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Harper Plays His Election Cards and Chooses Fear


Harper Plays His Election Cards and Chooses Fear

John Baglow

Politicians—and governments—are usually far smaller than the issues that plague us. Take the economy, for example. A good economic situation, by which I mean one where large profits are made, is a boon to incumbents; a poor one can prove disastrous to them. Yet domestic fiscal and monetary policy have about as much effect on global tides as witches dancing around a cauldron.


I doubt if Harper is even close to using up his dirty bag of tricks. These scum will do anything to cling to power including yellow flag events.


Much like many of our neighbors to the South , I have lived through a time where it seems each Prime Minister has been “worse” then the one before. Trudeau was worse then Pearson, Mulroney then Trudeau, ( I won’t count Kim Campbell or those that served a few months) . Chretien worse then Mulroney and Martin worse then Chretien.

We now have the lowest of the Low one Herr Harper.

This process all triggered by the take over by the International Bankers of the Governance of the Country and the rush to turn us into States run by the Corporation. Ultimately as long as the Banking Industry and the Corporations continue gaining ever more power I can not see it turning around any time soon no matter who we elect.

Capitalsm must be dismantled.


Mr. Baglow (should it be Day-Glow?) sounds like a cross between Mark Moford and half the C.D. posters whose entire perspective (regardless of the issue or the obvious culpable entity) pivots on how voters vote.

Baglow shows his disdain for fellow human beings in a number of disparaging assessments of voters. But far more in line with disinformation was his comparing economics to the Weather. How quaint! Just a matter of uncontrollable vagaries. If this isn’t the quintessence of Right Wing laissez-faire (for big business) deregulatory rationale at essence, what could be?

It’s OBVIOUS to anyone paying real attention that deliberate moves to deregulate mass media, international trade agreements, banking, and campaign funding have led to most money heading to the top of the fiduciary “food” chain… as the Piketty Study proved. All this was calculated; but the author would rather compare it to the vagaries of weather and barring that, the flaw in who voters vote for.

This sounds like disinformation to me. Someone pays people with a bit of wit to blur the lines and fog the REAL issues.


The proximity of a nation to the United States is somewhat of a political death kneel. The destruction of Mexico’s government is the consequence of America’s interference. Like the United States it is the ruling elite that always get their way by manipulating elections. No matter how hard Mexican citizens struggle for good government they just can’t get past the virtually open corruption that is supported by the U.S. of A… Not a peep from the US government, either, when millions of ballots were found in a land fill.

It’s probably simple contamination of America’s greed, deceit and trotting out the “terrorist” card to cover up or excuse every illegal war or destructive policy designed to impoverish more Americans. It seems as though the closer your country gets to the United States the greater the threat of American democracy contamination.


Voters? We don’t need no steenking voters.