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Has Obama Rally Changed America?


Has Obama Rally Changed America?

Robert Borosage

Is Barack Obama a transformational president? That was his ambition: to be more, as he put it, like Ronald Reagan than Bill Clinton, to launch a new era, not simply tack to the prevailing winds of the old.


Prior to Obama, Dems & Libs were against war, against mass spying on Americans, and against the expanding US torture gulags.

Under Obama, however, they learned to justify all those things, supporting Obama's disastrous war against the Libyan people, drinking the Kool-Aid about Assad & ISIS, and pogo-dancing when Obama whacked OBL and fed him to the fishes, gangland-style.

Obama has transformed Libs and Dems into Right-Wing militarist conservatives. All of whom will be ready to vote for Bernie or Hillary in November 2016, so as to continue the regime of war and oppression.

So yeah, Obama is totally a transformative president.


A ridiculous paean to mediocrity, betrayal, and malfeasance.

Forcing people to purchase insurance is framed as a benefit or progressive step forward?

It's tomes like this one that represent proof positive for how History gets rewritten:

"What makes a president transformational? The first African-American president is inherently historic. Obama’s cheerleaders tick off his big accomplishments, as well: healthcare reform; the 2009 fiscal stimulus that helped save the economy; more than 14 million jobs created in a record stretch of 70 months of growth; progressive tax reforms; progress on climate change; the nuclear deal with Iran; the move to normalize relations with Cuba, and more."

Columbus discovered America, and George Washington chopped down the cherry tree... but could not tell a lie. Don't cha' know?


Here's a suggested cheer for that Obama "Rally" :
Gimme an 'E'!


Duh. Shape-shifters are transformational by nature.


When elected in 2009 Obama had a real chance for change. The democrats could have broken the chains to wall street and corporate interests by enacting real campaign finance reform-the democrats chose not to go on this path because they like the chains. So we got a corporate healthcare system,fake employment numbers,growing poverty,children homeless and hungry,and continued war.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are a response to the two political parties that have failed. Bernie Sanders is kind in remarking to Obama. But what Sanders is running on is everything Obama failed to do-break up the banks-real universal healthcare-go after wall street-and address the criminal justice system-raise the minimum wage to a real minimum $15.

Maybe people are waking up and realize how much they are being played>and democrats better realize that Clinton is not the sure thing the media is painting. Clinton represents Obama and I don't think people want a continuation of Obama.