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Hate Trump? You Should Still Hold Clinton's Feet to the Fire


Hate Trump? You Should Still Hold Clinton's Feet to the Fire

Steven Thrasher

Here’s a news flash: if you’re a progressive, you can and should critique Hillary Clinton right now – and that doesn’t have to mean that you want Donald Trump to be president.


My nose is black and blue from the thought...


"You can critique Clinton and vote for a third party for any reason.
American sovereignty lies in the individual, and our votes are never
owed to anybody."

Cue the outraged pro-war corporatists in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


I don't expect that every person I vote for has to agree with 100% of my positions. But I can't vote for a person who is untrustworthy and a warmonger. The writer of this article can concoct these transparent rationalizations all he wants, but I'll vote my conscience.


Why is she even running? Scandals everywhere. Warmonger. Continuing Bush wars. Rigged elections. Money laundering through her foundation. Pay for play. Won't do anything on climate change. The only thing different from Trump is she believes in abortion. Trump might not actually be as aggressive as she is in war. He is probably a stooge anyway who is supposed to be outrageous every time Hillary is about to get caught in one of her many scandals. I want to vote for someone not set up by the oligarchy and the only candidates would be third party. Jill/Baraka 2016


Good article but could use a different title. I wish that expression----"hold X's feet to the fire"----- expression could be banished! It is misleading!

For me, one of the primary take aways of this article was: don't be an ignorant voter. This is a piece that should be a must read for those who only see HC as a "progressive woman who gets things done". In order to accept the "reality of Clinton" (to quote Bernie Sanders), it is essential to examine just what that reality is.

With the help of Wikileaks, we are learning more and more of that sordid reality every day.


"Sanders would have been a contender" A MUCH stronger contender than Clinton. This concept of 'holding feet to fire' - if you think this will be possible with Clinton, imo, you don't know Clinton. "rush by black leadership to endorse Clinton" - if Clinton loses (which I hope), then I'll bet next time they will rush to support the next Bernie or Jill.


How Clinton Enables the Republican Party:



While Trump is an ego-driven pathological idiot, liar, fraud and charlatan, as many others have written, "holding Clinton's feet to the fire" makes zero difference to what the Red Queen will or will not do - she is an entirely political creature, absent all moral compass or concern for the common-good - a pathological liar in her own right - she will continue to serve herself and big-money masters, and their agenda regardless how it impacts "ordinary" people, world peace, the environment, or our sovereignty re: the TPP! She serves big-money and profits over people just as Billary and Obama.

Clinton will never say anything without the ubiquitous qualifiers, and lawyer talk - every word, every syllable, is nuanced to allow for any future eventuality and turn-around from what she says today - what she will un-say tomorrow. Like "vowing" to "stop any deal that costs jobs and depresses wages" re the TPP corporate Trojan Horse.

Even in the despicable cesspool of politics and corruption, Clinton stands unique - there may have never been as scheming or devious a one, except perhaps for Obama, the "progressive fraud", as Hillary Clinton!


The Clintons will always do what the Clintons do best...sell favors to the highest bidder, and those of us reading this article do not have the means to outbid Clinton's corporate paymasters.

Vote Green in 16 !


Sorry for those who have a problem with Counterpunch but this piece is a must read, imo!

"It has been clear for a long time that the Democratic Party is beyond redemption; it is even clearer now."------


We can be confident that the unalloyed venom of the titans of finance, industry, and corporate media will fall upon the Green ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, the moment it starts to look as if they could do well enough to matter.

If ideas were what mattered, the Stein-Baraka ticket would pose a more profound threat to the status quo and therefore to the few who benefit from it at the expense of everyone else than the Sanders campaign, at its zenith, ever could.

Their proposed Green New Deal is every bit as egalitarian and ecologically sound as Sanders’ “democratic socialism,” and, unlike Sanders, Stein and Baraka are not liberal imperialists and military hawks. They oppose what Sanders supports: the course American foreign policy is on.

It has been clear for a long time that the Democratic Party is beyond redemption; it is even clearer now. By supporting Clinton and therefore Clintonism (neoliberalism, imperialism and war) Sanders is making himself beyond redemption too.


Right now the election outcome is still in doubt so priority number one is stopping Trump. If Clinton wins that will be the time to push her on various issues. First things first. Bernie Sanders understands the importance of setting sensible priorities.


Hey, Thom Hartmann, you should read this?


Like this latest:


Best way to "hold Clinton's feet to the fire"?
Get Jill Stein into the Presidential Debates!

Spread the Word!!

Nationwide Watch Parties for CNN Stein/Baraka Town Hall

On Wednesday, August 17th, CNN will host a town hall meeting at 9pm Eastern Time with Jill Stein and her VP nominee, Ajamu Baraka. (Please note that CNN has re-confirmed the original 9pm Eastern spot.)

This event marks an important point in the campaign as Jill is getting a chance to share her message in a national event in prime time! Supporters will be hosting watch parties around the country.

Go here for more info or to host a Watch Party



Russia is already being confronted unnecessarily.
Hillary's "reset button" given to Russia when she was the Secretary of State was a signal that she would constantly poke Russia in the eye.
Obama allowed her to do it for 4 years and then spent the next 4 years picking the same fight exactly where Hillary left off.


It's time for another episode of who owns Energy Partner Solutions and how good was Bill's mistress Julie McMahon?


I like what this guys saying, im voting hillary but that doesnt mean i cant hold her accountable. i want her to be as progressive as possible(pretty damn hard), which wont come from her coaxing nevertrump republicans instead of bernie voters. I want her to fight for my vote, which she wont do if i scream JILL.


I posted a similar post when Bernie first got in the race. The analogy that I used was that Bernie trying to reform the Democratic party from within was like someone joining the mafia and being so deluded, to think they could reform the Mafia by joining this cabal of corruption and crooks!


Excellent analogy!