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Harmful Tax Cuts Helped Fuel Oklahoma’s Budget Woes

Harmful Tax Cuts Helped Fuel Oklahoma’s Budget Woes

Elizabeth McNichol

The bond rating agency Standard & Poor’s has lowered Oklahoma’s bond rating due to two years of budget shortfalls and the state’s use of one-time funds to address them. Some of the budget stress is due to volatile energy sector revenues, but ill-advised tax cuts pose at least as big a problem.

I hate to say it, but that’s what happens when you elect business majors to public office. All they see is dollars and cents and many do not have a clue on how to develop a benefits/cost analysis that includes non-tangibles. So they make this type of gross error over and over and over again, costing communities millions and creating hardships that would be easily preventable.

This mess didn’t happen over night, perhaps the voters of OK. will rethink their love for the repug. party.

Cutting back on education spending. That’ll bring people flocking to your state.

Just ask Kansas.

Colorado rejoices.

So your entire point about Colorado is just blather. Figured as much.

Also, I checked your stats on Kansas population growth. Nice try, but:


I hone in on what’s happened to Kansas since they enacted big tax cuts (2012 and 2013) like the ones that are the subject of the article we’re commenting on: Giant budget deficits, low growth, and a population nearing declining numbers.

I am not sure where you get your stats, but CA is gaining population. It is expected to hit the 40 million mark during the next census. CA also has the highest rate of economy growth. Your 6% growth for Kansas is over a ten year period, which is not the best in the country.
But one problem with the stat is that it is a % of current population. So a state with a large population like CA needs a huge amount of people, while a less populated state like Kansas can gain a larger % due to it’s smaller population. A better graph would be per 1000 people growth rate.
For instance, Kansa saw a gain of 6000 people in 2016. CA saw a gain of 300K during the same time period. Now which state had the better rate of immigration? Kansa has a population of 2.9 million, CA has 38 million.
And you move to texas to escape the republicans?

i live in oklahoma and the budget cuts are awful. especiallly true with mental health, which is a different topic all on its own. mary fallon cut taxes to the rich and expected it to help our state. then built a millions of dollars whatever it it to greet people as they come into oklahoma city. her decisions have cost education also, am glad she is almost out of office. what difference does it make as oklahoma is a red state? we will get another republican.

Really - people are leaving MA? Actually more people are moving INTO MA, and some are from the South due to MA having over 90% of residents getting health care.

What happened to Education? Of course you will get another rethug- because of those bahbies and not wanting reproductive health care.

Hunting??? Well , that’s gross- leave the poor animals alone.