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Harvard Kennedy Succumbs to CIA Pressure, Revokes Chelsea Manning's Fellowship


Harvard Kennedy Succumbs to CIA Pressure, Revokes Chelsea Manning's Fellowship

Kevin Gosztola

The Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School revoked an invitation for United States military whistleblower Chelsea Manning to serve as a visiting fellow after intense pressure from the CIA.

According to the Harvard Crimson, the school newspaper, "high-ranking current and former CIA officials" convinced the Dean of the Kennedy School of Government to reverse course.


Is he talking about the men and women in the military, or the CIA? I will agree that there are many brave soldiers – Chelsea Manning being at the top of the list – and while I would like to believe there are brave members of the CIA, what I know and have read about them is that they are basically nothing more than assassins, and that seems to be far from brave.

I would say that with the list of ‘fellows’ in this article Harvard has fallen a long way from being the prestigious school I thought it was. It would appear our politics have sullied what little good our country stood for.


This is good. It exposes that Harvard, and by extension the other Ivy League schools, are just recruiting stations for the CIA and the other minions of the 1%.

Fifty years ago the mantra was “Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty.”

Today our mantra should be “Don’t Trust Anyone From the Ivy League.”


It could be argued that all soldiers and police are trained assassins. But yeah, I think the spooks are way ahead in that regard.


A perusal of the Harvard Kennedy school site is kinda scary considering the consolidation of wealth in the hands of a few and the multiple industry-wide near-monopolies entrenched in our economy. In addition to comprehensive curriculum on public policy and administration, it appears to offer the opportunity for the well-heeled to build and maintain networks through workshops and seminars. https://exed.hks.harvard.edu/app/KSEE.pdf

This is about money, not reputation. After all, Manning’s supporters don’t travel in those rarified circles.


I’m glad you appreciated it. The decision by Harvard Kennedy makes it so clear that there is deep influence from the CIA at the university. The backlash went on for maybe one day or two before they caved. Students really should wonder who is running their university.


Manning definitely does not fit into the typical crowd that would receive “visiting fellow” recognition from Harvard Kennedy.



And Harvard gave GWB an MBA and Jared Kushner a graduation or AB (supported by his felonious father’s multi-million $$$ donation)…so much for academic integrity…


This just proves that if your speech is not (deep) state-approved, it’s not free speech.