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'Has President Trump Written All Over It': Outrage as Texas Gov Slashes Ballot Drop-Off Sites to Just One Per County

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/has-president-trump-written-all-over-it-outrage-texas-gov-slashes-ballot-drop-sites

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“patriotism”; Last refuge of a scoundrel! Or. in this case, last refuge of a fascistic, treasonous, dirty and corrupt scoundrel , and now, said scoundrel has got the Covid! How deliciously crazy is that!


The Texass governor and his lieutenant are the ones who said old people should volunteer to die to get the economy revved up again.
He is clearly engaging in election tampering, and should be hauled from the statehouse and subject to a little 1800s style frontier justice.


This move by the Texas Governor to suppress the vote is merely another example of just how far the players in Trump’s Death Cult are prepared to go to throw the coming election. Make no mistake. These are radical, rabidly zealous right wingers having zero regard for the concepts of free and fair elections, the peaceful transfer of power following an election or even the rule of law. As blatant as are their efforts to suppress the vote, they’re capable of far greater treachery and are certainly capable of attempting a much more aggressive form of coup d’etat than mere voter suppression. They are extremely dangerous and must be vigorously opposed at the ballot box…


If they have to travel by, foot, bicycle, bus, horse or covered wagon to get to those ballot boxes then that is what Texas voters (and all voters) must do to get their votes counted. Our country has gotten to the point, under Trump’s low life behavior, to do what this governor is doing which is shouting out loud that the government is corrupt, crooked and proud of it.


This is how authoritarianism/fascism works.


The proud boys are likely marshaling explosives to blow the remaining drop boxes to smithereens.


Hey Texas Dem Party, get of your asses and offer the county voters many more drop off points. Have someone make the rounds - pick them up and once a day drop them off at the single drop off place the asinine governor permitted.

GEZ, can’t you guys learn how to fight back against these barbaric Republican tactics???


That action would immediately lead to negating all those ballots . Remember, even though a damnable lie, Trump mentioned stories about those who delivered ballots signed by but not filled out by the voters.
Ironically, there was an instance of that occurring in senior homes and hospices, but that guy was a republican!

Fair warning there, Ray.

When the Biden ballots get suppressed, so does our hope of a flipped Senate.

The Texas Governor did not say

Can’t you comment without resorting to lies?
Isn’t the truth that Lt Gov Dan Patrick said it bad enough?

Hey, now! Don’t be givin’ those morons ideas!

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Ironic. With close to five million residents in Harris County alone, Abbot’s order will likely result in “ballot box stuffing” taking on a whole new meaning.

What’s “bad enough” is that you follow me around on CD and talk shit about my comments and me, especially given that you’re a pathetic Trumper.
Abbott and his lieutenant have been among the prime denialists encouraging people to ignore COVID on behalf of the holy economy.
They are among the most virulent of the anti-science state government fools who ignored CDC and other warnings to shove people back to work even though it wasn’t safe.

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But you lied about Abbott and you lie all the time.

I hardly need to follow you around, you’re here lying in every article.

Since hearing of this yesterday I have thought that a volunteer caravan of shuttles should be made available on a daily basis to give rides to the drop off box.

If I were Harris, Dallas, Travis or Bexar Counties, I would just ignore the order. The smaller counties will probably love this particularly if it disenfranchises black or hispanic voters. The people leading Texas today couldn’t be any more ignorant or regressive.

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Texan here, born & bred. I have watched for years in horror as the GOP made a mockery of everything our proud state is about. It’s time for some real leadership for the great state of Texas.

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True democracy is and always has been a joke for people like them. Their vision of a great system is the slave plantation of old.

Earlier today a federal judge ruled that the governor’s actions were illegal. Let us hope this leads to a reopening of those drop off sites. Also , when up for re-election, this should be remembered and play a factor in his early retirement.