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Harper's Voter Suppression Plan: Coming Soon to a polling Station Near You


Harper's Voter Suppression Plan: Coming Soon to a polling Station Near You

Linda McQuaig

Stephen Harper's re-election strategy depends on a lot of you not voting. And if you mess with his plan by showing up at the polling station on Election Day, he's prepared for that, too: he's made it a lot harder for you to vote.

The prime minister has made it so much harder that "many tens of thousands" of Canadians may be denied their constitutional right to cast a ballot in the upcoming federal election, according to Harry Neufeld, former chief electoral officer for British Columbia.


It’s amazing how authoritarians so seldom play fairly. All about wars (including the long-lasting class war, added to those against women and persons of color), they assume a “might makes right” attitude. In other words, Innocent until some entity (arguably outside of their bribery or control) can prove them guilty.

This is boilerplate U.S. Republican strategy. No doubt the angry rich white boys ’ club shares its methodology so that rules, practices, and treaties deferential to the old privilege niche remain consistent while crossing borders:

“Having ignored the very real problem presented by the robocall scandal, the Harperites instead focused on clamping down on an imaginary problem – people voting multiple times, which is not a problem at all, as Neufeld states in an affidavit in support of the court injunction.”

This also runs parallel with similar outcomes inside the U.S.:

“Even though he’s had the support of less than 40 per cent of Canadians, Harper has held power for almost a decade by focusing on getting out the vote among his loyal base, who tend to be older and more affluent.”

Harper FIRED climate scientists and defunded research in that field. Meanwhile, he wants to make the 1% in his nation rich from exploiting Earth Mother’s tar sand oil in ways that will destroy ecosystems into perpetuity. He’s such a sociopath that his moral calculus likely weighs in the direct advantages Canada will experience as temperatures warm and that once frigid land becomes far more temperate. He could care less about all the droughts, floods, earthquakes, heat waves, and recently reactivated volcanoes that are making hell on earth for so many millions.


This plan of Harpers may eliminate a lot of rural voters. Drivers Licences often have a mail address such as RR3 which won/t be acceptable to provide proof of residence. Where I live that will eliminate a lot of conservative voters.

Check your drivers license folks! Take your tax bill, electric bill and gas bill with you!


The Righties simply do not believe in democracy.

Canadians better get rid of this jerk before they find themselves defending their health care and retirement systems as in the US.


After their successful takeover of the U.S. political system the 1% looked North. Want to know Canada’s future? Look to the U.S.: Voter suppression, political parties working for their paymasters while engaging in raucous arguments over a few divisive issues to rally their supporters, and the general advance of policies that funnel more money to the 1% while impoverishing everyone else - that’s what’s coming.

You’ll be lucky if you manage to keep your healthcare system.