul Stammets to research any tailings clean-up with mycororemediation

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Pardon my cynicism but I hope this isn’t a Bitch McConnell ambush.


AO-C is doing the right thing, but she’s out of step with party leadership, who’ve been up front about abandoning working class voters. I post this Chuck Schumer quote from 2016 here often, but it’s once again relevant:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

We need a couple hundred more of people like her in DC. We need to vote in the primaries to make it happen!
The thing I find hilarious is that AOC will probably win over the sane republicans the DNC has pinned it’s last hopes on! She’s not playing the left/right game, she’s all have’s and have not’s


I am not so optimistic about this and in some ways this may be a trap.

At very least, even if she is allowed to meet and talk to rank-and-file miners, she should expect the miners to be very hostile and not at all receptive to what she has to say. Remember the famous Upton Sinclair quote about understanding something and paychecks?

I know, because I live in the epicenter of coal and fracking country and visit coal mines all the time.


AOC is the new Bernie.


Comment line “no longer working” …

My message to Pelosi and Hoyer and DCCC would be that AOC and other true liberals
like Bernie Sanders have my full support and that the DP should stop taking money from
corporations right now –

Might as well go to Pelosi and Hoyer cause that’s where the instructions come from
to protect their sponsors –

If anyone missed just who Steny Hoyer’s sponsors are – here’s a list –
and an idea of what he is doing according to a former candidate from Maryland who
challenged him …

From Pat Elder – Dem candidate Maryland –

Along with Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Majority Whip, Rep. James Clyburn
Assistant Speaker, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and Dem Caucus Chair, Rep. Kaheem Jeffries)

(After 2016, that leadership, imo, should not be in place – it’s the “brakes” on anything truly revolutionary happening in the Dem Party.)

The Corporations Behind Rep. Steny Hoyer - Steny Hoyer’s campaign and his political action committee, AmeriPAC have raked in $6.6 million so far this election cycle. (Opensecrets.org)
Rep. Hoyer doesn’t need this money for his campaign here in Maryland. Instead, he contributes
it to mostly conservative candidates throughout the country who are willing to act on behalf of the companies below. Meanwhile, Hoyer travels across the country, persuading progressives in primaries to drop out of their races.

Here’s a partial list of the most powerful corporations that give Rep. Hoyer tens of thousands of dollars each election cycle. Think about their agenda and then think about yours, and keep in mind these companies typically give in equal measures to Republicans as well. It’s the reason we don’t have single-payer health care, universal daycare and college. It is also the reason why we do have several ongoing wars and looming climate disaster.

AFLAC. Abbott Laboratories. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, Inc., Medstar Health,
Novo Nordisk, BayerAG, Eli Lilly & Co, United Health Group

BP, Southern, Edison, Entergy, Exelon, PG&E, Sempra

Bank of America, Berkshire Hathaway, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase,
MasterCard, PriceWaterhouse-Coopers

BAE, Blackrock, Gen Dynamics, Honeywell, Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup Gr.


I think she should reconsider that decision on the basis of safety .
She has a ton of courage but may be underestimating just how unhinged some of these Right wing trumptards are.


I was thinking the same thing. Lock Mitch up in one of them Kent-fucky Coal Mines… and problem solved!


OK Alex. Please ask the miners this question: Do you want your children to work these mines or would you like them to have a college education and a healthy career? Because that’s what progressives want for them.


We need both of them and more!

True, and for a short time we will have them both. But AOC will be the one to carry on.

Green New Deal as envisaged by AOC? Not good enough or urgent enough…

They will reply that letting them continue to mine coal will be the best way of assuring they will have the money to help their kids to go to college. Yeah, with the UMWA almost extinct their pay and working conditions are declining, but they are not about to tell AOC about that with the bosses within earshot.

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CNN described this “impassioned speech” as “AOC goes off after critics mock Green New Deal”.
The video of this did not last long on the CNN website because anyone who viewed it realized just how powerful a Representative she actually is and their biased headline backfired. I wish she was old enough to run for President.


We will see. Seems to me that things like healthcare are class based issues, and it can’t be said that the right or the center gives a damn about the horrible health outcomes among people working in coal. It also can’t be said that the miners are unaware of the pollutants their employers dump into the water they drink and the air. There are real issues over the long-term economic sustainability of coal that have nothing to do with the GND or even environmental issues. So, eventually those jobs are gone, and what is left behind? Massive amounts of pollution, huge health issues, and what to offer at that point economically? Do those miners have kids and grandkids? Once those jobs are gone, and they will be gone eventually, what of the next generations? What happens to the towns they now live in when those jobs are gone and there isn’t any private investment anymore in anything else? Working people aren’t simple, they can understand complexity, and I don’t think someone on the right that gives away the store to the owners of those mines is some slam dunk winner with the employees there. I would be willing to bet there are labor disputes and the Republican there is on whose side in those disputes?

Take a look at the townhall Bernie had with folks in West Virginia. He appealed to a room of Trump supporters. Think Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, Beto or Hoyer could? Would Beto ride in on a skateboard and do some fancy tricks for them? He’s so hip, kind of, in a 1998 kind of way.


You might want to watch the Bernie Sanders town hall in the heart of coal mining country. Those miners might not have the education and political sophistication like those that contribute to this website, but they’re not stupid. Not only is coal a dying industry, but they understand the devil’s bargain that’s been made. These communities have been ravaged by the very company signing their paychecks. It’s a familiar story common to rural areas mostly dependent on single resource extraction. I live in timber country and am familiar with the ambivalence.

The best approach, as always, is to be honest with them. Offer realistic solutions without the preaching or conversion therapy. Lying to them, as Trump has, only worsens the problem and delays delivering the help they need. That’s Sanders’ approach during his town hall meeting. And you’ll see the positive response he receives on many issues.

Yes, I know the majority of miners and rural America vote red and resist government ‘interference’ until it’s convenient for them. But the third way corporate dems since Clinton have demoralized the entire working class. Support for unions is almost nonexistant. It’s time that miners, janitors, baristas, health care workers, mechanics, clerks, etc come together and realize that the divide is not between rural and urban, flyover and coast, skin color or religion, and other fake adversaries that keep us at each others’ throats. Shocking how we’ve forgotten the lessons of the 1920’s and 30’s when the working class literally fought with their lives to gain what was rightfully theirs, in sharing in the prosperity they helped create. Wealth’s greatest fear is this great re-awakening, of collective organizing, and thus the relentless barrage of terms like markets, freedom and capitalism, and the disdain for true progressives.