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'Hard to Fathom the Recklessness': American Workers, Farmers at Risk as Trump Escalates Trade War With China


'Hard to Fathom the Recklessness': American Workers, Farmers at Risk as Trump Escalates Trade War With China

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Brushing aside repeated warnings that a rapid escalation of trade tensions between the world's two largest economies could place millions of American jobs at risk, President Donald Trump on Friday officially dragged the U.S.


Those hardhats and safety vests look pretty clean for them to have been worn by a genuine working people. Could those be more paid extras who’ve been paid to pretend they support the Oaf in Chief? Hmmmm … Sad


“More paid extras…”

Please cite a source. I didn’t realize this was an actual thing.


So Trump shows his true colors. This is the replacement for the “war on drugs” most notable for its generation of black markets and brutal effects on human beings.

Yuppers, the mafiosi must be licking their chops as the years off waiting for their orange [whatever] to slime a new spectrum for the underworld bosses. This is a coup of unprecedented proportions. No wonder the Russian oligarchs kiss his @$$.

Sorry American workers. Hope I’m unbelievably wrong - but I think you might have been framed for the framing of this tariff tiff.


I was speculating and so no need to cite a source although there have been incidents of “Professional” supporters which I can’t be bothered to cite sources for since I really don’t care if anyone believes it. However, there’s no escaping the fact that those hard hats and vests are much too clean and pretty to have been worn by any genuine workers for even a day so that’s an indication that there is something fraudulent going on here.


Elect a fool and you get foolish policies. This is just one example. Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. Revoking the Clear Power Plan. Dismantling the EPA. Hollowing out the State Department. Promoting fossil fuel production. The country is filled with foolish voters and they elected one of their own.


Yes- it is a photo op


From the article:

“If the trade war continues into the spring of 2019, the owners of thousands of smaller farms, many handed down from generation to generation, could face tough decisions, pitting their pocketbooks against the president’s policies,” NBC News reported on Friday.

I wouldn’t bet against that outcome having been baked into the plan. Family farming has all but disappeared from this country (except the occasional heart-warming commercial), being an impediment to total corporate control of our food supply.


While the ongoing trade deficit may present a need to negotiate trade policy with China, the US has a long running trade SURPLUS with Canada. Trump’s earlier tariffs on Canadian lumber have already driven the cost of lumber in the US up 27% . If anybody should have applied tariffs it is Canada, not the US. This is Economics 1A…not college economics 1A, basic high school economics.

Trump’s tariffs have nothing to do with economics and everything to do with following Goebbels play book to be constantly creating new enemies that only Trump can save cult 45 from. Trump plays cult 45 like a fiddle.


According to Ron Paul, US owes China two and a half trillion US dollars. How is that going to play out:



Yes indeed…Murkins’ easy credit during the past three decades has been almost entirely financed by China.

With Trump recently saving the Chinese telecom in exchange for Ivanka getting Chinese patents and Trump resorts getting sweetheart financing for upcoming Indonesia projects, Trump put US taxpayers on the hook for extortion China now has the leverage to apply.


How much long before the Military arrests this Psychopath and throws him in the brig?


The swamp has turned into a sinkhole… it appears the entire country will soon disappear into the abyss.


I’m no economist, but it seems like he’s using the tarifs as a money-making scheme, counting on the tarif/tax to generate revenue (possibly to pay for his tax breaks???)

Is he that stupid???


Not doubting you, was just curious if you had a link to a source. I agree they look pretty pristine!


That’s another thing - how is it that Congress and voters - even the traitorous Rethugs - are not appalled at the blatant corruption of Trump and his family getting exemptions from all of the tariffs being levied on all other Chinese-manufactured goods, and their patents and all the other quid pro quo BS so blatantly going on?? Trump supporters not caring about it - I get that, because they are all brain-washed moronic cultists. But you would think that more Dims and Rethugs would be making a federal case about such blatant cronyism and emoulements volations. Unless they have reached a point where they just don’t care anymore, and are enjoying the precedent being set by Trump, knowing that future Rethug/Dim Presidents will be able to do the same thing.


That is the wrong question…on a number of different levels.


It’s easy to understand when you realize the root cause. People believe the system is systemically corrupted. They believe everybody on both sides are corrupt to the bone so they cynically believe they should support “their” corrupt officials over those other corrupt officials. It’s a lowest common denominator thing…and it’s truly fucked up.


Yes the great patriotic farmers of the mid west are still behind Trump no matter what happens???because congress is going to pass along more price supports for these CORPORATE “farmers”---------- GMO soybeans------who buys this crap???

Lets do what Trump said should be done-----get rid of all price supports-----America will get a lesson in socialism for the corporations.


I’m all for tariffs - and we all should be. Our labor is not being used on what is being brought in but it is taking out our dollars. They are replacing our business owners providing the product with theirs.

Tariffs DO NOT HURT U.S. FARMERS unless they are exporting food. You only pay Tariffs to the country you are bringing food into. China should ban the crap our mega farm industry wants to bring in. Pesticides, GMO’s, over Anti-bioticized, growth hormones so chickens look 6 weeks when they’re 2, etc. and go right into human bodies making obesity no matter what you eat because you did eat a fat pill(hormones designed to hold on to fat so cows and chickens can be killed sooner. Cry me a river for the farm industry. These billionaires who shut down small farms might lose some billions by actually paying tariffs to a country they’re bringing their goods too. They’re putting that countries farms out of business by selling cheaper and are not using that countries labor. They are parasites just like they were in this country when they put our small farmers out of business with their mega factory farms that are also mega destroying our health.

BTW no tariffs are a WTO dream. They’d love it. They’d destroy every countries economic system if they could and are a big part of the human trafficking industry - that’s right factory slavery and no tariffs is part of why goods are so cheap. Why are there people here calling themselves left that are against Tariffs? Are we that far right now?

I don’t know what’s up with the Trump team doing it, it’s one of the few things he got right. It’s awesome China followed suit. Let’s try to get tariffs everywhere. If you’re against tariffs don’t complain when your job disappears to some foreign company doing business on our soil but refusing to use our labor.