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Harvey Won’t Be The Last Thousand-Year Storm


Harvey Won’t Be The Last Thousand-Year Storm

Krista Sperber, Rae Breaux

All our eyes have been glued to the devastation that is Hurricane Harvey. Here in New Jersey, we are still waiting on the help we were promised to fully recover from Superstorm Sandy, so we know the road home will be long and full of challenges.

We feel heartbroken at the sight of thousands of Gulf Coast families displaced by the storm, which dumped over 50 inches of rain in just four days. As the storm was hitting, Houston experienced over 56,000 calls to 911 in just 15 hours.


This is what revolutionary organizing looks like: it can be wet, muddy, stink like hell,and be exhausting…but it is also liberating and necessary for the survival of many species…including human beans. Kudos to Krista Berber and Rae Breaux for walking the talk. That’s where it all starts. Like this:


The rich weren’t spared this time. Of course it will be easier for them to recover.


Of course it will be easier for them to recover. Many of the working poor in SE Texas will never recover from Harvey, especially those who were already living paycheck-to-paycheck, and even worse for those over 55 or so! Texas isn’t exactly known for its social safety net programs.


It’s been just a little over a century since the big “thousand year” storm which hit Galveston, immortalized in this song.



“This is the reality of climate chaos looks like now: a series of unprecedented catastrophes, each one more severe than the last.”

Should be “This is the reality of WHAT climate chaos looks like”?


Next…here comes Irma…


The video imagery is all from great Pittsburgh/Ohio river flood of 1936, though…