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'Hard to See That Debate Happening': With President Infected, Officials Say Biden vs. Trump Unlikely on Oct. 15

There’s no guarantee either that BIDEN will remain OK –


is he faking an illness to gain sympathy and avoid another disastrous appearance in the debates??
my feeling is that this is one more lie being used to play the Dems and the American people like a drum and the Republican party–true to form -are falling right in line with this line of bull-

-can you say Miracle cure??

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That weasle, reptile, rump, just threw a Hail Mary.
He does not have corona. Big baby hidingunder moms dress

Enjoying the cynicism. Keep’em coming.
We are making a strange history day by day.
Sadly, the things that are real are trump’s debate performance, and his wish to not eviscerate himself at another debate.