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Hate Group to Represent US at UN Conference on Women's Rights


Hate Group to Represent US at UN Conference on Women's Rights

Nika Knight, staff writer

Since President Donald Trump's November election, hate incidents nationwide have increased—and now he's chosen a leader from one group that has itself espoused violence to represent the U.S. on the national stage.


This is what I expect from this administration. It is one more, in a list that grows every day, reason to be ashamed of our country!


So we have to add to the reasons not to be ashamed. The Muslim ban spread disgust around the world. The scenes of Americans besieging the airports in defense of immigrants also spread around the world. No despair.


It would only be fitting for all in attendance at the conference to turn their backs on and shun the US delegation refusing to recognize their presence and denying them any opportunity to mingle or speak. For the mad man in charge to send such a reprehensible, vile group reflects his insane and insatiable need to be vindictive to this august body of nations along with his thinly-veiled misogyny.

The horror continues with the dawn of every new day.


Reason not to ashamed of the country ( land, nature, etc) but of the voters who actually think like this. Truly scary and hypocritical.


The only way we are going to beat this shit is if the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party finally realize their corporate oriented policies have produced and will fail to reverse Trumpism. Bernie has the program. He is the leader. He is everwhere fighting Trumpism down in the trenches. Where are the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest of the lame-ass suits? Oh, I know; they are busy grooming Cory Booker for 2020 so that he can continue to promote the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.


IMO, Booker has too many skeletons in his closet...although he is a polished orator who seeks out every opportunity for media exposure.....


It's beginning to look as if Trump does something outrageous like this as a distraction from more important outrages. What should we be focusing on right now? Medicare for All, H.R. 676, has only 65 co-sponsors in the House and hasn't been introduced in the Senate.

Why? Because the Democrats don't support it. Which is why we have Romney/ObamaCare, and why the Dems will let TrumpCare be passed. Not even Bernie Sanders, the most beloved politician in the U.S., can get any Democratic Senators to support Medicare for All, which is why Bernie is not introducing the bill this year.

Because Bernie doesn't want to hurt the Democrats' chances in 2018 by exposing their lack of support for singlepayer, which would cover everyone and save the U.S. $$billions. Good luck with that, Bernie. We have already noticed that the Dems have nothing to offer but grandstanding and empty rhetoric.

The Democrats think that they can win in 2018 by being "less bad" than Trump, instead of offering policies that will give voters something to vote for. A failing strategy, as we have already seen, but the Dems are doubling down on it.

Forget about the women's conference, and call your Senators and Representative and tell them to start talking about, cosponsoring, and pushing Medicare for All now.


Of course I meant the policies of the country, being swiftly put in place to placate the Republican base of xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic, racist, religion-addled, militaristic, authoritarian-loving
voters and their leaders, such as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Steve King, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Steve Bannon, John Bolton, Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince, Richard Spencer, and the rest of the freaks
in the Tea Party/KKK/Christian Dominionist cabal!


Unfortunately the personality of the country is recognized by the rest of the world as the personality of the elected leaders. What really deserves shame is that the rest of us have not yet risen up and thrown these miscreants out of office. Perhaps we don't have the majority to do so or then again perhaps we are just still as affluently ambivalent as we were when we had our best chance back in November. Now it is going to take much more effort to get rid of this administration than it would have previously. God forbid, but some may have to even do something that will prove to be much more difficult than just getting off their ass and voting like maybe paying some attention to what was going on during the election?


This administration is a nightmare Vaudeville act. While we pay attention to it, are the banksters playing us? Are they using the ol' Vaudeville magician's trick of "slight-of-eye" - a disappearing or re-appearing act? To obfuscate a truer bleaker intent than lying, hating and stealing? A megalomaniac Houdini act? You gotta wonder. Something really stinks here - bigger and more than we have been used to: from Reagan's dismantling of our social safety net to W's war for oil, to Clinton's and Obama's bogus anti-People, Planet and Peace trade agendas. Can a megalomaniac be treated? I would guess not if he was as untouchable as, say a corrupt U.S. President. But we did see Nixon go down. Just WHAT THE HELL IS REALLY GOING ON? Doesn't look good. Happy St. Pats and reggae-on! Cuz! It's Irie Friday! And tomorrow is Reggae Riddims Saturday! Okay, I admit that this has me worried. A lot lol - Keep on smilin'.


It should be entertaining to see these fascists slapped down by the international community.


Another example of American exceptionalism - the only nation whose delegation sent to a women's conference that dies not support women.


Some may recall it was the far-right Heritage Foundation who were invited into republican governor Mitt Romney's office to design Romney care. Fewer still will understand that this far-right wing healthcare plan was the model on which Obama care is based. We on the left have been reduced by fake democrats to defending the Heritage Foundation's health care plan. Thank you neo liberal Obama and Clinton and the rest.


The world cannot sustain the current population at the current living standard so the most vulnerable societies are now beginning to collapse. Short of some miraculous new energy source discovery the trend will continue until the whole row of dominoes world wide are laying on the table. There are two choices, figure out how to get along or steal as much as you can so you can be the last man standing. As much as they deny it, Trump, the wealthy and the bankers know what is happening and they have chosen option 2. The results of choosing option 2 are well known. The historical record shows that those who prosper in the short term under option 2 just end up being the last to starve. Unless we choose a different path than the one we go down over and over, the outcome will be the same as it was for the Mayans, Romans and Easter Islanders.


More foxes than henhouses


This needs to be continuously repeated. We've been badly played by the Clinton wing of the duopoly. The Heritage Foundation Health Care plan that became ObamaCare is but one of many far-right acts brought to us by the neoliberals of the DNC.


Can I ask you, where is the support for single payer among all americans, not just a minority like us? The answer, there is none. You might get a majority of democrats to support it, maybe 60%. But 60% of a minority party is not going to get it done. The biggest group are the independents and there is not enough support from them on the issue to join with the liberal democrats. And the minority party republicans are not AT ALL going to support it. At best you have about 40% soft support for it. And you need 60% hard support at the very least.
Then you have the house which is going to be republican led for a long time, no matter how badly they do in the next two-four yrs. And even if the democrats do win a majority, it won't be large and you will still have even democrats going against it, not to mention needing 60 senators.
And that was the problem for Obama, there was no way to get a single payer passed when he had the congress. There were too many democrats, about 20-30 who would not vote for single payer at all. And he needed every single one of them to get it done and then still had the senate with at least a couple of senators from that 60 who were against it.
Which left the ACA which barely passed itself among democrats.
You can complain all you want, but you will never convince enough to go single payer so we got a heritage plan which is better than what we had and is certainly better than what the republicans will give us.
You might as well start a campaign to make the moon out of green cheese, you have about just as much luck. Reality is that neither will work.


John, I am ashamed of the 'waste of human flesh' in the White House, but I am not going to hold our entire country responsible for one morons madness.

I know how easy it is to want to blame someone for this craziness we are witnessing on a daily basis, but in the end we must come together to overcome it and move on.


I was referring to the 35-40 per cent of this country who think Trump is the greatest. Guess I should have been more specific. The fact remains that most of us are embarrassed on a daily basis, as the rest of the world sees what "we" have done. I mean, he IS President. He didn't get there all by himself!