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Harvey, Hell, and High Water


Harvey, Hell, and High Water

John Atcheson

Katrina, Sandy, Harvey. Three record-breaking storms in a dozen years. Harvey is a 1,000 year storm, Sandy had the largest diameter of any hurricane on record to strike the US, and Katrina had the largest storm surge ever recorded.


" A little over 36 years ago, Reagan said, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.” "

And the question is who the ’ we’ is in the “OUR”, kemosabe.

There is truly a bizarre dynamic at play here and now. The past has never left us, the powers that be have done their damndest to prevent REAL education and now the family of huckster fraud and a mercenary are running the ‘government’ and the education system. Collusion with sclerotic models of the internet together lay out a profile of incompetence of such a scale that the only way these powers have kept from sinking into their self-generated muck is fraud in every facet of life. Included in this is ongoing inversion of causal relationships - metonomy.

The spirits of Zinn, so many indigenous leaders and activists and the majority of people of good will, conscience and who are true to their experiences of these, are essential for regaining our food systems, traditional lands away from mining and exploitation. It will take generations, but no time like the present to be on it.


Peter Tosh - Pick myself up


Mr. Atcheson has written a very good article here. This one is a front-runner for “Article of the week”, if we had such a thing.


Destruction of Rain Forests is an unacknowledged large contributor to climate change. The Amazon Rainforest is under new attack…http://csglobe.com/biggest-attack-amazon-50-years-brazil/


Yes, the free market has worked wonderfully well for the 1%


Another clueless comment.


The free market works and works astonishingly well, better than any other economic system ever tried.


“The New York Times summarized, “The free market often does a terrible job of providing basic services to the poor—see, for instance, the lack of grocery stores and banks in many low-income neighborhoods.” It is “we the taxpayers” who support the children, elderly, and disabled who make up the great majority of the recipients of life-sustaining programs. The business world has little incentive to safeguard the population against pollution and industrial poisons; or to maintain infrastructure in the inner cities and rural townships; or to make sure everyone has the opportunity for a living-wage job. And except for brief surges of generosity after cataclysmic events, big corporations have little incentive to provide for the long-term well-being of people struck down by catastrophe.”

I call bullshit. The free market doesn’t exist, the market is always skewed. The question is whether it is skewed for the little guy or the rich. Libertarians and neo-liberals have propagandised us for far too long.