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Harvey Causing 'Unbearable' Pollution as Refineries Spew Cancer-Causing Chemicals


Harvey Causing 'Unbearable' Pollution as Refineries Spew Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the catastrophic flooding brought about by Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate Texas, reports of "unbearable" smells are beginning to emerge from the state, sparking growing concerns of the long-term health effects that could result from toxic waste and fumes being spewed from temporarily closed oil refineries.


“Harvey triggers”. You’ve gotta be kidding me!!

Let’s make piles of chemical byproducts and sewage and when a storm comes we’ll be like oh shit the storm messed shit up.
And we’ll blame the storm for triggering something we have :100: done ourselves.
Take some credit!!

I can’t wait till all you sheepel follow your Shepard of a cliff!!!


“We urge everyone to stay safe.” Huh!!! What the…how does one “stay safe?” Are they distributing gas masks? Offering to put people in a safe oxygen filled bubble? How does one stay safe when the air all around them is polluted and toxic?!


What a catastrophe in Houston, but what is really horrible to me, is we get 24/7 MSM reports of this catastrophic flooding and the devastation of Houston, Texas but never any mention about climate changes, global warming and the aeromancy studies of many, many reputable scientists.


The CEO’s of these companies must be arrested for these acts of Domestic Terrorism.

The charge: Attempted Mass Murder.


They are paid to report what they are told to report.


And what about the water pollution with the chemicals seeping into the flood waters with people walking through waist deep water with babies/children in their arms leading their animals swimming through the muck. Snakes, gators, fire ants (they float on the water) and all manner of vermin/waste/garbage are in that water. Saw a professor from Rice University pontificating on how Houston has to brainstorm to address such issues for inevitable future disasters…Houston has had several over the years but the chemical plants, oil refineries, and oil depots (trains-to-ships) continue to operate without any changes or concerns about public health and safety. WTF…building a nuclear power plant in that flood-prone zone…un-effing-real. May the Koch brothers (owners of a large share of refineries and chemical plants in Houston) suffer the severest and most horrific consequences of their winner-take-all ways. Degradation and destruction of Mother Earth brings widespread and devastating payback.


Exactly. Anyone who’s spent even a few minutes in East Texas (and much of the Gulf Coast and other parts of Texas) understands that noxious chemical, water and air pollution are “normal.” While the conditions of Harvey make this more obvious, none of this has been a secret for more than a century. The problem is not environmental disaster, but a political economy that enables ongoing environmental devastation and intermittent disasters. It’s called Capitalism.

Don’t people have eys and noses and lungs and feel the nausea and headaches for chrissakes? It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out basic science.


And the water and the land and the buildings…


Also note –

There seem to be two Nuclear power stations in TEXAS –

South Texas –
Matagorda County TX
Two units – 1988/89

Comanche Peak
Somervell County TX
Two units – 1990/1993




Jo –

We have only to look at the US illegal wars of aggression in ME to see
what revolution can mean to ordinary citizens and the immense loss of
lives as US intervenes . . . .
Often after having supported these dictatorships for decades.

Some peaceful movement or non-violent uprising here could just as easily be
manipulated by US/CIA and very quickly no one would know what was real
and what wasn’t …

We always have the right to self-defense against any threat to our lives, but
it has to be carried out person by person in a uniting where we all stop
cooperating with Elites and Capitalism. There is still time to do that.



Yup. The one in Bay City area is at extreme risk. That shit floods and who knows? Not like there will be honest announcements and apparently “reporters” are too busy tweeting to get out in shallow-bottom boats and actually do some real reporting. Might get wet and all that. Too many idiot Trump tweets to retweet.


No one is willing to pay the true cost for the things they use. True costs reflect the cost of environmental responsibility. Run to WalMart, run to Target, ship the pollution overseas so the cost doesn’t have to be absorbed here. Buy paint, buy cosmetics, buy plastic goods; go wherever the price is the lowest. Lets not kid ourselves; we have met the problem and it is us. Anyone here not guilty of contributing to the problem?


While I totally agree with your position you must also realize that all of these endeavors support an unsustainable American lifestyle. How much lifestyle do you think Americans would be willing to give up to eliminate overseas exploitation?


I don’t disagree fully, but we didn’t design the institutional structures. As for the costs, as the Harvey disaster shows, they are quite high for everyone. But I am the last person to say the U.S. public does not have a huge responsibility in all of this. Consumerism is both an insidious disease…and a choice on some levels.


Tom –

I’m sure no one would publish what the journalists would report at any rate.
All along the oil industry’s lies about Global Warming have been protected by the
Establishment and it’s control over "news."
Also see: Operation Mockingbird

What we have to understand is that the changes required – and any vision offered
by any true reporting – would mean the bringing down of Elitism/Capitalism.



PS: And in defense of our own lives that’s exactly what we all must unite to do … !


True. That is the one thing that I have to agree on, with Trump: the MSM is mostly fake news because most people that report the MSM news are paid to report what they are told to report and what they are told to leave out otherwise; they understand that they could put their employment in jeopardy.


I agree with your analysis of capitalism, but there are numerous outlets that will publish quality journalism. The problem for left journalists is that unless you’re a name, you don’t get paid. Even the great ones like Pilger aren’t getting rich.


You really should try to find a way to oppose Trump on this. Claiming the press only publishes fake news one of the major ways he is trying to tear down democracy and replace it with fascism. I think we need to oppose Trump on everything if possible. In my view many journalist have a lot of integrity and are trying to tell the truth to the public and much of this truth is getting out. Agreeing with Trump on the role of the press would only seem to make the creation of a white nationalist state more likely. While the press is certainly not perfect it does seem to be functioning well enough to preserve democracy which is why Trump is attacking it.


So true. And, who gets on their shows, et al. Consensus among the elites. That’s why when anyone is talking to the talking heads, they must be critically examined, too.
Following the money tells use who, but then, what do you do? Most great citizen-activists cannot digest this 24/7 cornucopia of chaos. Unless, they’re rich enough to hire folks to do it for them. Like think tanks, cable news networks and lobbyists, etc.