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Has the New York Times declared War on Iran?

Has the New York Times declared War on Iran?

Belén Fernández

nce upon a time, the United States launched a war on Iraq with the help of false allegations of WMD.

The corporate media—and most memorably the US newspaper of record, the New York Times—thrust itself onto the PR frontlines by presenting as reality the unhinged claims of the George W Bush administration.


The NYT is playing its role as agent for the Zionist state and that entity’s agenda to eliminate any perceived “threat” to their racist expansionist agenda in Palestine and the surrounding Arab/Persian nations, rather than journalistic accuracy/truth.

Just as the Times did in the build-up to war in Iraq, they serve the agenda and interests of Israel and the war machine, rather than peace; much like AIPAC and lap-dog politicians of both party’s, especially in states/areas where supporters of Israeli “interests” and “religious” extremist fundamentalism hold great political power - like NY. American interests as well as historical accuracy, peace, dialogue, and justice take a back-seat to truth.

The “Grey Lady” has abandoned its heritage of journalism to serve jingoist, “religious”, and racist war-machine forces…none fit to print…


The utter tragedy and needless violence of of US history aside, it would be a political blunder of epic proportions to go to full blown war with Iran.

That said, Trump will throw some airstrikes at them and ratchet up sanctions. The d-party establishment and the usual pundit suspects will applaud and the media will take stenography. Ho fuckin hum.


Anytime I hear “media” I think Petri dish. Coincidence? I think not.


The mainstream media also continues to give air time to GOP operatives who repeat their mantra that Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal was going to sunset in a decade or so, despite the GOP never having any ideas (let alone any plan) for a solution of any kind or duration.

I am no Obama fan, however, his Iran deal was one of the few positives for an administration devoid of progressive economic action.


The simple truth is that nobody is listening to the New York Times or the Washington Post anymore. The interesting thing is that I’m of that age group that actually subscribes to the paper along with many of my friends. I would say that over 50% of my friends and colleagues have let their subscription lapse over the last year. They know propaganda and they won’t tolerating it anymore. So let them huff and puff, as their audience is shrinking. It is almost funny to read the paper as they are so disconnected from reality.

The public isn’t buying it and what you are seeing is yet again is another example of incompetence at the White House. They have utterly failed to grasp the power of social media and that there little propaganda stunts look clownish. It’s all a bit of a joke. Then again, they might not care what we think and just start the bombing anyways.


I wish you were right about nobody listening to NYT or WaPo bro, but virtually 100% of the liberals I know think these rags are Gospel, & I know the son of a US ambassador who still posts articles by the National Idiot Thomas Friedman.

One of the most amazing & depressing facts of modern USA is just how amazingly effective propaganda has become. I don’t know any liberals who aren’t robotic zombies, mindlessly parroting MSNBC & NYT bullshit 24/7.


The NY Times is a branch of the Israeli government.

Whatever Israel wants the Times will promote.

Israel wanted to go to War with Iraq so they put Judith Miller’s lies about WMD on their front page.

Israel wants to go to War with Iran so they write Editorials lambasting the Iranians.

More lies so that these pro Palestinian countries do not interfere with their land grab from the Palestinians or their horrific mistreatment and murderous behavior toward their evicted neighbors who are living under a brutal Occupation.


The NYT must have taken a page from Pompeo when he said in Texas in early May: “I was a CIA director, we lied, we cheated we stole… like, we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.” The good news is most military leaders think Pompeo is a piece of shit and not to be taken seriously. Same with the NYT editorials from the foreign desks.


H Alcid, sometimes I look at the NY Times, but not so much as they have too many inane writers. Besides, when I do look at something— a sign comes up saying you have already used up your 3 free articles… and I don’t remember reading any articles wow, they must be desperate, as who would pay for that. Besides NY Times, this is when maybe you should figure out that most Americans don’t have much extra money------so I guess that buying up all their own Stock in the Wall St. game is taking bite out of everyone----even the NY TIMES. : )

Yes, people are catching onto the propaganda at the NY Times. There was a recent opinion piece last Sunday that seemed to accept the idea of a war, that Trump had a good strategy. The comments were about 400 quite early in the morning. Many recognized that war was all about making money for Wall St. and most complained that they would not support a war on Iran and they complained about the waste of money and lives. Then by evening The Times had mysteriously disappeared the opinion piece along with its comments. I suspect they did not like what they were hearing from readers. The rest of the opinion pieces were still there. So yes, the Times is behind the times for its readers!

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If the NYT has “declared war on Iran,” you can be almost certain that the intelligence community has signed on as well, as the NYT is almost certainly publishing on the basis of careful leaks from the spooks Think Russiagate, whose “godfathers” are John Brennan and James Clapper. Think Iraq invasion of 2003, when Bush-Cheney made it quite clear that they were invading, whether or not they had the cooperation of the intel agencies.

This carefully organized leak regime will, of course, constrain Iran to get prepared, which preparations will then be constructed as Iral getting ready to attack, so therefore the US must respond by attacking.

