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'Have They Ever Had a Job Before?' Cori Bush Tears Into Republicans for Evading Metal Detectors to Enter House Chamber

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/have-they-ever-had-job-cori-bush-tears-republicans-evading-metal-detectors-enter


I like her idea, of McDONALD’s uniforms! But Murika’s BEST ought ALL be armed, if only fer li’ Baby JESUS’ sake? I’m not just suggesting sissified hidden firearms, anybody can gain proficiency with; but scimitars, battle axes, compound bows and tomahawks… representative of our diverse kleptocracy? Just IMAGINE all the Viagra & RAM ads we’d suddenly get on CSpan, during spirited debate? Popcorn machines, too? Them smart grenade launchers, that blow up behind you… perfect for Nancy & Chuck.






Isn’t it funny (ironic?) that the same group of people that voted to put metal detectors everywhere from airports, to stadiums, to schools, are now flabbergasted that they have to pass through one just to get into the capital building?
Your tears sustain me.


Republicanism and Hypocrisy go hand in hand.


In NYS, at any rate, the impoverished who seek aid must go through metal detectors and in some cases they must submit to finger printing–should those who have vocally and tactically advocated for this insurrection by supporting Trump’s lies be above this treatment? We criminalize the poor while the real criminals who steal the treasury, our taxes, are treated as above suspicion.


She makes a good point about her entitled gun toting colleagues. However why should the members of Congress be spared the dangers of armed men on a rampage? People in their country get shot at work places, restaurants, shopping malls, beauty salons, movie theaters, and schools. I would hope that after the Senators and Congressmen and women faced the terror from the rioters, hiding under their desk like high school students have to do during lockdowns, they would immediately pass some sensible gun control. But I won’t hold my breathe. They will secure their own workplace more thoroughly. To hell with everyone else.


A bunch of whiny little babies.


Right after known terrorists invaded the capital? It made sense to see a few people armed, protecting the place. But EVERYONE with a gun is non productive and dangerous. Leave it in a locker or in your car.

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The same thing happened in the 80’s when Congress was mandating drug testing in the workplace. It was suggested Congress needed to drug test also, temper tantrums and indignation ensued.


So far I’m liking me some Cori Bush, a firebrand right off the bat.


I see Jim Jordan had no trouble yesterday on the floor of congress.
Odd that a near identical set of circumstances with the riot, and previously, Benghazi, have similar outlooks. Benghazi didn’t have adequate support in time. Neither did the capital. After Clinton charged the Benghazi committees to make sure it never happens again, here we are deja vu all over again. This time in our own backyard.
When will we ever learn.


Politicians are most efficient at shooting their mouths off. To let them have guns and live ammunition as well would be counter productive, like a shooting range for the blind. Hmm, well maybe not.


These Republicans that act like spoiled children know they only have 7 more days to fuck with the rules.

Legislate them out.

The time for change is just days away.

Then why in hell did the capital police not bar their entry?


Yes. And it pisses me off. What complete jerks—after what happened you would think they would understand that it is for safety’s sake. Makes me think they are part of the organizing crowd behind the scenes. There should be consequences. They really should not have been allowed to enter. They act like children. Actually, children would follow the rules. They act like outlaws.


Can’t they refuse to let them in? I certainly would never get away with this in an airport. Each day it seems, we learn just how un-secure and un-safe our Capitol is. This is scary.

The Capitol police seem more and more like the keystone cops each day.

I remember this well. To this day if you are in a position of high responsibility that can potentially severely affect other people’s lives such as a doctor, lawyer or public official no mandatory drug test is required but if you want to work at a convenience store and safely sell someone a bag of potato chips be prepared to pee in a cup. The definition of freedom versus safety seems very malleable for these folks.


I used to live in Rep Cynthia McKinney’s (D-GA) district. She became the public enemy when she questioned Bush’s lies about 9/11. Since she was willing to raise the questions, whistle-blowers fed her what turned out to be a lot of accurate information about what was going on.

The pro-war media of course hated this. They were making nice profits and good ratings from the war and Shock and Awe.

One day, Rep. McKinney was in a hurry to get to a vote. In doing so, she brushed past the security guards a little too quickly, and got into a dispute with the security guards. I think they claimed she didn’t show her pass, and she claimed that they knew who she was and that the she was showing her pass anyway.

This of course was a major newstory. How dare this Evil Congresswoman, in the time following 9-11, possibly be so disrespectful to the Heroes who were trying to guard the Capitol? This was a major story at the time.

Of course, a left-wing Congresswoman who’s trying to question lies that have led to America’s longest wars was clobbered in the media for this for days. And of course, we won’t see the same for the right-wingers who want to threaten other members of congress. Why else would you want to bring a gun? Its not a toy.


I can see why some lawmakers might have defensive weaponry. And they are entitled to it. Outside the hallowed halls. Can’t they set up lockers expressly for them? In the coat check room. (right by the doors)

If they have anything they are forbidden to bring inside, like guns(!) let them stow them there, get a receipt for them and pick them up when they leave.

Guns should be forbidden inside, except there, outside the perimeter.

For the last few decades, I like most of us have become accustomed to going through a security gate whenever I visit most large government buildings. You empty your pockets, put any laptops, phones, etc, into little trays, and go through.

If the Capitol is not a large government building, what is?

Its NOT too much to ask that all people do this including senators and congresspeople, even the President. Police officers whose job is protecting the proceedings and similar (Secret Service) excepted.

Others should without exception, check their guns at the door.