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Have Liberals Learned Anything From the Age of Trump?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/09/have-liberals-learned-anything-age-trump

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The first rule of cancel culture club is you can’t talk about cancel culture club.


They learned the U.S. populace tends to vote for the packaging, not the product.


The article has some good points, IMO, but one missed by liberals is the ability to fight. The guy is willing to fight, maybe because he fears if he loses he will face prison, and liberals need to learn that, or lose…

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The answer to the headline question is, essentially, No.

Liberals, as the late Phil Ochs taught us, are generally as self-centered as gyroscopes. NIMBY is their war cry and “it’s okay if a Democrat does it” is their credo.

Sanders (a Liberal, not a socialist) strongly criticizes Trump, but is silent about Biden doing the same thing.

They believe—really believe—that people who want actual benefits from government, not lip service, owe their votes to whatever corporate-chosen “lesser” evil is carrying the Dem banner this year.

Most of them—80% or thereabouts—are tin-eared, cork-brained, and, as Galbraith taught us, always prefer to get busy on the proof.

Those of us on the Left need to make common cause with the other 20% and the similar 20% on the Right, and pull together a common vision by consensus, not compromise. We’ve never needed one so much as we’ll need one now.


What, who are the liberals? This article need a definition - and mostly based on their class and economic standing.


Generally good save that you clearly don’t have much of a clue about Bernie, who is nothing resembling a liberal (and may well really be a socialist at heart but recognizes that ‘social democratic’ policies are as close to that as he can successfully promote). While pursuing his campaign he had a lot to say about his differences with Biden (and with Hillary last time around), but now as a very pragmatic LOTEvilist he’s focused on booting out someone he considers to be an overt fascist (and since he was around when his father lost most of his European family to Hitler that’s hardly surprising) but still prefaces much of his support for Biden with the observation that they disagree on several very major issues.


I count Sanders in the “other 20%” I mentioned: not a socialist, but probably not against it either.

As to Biden, if Sanders can’t bring himself to criticize Biden at the same time he criticizes Trump, he shouldn’t criticize Trump either no matter how much Trump deserves it, because hypocrisy like that stinks on toast and like a dead carp that’s been laying in the sun 3 days is quite hard to ignore. Better Sanders should beat up Trump on the stuff that Bidon doesn’t also do. It’s a small list, I know, but it’s not empty.

Here’s something close to my take on socialism (it’s from Oscar Ameringer):

"But municipal and state ownership is not Socialism . State owned railroads and state monopolies are even today used as a means to exploit the working people for the benefit of the capitalist taxpayers . In order to give to the masses the full benefit of social ownership, it is necessary that the state itself belong to the people . We therefore demand that the class state be transformed into a government of
the people, by the people and for the people .This can easily be accomplished through the extension of Democracy.

Socialism then is the ownership of the trust by the government, and the ownership of the government by the people, by means of universal suffrage , the initiative , the referendum, and the recall."

I’ve never heard anything like that attributed to Sanders, have you?

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Weren’t they the wealthy white kids up above the surf, with Don Draper (wanting to buy the world Coke?) My mom worked for an ad agency for ~$7K a year where the guys who’s work she did were starting at $45K +15% back then. I’d watched how they dealt with their kids’ dope, anti-war, miscegenation and commie affectations. But consumerism wasn’t a biggie. I’d a rustu, used BMW 2002 which was cheap as a Dodge Dart but easy to fix, never broke down and was fun to drive. We ALL had GREAT US made audio equipment and Japanese bicycles, etc. This shit was ALL used & cheap, since the petit bourgeois kids thought you were supposed to throw shit AWAY each year & get better stuff (better, equating to whatever the fad was, that year?) To us, liberals were simply ex-hippys who actually enjoyed cocaine hydrochloride, Disco or Annie Hall & Carly Simon?