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The entire corporate MSM is and has been corrupt for a very long time. Nothing changes and every single president since I’ve been alive has started wars or ‘police actions’ or ‘humanitarian interventions’ or ‘pre-emptive mass murder’ or ‘coup d’etat’ or ‘regime change’ or all of the above.

ALL OF THEM. I was born the year after the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Iranian president and installed that freaking murderous dictator the Shah…

I turned off the tv…26 years ago and have actually grown more intelligent since. Would that I could turn off the tv in every home in the US.

NYT is doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Exactly. All they have been pushing is the continuation of the status quo of wealthy Leisure Class oligarchs and the continuing profits of same. When 6 conservative right wing wealthy neoliberals own the 6 corporations that own 95% of all MSM, you can be sure you will never see reality or truth.

It’s a Class War, folks, and there ain’t never been no such thing as a ‘middle class.’ What a joke, middle class! If you aren’t Leisure Class you are working class but it sure worked out just as the wealthy planned because those upper working class just spit on their peers. But that so-called middle class doesn’t have such a huge group anymore as the wealthy doesn’t even bother to hide their disdain and pilfering of wealth from them. And they are still buying into the millionaire Democrat line that they ‘care’ for you lower peasants.

It’s freaking pitiful.

And flapdoodle64, you have it entirely correct. The 'liberal Dems around me are sucking up the propaganda.

Stupid people in this country. And the Dems are going to re-elect Trump for another 4 years just like Hillary put her friend Trumpie into office. Does anybody think Nasty Pelosi isn’t making profit off having Trump in office? Anybody think Hillary has been getting poorer with Trump in office? Anybody want to buy a bridge I have for sale?

The DCCC and the DNC should be abolished.

Want to see real DNC ignorance go read Daily Kos. While they occasionally have pretty good climate articles, they are so lock-stepped into the Sen. Joe McCarthy/neoliberal Reagan-Democrat model that it makes my stomach sick to read some of the crap that gets posted there.

Of course the Republicans are even farther to the right!

If Reagan was running in 2020 he’d be a moderate Democrat by the standards of today. Is that scary or what? He LOVED war on the ‘Axis of Evil!’



Good post, but did you have to open up the Daily Kos can of worms? I had to threaten them with legal action to get removed from their email list, this was after asking politely 4 times.

An important video from Jimmy Dore. Waching it the ONLY conclusion one can come away with just as many suggested here, is that the alleged “Gas Attacks” by the Syrian Government on Civilians was a staged false flag.

This confirmed by leaked documents from the OPCW that were not released in their original report due to pressure from the US, UK and French Governments . The engineers report was deliberately left out of the original as the engineers concluded the only logical conclusion one could make from the evidence was that the attacks staged.

Jimmy Dore links to articles from the New York Times which concluded the attacks were in fact committed by Assad after they claimed they did “extensive investigative reporting” (Patently false)

As Jimmy Dore suggests “Isn’t it funny that the NYT ALWAYS gets it wrong and when they do get it wrong it ALWAYS in favor of War”

He then shows a video of a Briitish news agency questioning a former British General shortly after the attacks happened. As soon as the General suggested that Assad was winning the war and had no reason to use gas weapons, the reporter cut him off saying they were out of time.

There is a concerted and orchestrated campaign by Intelligence agencies and by world Governments to promote more war using flase flag events and outright FAKE NEWS from the Media which works in collusion with them. Only an idiot or a bald faced liar would suggest this “Conspiracy theory”.

The New York Times is a propaganda outlet working on behalf of the deep state.

Note also the blowback on the OPCW , an entity which was supposed to be free from Political Interference. They acknowledge that the leaked documents that were left out of their report are genuine but rather expain why they left them out they are investigating to see who leaked the documents. This the same crap with Wikileaks and all those Whistle blowers. They do not want the Public to know the truth.

Now why would that be the case? It because the Public being deemed “Ignorant of the facts” is Policy at the level of the Government. They fear a public that knows the Truth as their entire power structure built on lies.

The New York Times is a propaganda outlet working on behalf of Israel. In this regard she is little different from all the MSM, including Fox.
See again, for the umpteenth time, the Haaretz article “White Man’s Burden” from Tel Aviv , Israel, 2003.

Aren’t five of them Jewish?
The Haaretz, Tel Aviv, Israel was on to this back in 2003. The New York Times was conspiring with Kermit Roosevelt back in 1953 wasn’t it?
Then there is this from way back in 2007 if memory serves…

I need not point out that observing the global rise of Jewish power is not anti-Semitic.

Isn’t the problem with social media exactly that it can be manipulated to serve the interests of the war machine and zionists? Wasn’t that exactly what happened in the 2016 election, why we are in this nightmare shithole again? They stole the 2000 election and sent Iraq to Hell. They stole the 2016 election and are about to send Iran down with the Iraqis. A very dark evil has taken hold of the western world. Most young people get their news on a daily feed from Google on theirs phones, autopopulating pro war and right wing propaganda. Google is not liberal, it is Zionist, and it’s leaders are anything but New Deal Democrats.