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Harper Blasted for 'Offensive,' 'Grotesque' Mother Canada Statue Plans


Harper Blasted for 'Offensive,' 'Grotesque' Mother Canada Statue Plans

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plans to finance a massive, ten-story "Mother Canada" statue on the grounds of a national park in Nova Scotia have prompted outrage from national media outlets and environmental advocates alike.

The statue, a cloaked woman holding her arms out toward the Atlantic Ocean from a section of a coastline known as Green Cove, is an enlarged version of the statue "Canada Bereft" in the town of Vimy, France, meant to honor deceased military veterans.


Conservatives tend to be tacky.


Rodina Mat’


“Hubristic, ugly and just plain wrong.” Harper!


Yeah honor “mother Canada” with a statue that promotes war even as her rivers are being polluted, forests desecrated , and body ripped open in the name of trade and GDP growth.

What an utter buffoon this Herr Harper.


I think an abortion should be considered for this Mother.


Let’s just get Harper a generalissimo’s uniform with lots of gold braid, humongous epaulets and some scrambled eggs on the bill of the cap and be done with it. His Supreme Deluxe Ministero Primo of Canada, the Right Reckless Stephen Harper!


Glad to know this is the worst thing they have about which to complain…


Wi ony luck, the fowk o’Cap Breton wull tip the clorty thing intae the ocean.


Go geese and pigeons! Spread your tail feathers and drop a load for freedom on that ugly monstrosity!


The Statue will give Canadians something to knock down, when they overthrow fascism in their country.


And if the NDP can run Alberta, then surely the Harpie can be removed from being PM.


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Aye, & the Cape Breton Islanders are going to sit still for this? Especially since many of the troops going to fight in Europe in both WW1 & WW2 had emigrated years before to Canada/Newfoundland and were British to the core. Harper is an intellectual idiot who knows nothing of history, he plods along, tromping on everyone’s feet and culture. Is Harper trying to re-create the Statue of Liberty? If so, the man is a buffoon. Canada did not come to creation by any declaration, as did the U.S… Canada’s independence came about gradually, as the nation coalesced and grew united. It was not until 1933 that Canada, along with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa became fully self -governing, and that gradual movement towards full independence has been a wonderful, peaceful thing. For most of Canada’s history, her international involvement has been with the Empire, and later the Commonwealth. Canada’s airmen flew side-by-side with the RAF in the battle of Britain and throughout WW2, and Canada’s brigades served with the Commonwealth Armies in Korea.

Perhaps a statue commemorating the massive Canadian contribution to the successful defeat of our enemies in both WW1 & WW2 would be a more appropriate monument. Certainly no educated, informed Briton would ever deny the Canadian Contributions made in both WW ! & WW 2. In fact a monument in the Scottish Western Isles (since so many of the emigrants to Canada/Newfoundland were Scots) AND Cape Breton Isl. or Nova Scotia would suffice.