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Hate to have to say this, but I don’t think any amount of listening, or even passing laws and regulations which actually help them, is going to get the majority to Trump voters to turn away from the Republican party. Some, but not nearly enough, and they are certainly far less numerous than the number of nonvoters who might be inspired to turn up and vote for “liberal” candidates (lookup “The Environmental Voter Project” for documentation). This article is promulgating the same myths that got Trump elected, and which Joe Biden and the DNC establishment still seem to believe. True, Bernie did not succeed in awakening this sleeping giant this time around, but that does not mean it cannot be done. Indeed it’s the only way we’re ever going to end our headlong slide into dystopia.


Great article and should prompt us all to look inside of ourselves. It is hard and must be done by all i.e. rightwing, leftwing or whatever names you assign to liberals, conservatives et al.

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Well, should we put up with demeaning, with people being health hazards, do whatever they want to whomever they want in the name of freedom, or carry an arsenal around with them in public?
No, we should not have to live among extremists.


Thanks gand – you got it – !!

Imagine living in Michigan right now – but this is what the GOP is moving us to –
This is a perfect example of GOP’s “third world America” – for their benefit.

A people divided against themselves – Lincoln also got it – major tool in Elite toolbox.

And everyone should remember to watch the violence because fascists require violence
to rise – and arming citizens where you end up with a situation like Michigan and their
Capitol filled with citizens with not only assault weapons, but loaded arms.

You also see this with the BLM’s protests where it seems to me the police aren’t doing
they jobs because the point is they want to see the protests turn into violence –
and Trump loves it when they do – blaming the protesters, but looks more like right
wing infiltrating the protests to cause violence.

And topped off with – are we even sure of the extent of this yet – ???
It’s more than Michigan – plans to extend into Wisconsin.
Did you see these guys – they don’t even look as well off as the guys in “Deliverance.”

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Citizens deserve the protection of their government –
even the minority citizens – like women who are actually the majority –
and who never had it before …

Same for AA’s and POC too often being harassed and murdered by police –

Though the author doesn’t seem to be interested in who is being protected –

He’s more interested in the thugs that are being stopped from bully others –
attacking women, still trying to lynch black men – writing filthy messages on
Jewish temples –

This is a liberal nation – though Elites have long tried to keep it from the masses –
and we know it is because every day we see how many of us support the same
issues –

and how desperately Elites need to control everything – from every newspaper and
every TV network to every periodical – each and every little vein of truth is a huge
threat to them – like a pebble hitting a mirror, it shatters it – and the fake images/myths.

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I hadn’t paired them with the deliverance boys, but who can be sure. Agree with all you said except that I hope you are wrong about the wishes of the police forces around the nation. To hope for protests to turn violent.
Fixing police abuses of the citizenry is paramount, especially the abuses of people of color.
We obviously need a different type of cop. Training and screening applicants has to be rethought.
Some of us will be safe from the surging infections from covid19 because we are staying home as much as possible. Easy for me to say since we stay home a lot anyway.
Be safe.

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I see that trump army poll watchers are being encouraged. I would support that if they were (honestly) doing good. Intimidation is something unacceptable.
A loop hole here is that poll watchers can challenge ballots which is certainly intimidation.
A challenged voter may have to fill out a provisional ballot, which is a form of intimidation as well.
Remember, everything trumpian has been either upside down, inside out, or both.

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What we really need to learn from the past - is the danger of allowing
DEMONIZING of political figures or the laws and rules and regulations of
our nation and government – exactly what Trump has been doing –

We must speak out loudly against this kind of behavior because it has always
worked and it still works –

Notice our press is actually trying – labeling many of Trump comments as outright
lies or “misleading” – whatever –

But it’s not enough – the challenge to our elections alone as something which Trump
will decide … “I’ll wait and see what happens…” is something we need to knock down
as “Head I win/Tails you lose” – keep pounding on the polls across the US showing
Trump losing —

Trump has done nothing but try to disrupt and overturn government for the benefit of
himself and his cronies – he has corrupted every one of our government agencies
using them to benefit corporations/Elites supporting him – no matter how much damage
it does to our country and our citizens –

We need to keep defending our Post Offices – maybe even having a strong presence
at our local Post Offices to carry the story of the GOP attempt to destroy our Post Offices –
especially while the ballots are passing through –

What we mainly learn from the right wing is that it’s never a fair fight – and Trump is desperate.

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