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Harper Government Threatens BDS Supporters with Hate Crime Charges


Harper Government Threatens BDS Supporters with Hate Crime Charges

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The Canadian government is threatening to charge those participating in boycotts of Israel with a hate crime, CBC revealed on Monday.


Gee, the Bronfman’s really do control the foreign policies of the puppet Harper. Here come the thought police.


“Those who make peaceful change impossible ensure that violent revolution is inevitable.” - JFK addressing a now-defunct Latin American development consortium.


This has to be one of the most outrageous things I have ever heard. The current Prime Minister is actually close to insanity. I don’t believe any court in the land would find boycotters guilty of a hate crime but that isn’t the point is it? the point is that if an ordinary Canadian exercises his right to demand political or economic of Israel for its own Palestinian hate project, the government will cause that person the hardship and cost of a criminal court case, will besmirch their name and ruin their lives. This threat by government sources is beneath contempt!


Stephen Harper is an evangelical Christian who belongs to the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) church. Harper never discusses his religion as he is well aware that many Canadians (unlike most Americans) would be uncomfortable knowing this. In fact, if it were broadly known and understood, he and his party would certainly lose credibility and considerable support.

Evangelical christians believe that Israel must thrive for the happy event of JC’s return to earth to occur.

Google “stephen harper and return of jesus christ” and you will find a number of serious articles that explain Harper’s devotion to Israel and Netanyahu a lot better than I can.

Marci McDonald, a well-respected Canadian journalist, wrote The Armageddon Factor, a truly scary book about Harper’s faith and the negative influence it has on his leadership.


Yup. I live in Central America, where I have a friend who converted from Catholicism to some evangelical church here, and he tells me that they have an Israeli flag in their g-d sanctuary, and that they pray for Israel every Sunday. And, the pastor is Guatemalan. I’ve asked him if his pastor is aware of the role that Israel played in supporting the horrors which took place in Guatemala in the '80’s. My friend’s brother, who was instrumental in converting him, has told him that all the news reportage here ( in Costa Rica) about Israel’s assault on Gaza last year, was lies. I’m hoping that there will be, one day, a Spanish translation of Max Blumenthal’s GOLIATH, or of Anna Balzer’s WITNESS IN PALESTINE, which I am currently reading, and which is the most powerful testimony of conditions in the Occupied Territories that I have come across to date.


The Hate Propaganda provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code have built-in restrictions as well as a very narrow definition of “hatred” as defined by the Supreme Court of Canada in a judgement by Chief Justice Dickson in the case of R. v Keegstra. Prosecution of BDS supporters under this law would be a misuse of that law and should not yield a conviction, assuming that we are talking simply about the act of advocating or engaging in BDS, as distinct from using dehumanizing, deeply hateful language against persons identified by race, religion, or other groups specified in the law;.

If we shift our attention away from Canadian domestic law to international law, we should attend to Article 20(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: “Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law…” I am very concerned about how one-sided accounts of Russia’s role in Ukraine, by Harper, Obama and a compliant mainstream media, are putting propaganda building-blocks in place. These can then be utilized to provoke war between superpowers with potentially catastrophic consequences. I am glad that the alternative media spotlight the deceptions and dangers, and only wish that mainstream media were more actively vigilant against war propaganda.


That should probably be a bar to public office, just like any other psychological condition that controls someone’s behavior.


Is this an update from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion or Main Kampf?


Geezus, we’ve got to get rid of those pseudo evangelical Likud party
loving GOP wanna be’s…I can’t figure out where the fark they came from
in the first place. There’s no way Steffen farking Häuper is a Canadian, nor any of his brown shirt buddies.


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Since there’s no crime at all in making a legal choice, it’d get laughed out of court.

But the nicer part is that the victim could bring an action for malicious prosecution, infliction of emotional distress, defamation of character, and very possibly false arrest, kidnapping, and …I’m blanking on the formal name, basically unwarranted imprisonment, if they had to spend a night in the kerker. Oh, and abuse of office, too.


Hmmm. "In response to the query, a spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, who is in charge of federal law enforcement, sent reporters “a detailed list of Canada’s updated hate laws, noting that Canada has one of the most comprehensive sets of such laws ‘anywhere in the world.’”

If the laws are so comprehensive, how do they avoid preventing the Canadian Government from its own hatefully criminal activities, like blindly supporting the Israeli nazis?


I hope Stephen Harper is not reelected. He calls BDS a hate crime. He’s full of BS. The people should organize demonstrations outside of his home and work. They Should demand he step down. He is guilty of hate crimes in supporting Israel’s mistreatment of Arabs, war in Libya, his calls for war against Iran, intervention in Iraq & Syria, his support for sanctions against Iran and breaking diplomatic ties with Iran.


JFK was no great man. Most Americans only think he was because of the way he’s been portrayed by the media. He almost started WWIII & had a secret plot to overthrow Castro. He did nothing to end the Vietnam War. He made great speeches but was an ineffective president. He was a lot like Obama.


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I’ve grown tired of challenging it because it doesn’t seem to have any effect. The True Believers, just as Hitler said they would, continue to believe that there must be some other explanation for rotten behavior.

For me the thing that totally killed any positive feelings for any of the Kennedys was their united coverup of the virtual murder of Rose Marie by Old Joe.

The mythology is still being hawked (http://www.people.com/article/rosemary-kennedy-timothy-shriver-fully-alive) but the reality was completely different: she was of average intelligence (she could do long division), but was angry and depressed at how little respect she got in the family, and the old man was afraid she’d have an affair with an “unsuitable” person (read: nggr) since she wasn’t at all race-prejudiced (another sign, to him, of her defective mind). So he had her virtually murdered by lobotomy, permanently reducing her to the level of an infant.