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Has US Policy Toward Cuba Really Changed?


Has US Policy Toward Cuba Really Changed?

Netfa Freeman

The announcement that the United States and Cuba would reopen their embassies in each other’s countries came just as the United States was preparing to celebrate its independence. But despite the welcome news, Washington has yet to properly recognize Cuba’s own right to sovereignty and independence.


The US is transitioning from a naval blockade approach to full on assault using cruise ships (Carnival class to start). Next up is probably the IMF.


Recognizing Cuba is only occurring because Obama has been instructed by his special interest groups that a major financial coup is possible by taking over the countries food supply by two or three U.S. based multinationals. “Regime Change” is necessary so that these same multinational corporations can ram the necessary legislation into place so that the Cuban public loses control over their food supply and eventually all of their public institutions. The two Castro’s are all too aware of the evil of American corporatism and therefore Wall Street investors whole heartedly are behind this “Regime Change”.
If the corporization of Cuba is achieved, it will enslave the entire population and return to a time more akin to colonialism. Cubans need an ally, but no one is in a rush to help the beaten down island nation that has endured decades of brutal blockades, assassination attempts, coups and forced isolation. Hopefully all of the corporate sponsored attempts at “regime change” will backfire and only strengthen the resolve of the Cubans to reject the evil demands of Wall Street to pave their little paradise and replace it with shinny new shopping malls filled with imported, Chinese made, consumer products and massive discount grocery chains that will offer rock bottom prices for their substandard, GM foods.


Cubans are a proud people who are not fooled by the latest overtures of El Norte. They are also a very impoverished and hungry people who want the internet, satellite TV, cell phones, better housing, transportation. They would also like to have a larger and more varied diet than the starvation rations that have been their lot, They would also like to be ruled by more competent and less ideologically rigid masters. Dealing with an organized crime syndicate like the US government and multi-national corporate business community is a risky strategy, but the times demand no less of the Castro family run government.
The other unanswered question is how much these efforts by El Norte will corrupt relations between Cuba and Venezuela and Ecuador and Bolivia.


The question is, will Cubans fall for the shiny consumer crap and for the added work and mindless, violent competition to have it all or will they recognize that they nearly already do?


Funny how you repeat this talking point without any remote understanding of history or global politics and its tie-in with corporate titans today.


Is He joking? The US RECOGNIZED CUBA FOR THE FIRST TIME and people are passing back and forth through the countries.