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Has Your Local Lawmaker Pledged to Support Medicare for All? Have You?


Has Your Local Lawmaker Pledged to Support Medicare for All? Have You?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As support for single payer continues to surge following the GOP's failed attempt to strip healthcare from millions, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, and other groups launched a week of action on Monday imploring the public and lawmakers to pledge their support for Medicare for All.


In the case of my “representative”, Nancy Pelosi, the answer is “NO”.


This is the GOP Rep. Leonard Lance/R-NJ and happily there has been a lot of constituent
activity around his local office here. He’s slime and always has been.

In New Jersey on Wednesday, a woman asked Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) about his support for repealing President Obama’s signature health care law and about the congressman’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood. The crowd gave the question a 30-second standing ovation, according to a spokesperson for the women’s health organization. While the audience continued screaming, Lance struggled to defend his support for dividing Planned Parenthood into “two completely separate organizations” — one to “deal with” women’s health and the other to perform abortions.

As he spoke, one woman pointed out that zero women were present at the GOP’s meeting in which they decided to slash women’s health services.

Rather than going through the Washington, DC switchboard where they are sidelining calls,
preventing any discussion with their office reps, and making it as difficult as possible for
citizens to register their complaints … try to call and deal with the local offices … where often
now you will also find fellow protesters picketing outside.

In regard to the video (and I didn’t watch every moment of it) … the Hyde Amendment should
be overturned and impoverished women should have the right to financial aid for an abortion.
The restraints on clinics which are now very few are steadily increasing the costs of these
women’s clinics and forcing their closure. This is of course the continuing on of the War on
Women by Elite Patriarchy/wealthy.

We remember these men who have given us the violent oppression of women and a long
road of suffering and servitude as well as the abuse of children which continues on today with
20% or more of our children living in poverty, and many will also remember the reality of
CHILD LABOR. It is females/women/mothers who protect children, it is Elite Males who wish
to exploit them and their families.

PS: Sadly as you’ll note in the video it seems that some citizens think it is wise to encourage the
GOP and Dems to work together without realizing that that’s kinda like asking the CIA to get
together with the Mafia to decide on our futures.


“Pledging to support” anything plus two bucks buys a cup of coffee.

Congresscritters VOTING to enact Medicare for all would actually be of real value to the 99%.

I will not pledge, seeing how I have always supported Medicare for all and even voted for many candidates who would have voted for it.


Lawmaker support comes down to who gives them the biggest bribes, the people or the insurance companies.


No, it is Expanded and Improved Medicare For All: No co-pays, no deductibles and, since the pool we will all pay into is the entire nation rather than the much smaller pool anyone with private health insurance and limited to narrow ‘networks’ of providers pay into premiums will be less than traditional Medicare. Medicare as it stands is woefully inadequate and does not cover vision and dental.

Finally, in order for those who are better off to want to support this coverage that would treat each and everyone equally and with dignity they would, admittedly, have to care about their fellow human beings and their nation. It is really that simple. Selfishness should have no place in society.


Your argument about Medicare has no merit. Medicare takes care of elderly and disabled. What would private insurance look like if they were restricted to only taking care of the sick and elderly? Your argument has no merit. But, then again, you are just another insurance industry sock puppet.


ObamaCrap, as you call it was a product of the Heritage Foundation, friends of your employers.

I said nothing favorable about buying health insurance as in the ACA.

The status quo health care system has huge waste built in. Most of that waste is because we include the for profit parasites—the insurance industry.

Exploding costs have nothing to do with Medicare. They are not the fault of Medicare. Expanding Medicare is the best way to cover everyone and control the costs. Any deficiency that currently exists in Medicare can be corrected once the health care profiteers are removed from the equation.


U.S.A. will never get a single payer universal government controlled health care system!
To operate these types of systems 3 essential things are needed.
Take one away–and the other 2 mean nothing works.

  1. Everyone in the country–man, woman, and child must belong.
    Absolutely no exceptions!
    2.Everyone must accept the same basic coverage.
    No one can pick or choose based on any reason
    Example–“I can’t belong to a plan that pays for abortions”.
  2. This is the main reason Americans will never get the system–
    The payer (government) must have complete control over the prices of the services.
    There isn’t enough money in any country to pay for medical services-- when the practitioners are free to charge what ever they feel like demanding.
    In ccountries that have this type of system the practitioners form groups and their representatives bargain with the payer for fee rates.
    This includes hospitals .
    Does anyone reading this actually believe the above conditions can be imposed on the health care system in the USA?
    Right away, the Insurance industry will be at war with it–they will be the first money making group to be cut from the existing US system.


Sounds like you people have their health care locked in -----for now.
“I’m alright Jack”— Up yours!
Take a look around at the rest of the “developed” world.
Most have had a universal health care system for decades-- and the ain’t —
—run by facist
They are–
–and there health costs are about half what they are in the US
Even your hero Trump says the US system costs more and delivers less.


I agree.
Your system works great.
If you have–
— money—
—LOT’S of money
–unlimited supply of money
Oops, sorry the last 2 are socialism.