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Harriet Tubman Snub Is a Reflection of Trump’s Worldview

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/30/harriet-tubman-snub-reflection-trumps-worldview

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Sigh---- I am getting so cynical that I would not be surprised if Treasury did indeed finally update from the awful Andrew Jackson portrait… Since Trump has degraded everything he touches, I will not be the least bit surprise if the face of Trump turns up on the $20 bill. : 0


Andrew Jackson may be difficult to defend but he was president of the United States, and at a time when the country was threatened by the European banking cartels. He blocked the creation of a central bank and was nearly assassinated for it. He also ushered in Jacksonian Democracy which did help a great number of Americans, albeit white, But recall, this was antebellum Old America, when slavery was legal and very much of North America’s human population was tribal. He did defeat the British at New Orleans who were intent on destroying our fledgling nation; they burned down the White House.
Andrew Jackson signed a land grant to my ancestors where they founded Vermillion County in western Indiana. This was in part for the service of my amcestor in the Revolutionary War. So while Harriet Tubman is a hero to many, so is Jackson, and he was a president. I wonder why we cannot create a new denomination of currency, say a $15 bill ?

Yes to all that you said, and he also probably also had the most fun Inauguration party ever, because so many people were drunk and running all over the White House. It was like the worst college frat party! But—he was NOT kind nor fair to the native Americans and those in Florida had a really tough time.However, very few in America taught the Native people well. The thing about Jackson that annoys me the most is the graft --------as it competes in some ways to what the Wall St. banks and rotten parts of Wall St. have done,: ) It is true that the attempted assassination happened and
Zinn covers that too in his book. Jackson’s actions were pretty amazing on his part, and he fought the man off before the others caught up to him----fearless he was!
Howard Zinn’s book The Peoples’ History of the United States has some interesting comments too. And re :the Arawak Indians— after reading that I thought–no wonder Columbus Day was trashed. : )

And as tp the $20, I find it funny that FDR only got a dime—but then maybe that was to remind people, that “Hey buddy can you spare a time,” was a popular saying and song at that time. And YES too, as all presidents like all human beings have warts—at least I have yet to read or know a wart-less human being. : )

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Hi RazedAwareness: Hmmmmm---- well with the way that Trump, Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams are acting, I don’t even think we’ll have a military war. I think that many nations are getting tired of his Emperor Act, and just as tired of those who work with him. They do not seem to recognize that other nations have a right to do things their way.
I think too, that all the sanctions these guys are throwing out—well, I would not be surprised if Mexico Canada, Germany, and the entire EU will just stop showing up at the UN, because ----because having to deal with a seemingly deaf tyrant and his minions is ridiculous and a waste of time—Has he sanctioned the entire planet yet? No, but he seems to be working on that. I don’t know if they even need a war—he is insulting others and acting like he’s King of the World---- but at the moment his strange beliefs make it seem that he is sailing off on the Titanic! : (

Some of us have heard of previous faces on coins: the Indianhead penny, the Buffalo nickel (the buffalo was on the reverse side, an Indian head on the front), the Mercury dime, Ben Franklin’s head on the half dollar before JFK; several attempts to put someone’s head on a dollar coin.

But have there ever been anyone else’s portrait on our $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100 Federal Reserve notes (paper money).

BTW, I’ve seen a statement that the US has more denominations of paper money than most nations. Japan only has 4 notes, vs. our 7.

Franklin Roosevelt’s image is on the dime because he helped launch the March of Dimes to eradicate polio from the face of the earth. Bush floated the idea of removing his face from the dime, as the Bush family hates FDR for shutting down Union Bank of New York (Prescott Bush) which was laundering Nazi industrialists’ money. To her credit, and the only reason to like Nancy Reagan, when she heard of that plan she said her husband, former Democratic New Dealer, then deceased, Ronald would not approve, and so FDR remains there.
Apologies if I sound pedantic. It is history worth repeating.

Hi 1EdBenti:
Thank you, I didn’t know that about the Bush family ( but I am not surprised to learn that—they seem like a very vindictive group, along with seeing the 1st prez Bush and his grouping of women action.Nancy Reagan did that? Wow, I always wondered if she was on drugs because in every picture she looks wide eyed and stoned. : 0

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You are very welcome. Let’s not forget the 1st Prez Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush also known by some as “Bush the Greater” in contrast to his imbecile son, was knee deep in the Iran Contra Affair , a textbook case of treason, which predates his later groping fame. He was also once the director of the CIA and was involved in the Bay of Pigs, and happened to be in Dallas the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. So was Richard Nixon, ironically. When Bush died, the entire corporate news media ignored the more sordid details of his career and painted a saintly picture of a man who had much blood on his hands.

Hi EdBenti:
The more we learn about politicians, as opposed to the corporate media method of fawning all over them, even when they do awful things, the sadder America seems to be.
An awful lot of these presidents seem like pirates. I wonder if Yale had the same kind of cheating to get into college that certain Americans have done lately.
Yale seems like an interesting place—it appears that GW majored in cheer leading and drinking— and lying —they have a Pre-Presidential major apparently. : )
Yes, I know, Yale, that some terrific people have graduated from there, but I just couldn’t resist saying that. : )