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Has Last Shoe Dropped in Fight Against Superbugs?


Has Last Shoe Dropped in Fight Against Superbugs?

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Underscoring the potential public health threats widespread agricultural practices pose, bacteria resistant to a class of last-resort antibiotics known as carbapenems has for the first time been found on a U.S. pig farm.


When capitalism becomes lethal to the capitalists... as it seems to be doing ...
there is a good chance that we just may come up with a better way of doing things.


Those who will hopefully find better ways of doing things will unfortunately only be those that survive capitalism's follies such as the superbugs that are being created from the overuse of antibiotics on healthy farm animals.


You are kidding, right? Profit, profit, profit. Public health be damned.


What Americans of both major parties have been voting for during the last over 35 years is coming home to roost and people are going to learn to be careful what they ask for as things are not as they seem. Enjoy your pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables and your antibiotic resistant meat from feed lot and factory-farmed animals which also contain growth hormones and pesticide residues and your totally corrupt health care system based on lies and deception.


Superbugs have been warned about for over a decade. The public really has no say in what is happening. As long as we eat meat in the increasing quantities we do the animals will be given
prophylactic antibiotics to keep them from getting infections in the conditions they're forced to live in. **
** we quit eating meat and get our protein from vegetables and fruits that aren't "laden with pesticides" (as many aren't), we will be exposed to not only superbugs but heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more. It's up to us to determine what's eventually going to get us. We each have the most control over it.


We all talk about inhumane and cruel treatment of animals and yet we turn a blind eye to the plight of livestock on industrial farms. We do that because we do not want to recognize what is done to these animals for the sake of profit. To do that means we would then have to address our lack of desire to change our eating habits. These poor animals are injected with pharmaceuticals and subjected to gene manipulation all in an effort to grow faster, meatier and test undetectable for various viruses/bacteria prior to slaughter! How these animals suffer, shiver in fear, endure pain and grieve loss doesn't matter to the humans who profit from their death. These animals do not give their lives willingly....they don't live only to look forward to standing in a slaughter line watching their friends and family being killed in front of them. STOP eating meat and these viruses/bacteria’s will not be a threat to humans. We do not need meat to exist....This has been marketed to us by the livestock industry for generations and we bought in....ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!


The quotation marks are applied when I thought I was applying a bold to Unless which CD left out.


So-called "regulatory" agencies now wholly-owned subsidiaries of agri-business/Monsatan, big-oil/gas, big-pharma, corporate factory "farming", et al, and through the "revolving-door" of corporate/"lobbyist" subversion and entirely corrupted by big-money and influence, with of course the collusion of a compliant, complicit, and corrupt Congress, courts, and WH - both parties neck-deep in the frauds and crimes, subservient to money and profits, not the people!


The livestock production is also one of the large contributors to greenhouse gases. We get more bang for the buck. Growth, growth and more growth. Yay! We reap what we sow.