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Harvard Shames Itself by Staging a Koch-Sponsored Betsy Lovefest–No Dissenting Voices Allowed

Harvard Shames Itself by Staging a Koch-Sponsored Betsy Lovefest–No Dissenting Voices Allowed

Diane Ravitch

The Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard University has always been pro-school choice, pro-charters, pro-vouchers.

But now the PEPG–headed by the General of the School Choice Movement Paul Petersen–has outdone itself.

It is staging a two-day celebration of Betsy DeVos and the Trump agenda of public school-bashing, funded by the Koch Brothers and other rightwing foundations.


I’m shocked–shocked!—to find Harvard toiling on behalf of wealth and privilege!


Does anybody believe that Harvard could have any shame about anything ?


So how surprising is it that the Board running this enclave for the privileged and wealthy caters to the privileged and wealthy? Hmmm. Harvard lost its glow for me a long time ago…say right about when it gave a PhD to an imbecile (oh oops–let’s just say his name: Jason Richwine–a name that seems to be weirdly appropriate ) whose dissertation claimed that Hispanic people have a lower IQ than Causasians! Whaaaaa…???


Fascist U.

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AGAIN Harvard pisses on its own leg (and down our backs telling us “it’s raining”)!
First it was betraying Chelsea Manning, now sucking-up to DeVoid (of integrity and the Common Good) who pushes for-profit education scam on the nation. Yeah, “The Future of School Choice” runs thru for-profit financial parasites, Betsy is a prime example of, and Harvard the poster-child enabler and shill!

So much for Harvard higher education…it ain’t raining Harvard!

Shame on Harvard and Brava to Diane Ravitch for her tireless activism and commitment to public education for all!


It’s fitting that the bastion of private education, Harvard, should hold a meeting advocating the privatization of public education and the resulting destruction of the public education without anyone there to counter the selling off another public institution. I suppose that in the future when most folks can’t afford the co-pays required to educate their kids that the resulting destruction of all things required for a country to run properly that those advocating deconstruction of administrations will then be complete. We will also be a nation of compete morons without any knowledge on how anything is meant to operate or function. Perhaps this is the goal; there wouldn’t be folks such as the ones reading Common Dreams causing trouble because they couldn’t read, they would be trained to do one job forever for the corporate state. The charter school nonsense just takes need funds and puts them in corporate vulture’s pockets as is the current medical insurance scam. I’m still wondering how much Obama gets in his retirement paid by insurance giants funded by the poor taxpayers.


I take it there is a little sarcasm here???

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Who do you trust most with your (and your loved ones’) minds: Albert Einstein, John D. Rockefeller, or Frederick T. Gates (Rockefeller’s chief advisor on “education”)? Read the quotes and you’ll know why the spOILs of the Koch fortune bring what they do.

Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned. --Mark Twain

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Good one!


Betsy Devious looks like she found a new home among kindred spirits.

Harvard is always about the money, education may be on their list of interest but it’s way down the list.

It’s been clear that money can buy institutions, opinions, etc. in second- and third-tier universities for a while. Harvard, on the other hand, has a larger endowment than any other university on earth and even has more money than some small nations. It could refuse the Kochs’ money, but somehow, still, it can’t. I wish it had offered to set up a debate with professors in the School of Education instead – although DeVos probably would have declined.

When does this madness stop?