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Hate Doesn't Pay


Hate Doesn't Pay

Amy Goodman

The date was Aug.7, 1930. The place: Marion, Indiana. Three young African-American men were lynched. The horror of the crime was captured by a local photographer. The image of two hanging, bloodied bodies is among the most iconic in the grim archive of documented lynchings in America. Most associate lynching with the Deep South, with the vestiges of slavery and the rise of Jim Crow. But this was in the North. Marion is in northern Indiana, halfway between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, and about 150 miles from Chicago. But intolerance knows no borders.


Whatever happened to “love one another as you would love yourself”?


Hate doesn’t pay?

Politicians have been making it pay ever since this country was founded. Just pick any point in our history and you can discern the popular targets of public wrath, from Native Americans to Blacks to Irish to immigrants to Socialists to Gays and so on ad infinitum.

A militaristic culture needs hatred to maintain support for its murderous policies.



Hate is a two way street. When people respond with hate to hate - the result is still hate.


A rapacious, capitalist society needs hate among its members to possess and control its wealth.


It is interesting to note that “corporate America” is essentially boycotting Indiana after the passing of the RFRA giving the people the false impression that corporations are morally conscious entities that object to any attack on LBGT people. In reality this is typical of corporations coming out strongly against any legislation that is publicaly repulsive but irrelevant to corporate profits. If legislation passed instead that supported a financial transaction tax to help the poor or a corporate income tax to help support LGBT communiteis, the same corporations would be crying bloody murder. Unfortunately everything from LGBT rights to flag burning are issues that corporate America loves to embrace at the expense of more important issues such as the end of poverty, the promotion of democracy and addressing global warming head on. The RFRA is an affront to us all, but so are so many other issues that are convenitently ignored by our corporately pliant MSM.


Once legislation is crafted to sanitize this stinking law, what will be the purpose of having such a law? Repeal is the action that makes sense. Freedom to worship as one chooses is protected by the 1st amendment. The opposition ought to continue until the law is repealed, not amended.

I see the opposition to this reprehensible legislation as a positive sign that things have changed in Indiana, no matter where it comes from. A person at a corporation decided. Whatever the reason, I applaud them/it. I am encouraged by the sincerity of Indianapolis’ mayor.

I think the good people of Indiana will prevail. Indiana is very rural. I’m sure some rural residents support the law and some don’t. Probably the same applies to the cities. Folks, our pledge of allegiance to the US implies you believe the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and understand the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Neither of these speaks of prejudice or discrimination; quite the contrary. You have the liberty to associate with people you choose. However, you don’t have the right to deny those you don’t service or respect.

Changing your heart will change your mind and make Indiana a home for tolerance and respect for others unlike ourselves. That shows strength, not weakness.


I hope Pence loses the next election. I wish our nation had an alternative to the Republican and Democratic Parties. The Republicans (most of them) want more war & homophobia. The democrats(most of them) just want more war. I hope the boycotts force Pence to make changes in the law.


If enough people wished as you do, that there were an alternative, a third party, then there would be. It takes people going into action, not just paying lip service. Check out the Green Party and see what you think of their platform. If you like it, join! And pass the word to your friends and family… There are other movements, too, but the Greens may be the most viable.


Shall we focus on love instead of hate? Can we remind our Christian brothers and sisters that we all have the prospects of setting the best as well as the worst of examples? Yes, we need to be cautious of the hazards of hate, in ourselves as well as (perhaps more so than) in others, for others as well as ourselves bring what each bears inside to the outside world we also share.

Jesus taught us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Our neighbors include everyone around us, near in spirit as well as less near. Jesus also taught us the kingdom of God is within. It is within every one of us. Not just the white, not just the privileged. Indeed, he pointed to “the least among us.”

The whole world wonders when Christianity will discover and embody Jesus’s brilliant prophetic teachings. Two thousand years obviously has not presented enough prayerfulness within each of the faithful hearts. Which among the various sects of the faith most clearly teaches the practice to which we are directed by “pray you silently and alone”?

Yes, we know that every one of them claims the distinction. The question is for those of us careful enough to avoid getting lost in any of the sectarian righteousness which marked the beginning of Western Christianity when it dogmatically abandoned its Eastern brothers and sisters so, so long ago! Most of us do not even know the very same sanctimoniousness still is our preferred sect’s most distinct “christian” cultural habitat. I ask: where in Western Christendom is this arrogant sectarianism not the dominant spirit of every existing Western Christian sect?

Even Pope Francis embodies the sanctimonious with his righteous charm aimed upon and apparently successfully shifting the global conversation entirely away from the Catholic Church’s still-inhabited, still officially hidden, and more sanctimonious than ever before institutional evils. When we can openly admit that we need help mastering our own evils, and welcome our most trenchant critics to help us see them clearly, we can begin mastering them to the extent we can welcome prayerfulness to reveal each needed step. One step at a time.


Great help for me/us. Thank you! I have never and would never vote for any republican, and I’m done with the democrats. I hope we can get a viable third party option in my lifetime, but I’m probably not going to live long enough to see that.


Most of the white lynchmob and supporters probably considered themselves Christians. Religious beliefs should not allow their holders to treat others as they themselves would not want to be treated.


Hate is needed to justify war to justify spending lots of money on weapons of mass destruction to support the bottom line of our military industrial complex firms. Those firms care more about their bottom lines than they do about whoever they are jumping up and down about and accusing of atrocities. How about war against catastrophic climate change? It would require spending money not only on equipment to harness renewable energy including a national smart electric grid with energy storage to better match supply and demand and lots of wind turbines and solar power equipment both PV and thermal. It would also require money to buy as mineral rights fossil fuel displaced by renewable energy to bail out our too big to fail fossil fuel firms. The money for buying fossil fuel as mineral rights could be raised by selling renewable energy equipment to utilities on long term (same as service life of equipment) mortgages and using the repayments to buy fossil fuel mineral rights. Michael Bloomberg and pals claim $200billion/year would be enough to buy the renewable energy equipment needed to replace fossil fuel.


Other than hate to justify buying stuff from our MIC, most of our hate to the point of war is even more coveting natural resources owned by those we want to wage a war of conquest against than just plain hate.