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Hate on Trial as Attorneys Fight to Block North Carolina's Bathroom Law


Hate on Trial as Attorneys Fight to Block North Carolina's Bathroom Law

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Marking a pivotal milestone in the so-called "restroom wars," rights attorneys are appearing in federal court in Winston-Salem on Monday to argue that North Carolina's discriminatory bathroom ordinance is a dangerous violation of constitutional law and thus should be halted until an upcoming trial is concluded.


Human dignity and equality take a back seat (at best) for extremist bigotry and "religious" discrimination in some communities and beliefs, The Golden Rule long forgotten. As was the case during the Civil Rights Movement struggle's of the '50's and '60's (that never ended), some churches revealed their racism and discrimination - today some churches and demographics reveal their bigotry and discrimination......other religions and their adherents, including sadly, many Black churches also display bigotry against LGB and Transgender people.............some people and teachings never learn.


"Hate" is policies that strip the very poor of the basic human rights of food and shelter. "Hate" is not the emotional discomfort that might result from bathroom laws. Use the bathroom of the gender that you appear to be. Keep in mind that you are not at the center of the universe, use some common sense, and take others into consideration.


The point is, however, that this legislation prevents transgenders from using the restrooms of the gender they appear to be.

So this is discriminatory, since all others do use the restroom for the gender that they appear to be.

The denial of that commonsense 'right' is hate-based. It says that transgenders may NOT use the washrooms based upon their 'appeared' gender and identity.