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Harper Government Spent Millions to Push Tar Sands on First Nations


Harper Government Spent Millions to Push Tar Sands on First Nations

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Solidifying the country's reputation as a "true petrostate," the government of Canada reportedly spent millions of taxpayer dollars on previously undisclosed tar sands lobbying activities, including a concerted push to 'educate' First Nations communities opposed to the toxic drilling projects.


Over 60% of Canadians are opposed to the Harper govt and it’s policies but because of Canada’s type of voting system Harper was able to gain an absolute majority and total control of Parliament with only 39.6% of the votes. So please, when you read this type of article attribute it to a minority of actual Canadians.

That said, we are now into a national election up here and the odds are very good that Harper will be thrown out of office on Oct. 19th [Heave Steve Day].

The petro-state abuses by Harper are only part of the LONG list of neo-con crap he has done to tarnish Canada’s image in the eyes of the non-uber-rightwing world. i, like millions of others up here, am doing everything i can to end Harper’s dictatorial rule. Please stay tuned.


Best of luck. We can’t seem to dislodge the Orcs down here.


Thanks for the wonderful info. And nice writing style.


The First Nations peoples filed lawsuits against TransCanada, the Canadian government, and other entities indulging in tar sands extraction but they lost across the board in the Canadian Supreme Court (in all its wisdom?) whose bias towards the Harper corporate cauldron is reprehensible. Gee, sounds like what goes on in the nation with which they share one long border.


It surely does, but a rare catalyst has brought many Canadians to the fore-this time, to start a ABC–‘anyone but conservatives’…(.get rid of Harper campaign). And its working, under the radar, on blogs, the majority of posters oppose and criticize Harper, without mercy. As well, most speak of ‘getting out the vote’ and the degree of issue-awareness is amazing. So, many want the same total route that took place during the provincial election, where the PC (progressive conservatives) provincially, were left stunned by a majority result in a provincial that had been conservative for 40 plus years.
Since those resounding results-- Harper, isn’t as arrogant during this federal campaign, he’s even started trying to notice the 60% of eligible voters he usually ignores during his entire time in office as PM…Plus the scandal of incompetence via the idiots he’s appointed to the Senate, have ‘branded’ his party as corrupt and manipulative–without a soul. Anyway the latest Duffy conservative member is charge with 31 charges…of fraud etc…and the fiasco plays out until October…stay tuned.