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Have We Reached Trump’s Tipping Point?


Have We Reached Trump’s Tipping Point?

Bob Burnett

Democrats find Trump so repugnant that they find it hard to imagine that any American would support him. Nonetheless, he’s tightened his grip on most Republican voters.


The all-too-common, casual conflation of “Republican” with “right-wing” and “Democrat” with “left-wing” leaves a lot of us out in the cold. There’s a whole universe to the left of Rachel Maddow, but you’d never know it from reading this guy.

As to the rest of the article, the end-game of mass defections from Trump’s improbable imcumbency leads to President Pence–a thought which should give us all pause.


I’d say that " whole universe " is about 5-6 million people, many of whom don’t vote, by the looks of the last 4-5 POTUS election cycles. Or, skip that section of the ballot. I can’t offer a rebuttal to that viewpoint because some of my friends express the same frustrations, usually only voting in city, county and state matters. A communities first approach.
And, the foreign policy of the U.S. is so thoroughly corrupted by financial elites, permanent federal institutions, religious fanatics and weird moralists, the rhyme, rhythm and reason of it often resembles white people trying to dance to Miles Davis while channeling The Grateful Dead. It can be pretty disorienting trying to understand the " whys " of our devotion to The House of Saud vs. Iran, for instance, given the politics of both nations.
The MSM spectrum narrows the political dialogue even further, for parochial financial reasons mostly, which is not equally counter-balanced yet by the alternative ( mostly Internet driven ) media. But, that seems to be changing, hopefully for the good.
The public financing of elections, ending of gerrymandering and a return to paper traceable voting tabulation would certainly clear some of the fog up, though. It’s hard to argue, with a straight face, that our elections aren’t rigged, currently. And, the Pew findings don’t address that, of course.:wink::wink:


I do agree with Bob Burnett’s worldview descriptions of “Strict Father” and “Nurturing Parent” for Republicans and Democrats.

I’m sure there are exceptions however, I considered the families I grew up around and their children and their worldviews, and several had very strict father’s that in today’s world would be arrested for child abuse for the beatings they gave those children.

Interesting but sad as well.

That was life in the 50’s.


As to “whole universe,” I was thinking of examples outside US borders—indeed, outside the comprehension of most monolingual, MSM-consuming, shopping-as-recreation US citizens. You know, the ones who think, whether approvingly or not, that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are “liberals.”


I thought that was George Lakey. Oh well, brilliant has a thousand fathers.


No, Pelosi and Schumer would be more aligned with Business/Entrepreneur Democrats. You know, the " I think we can do business with Trump " kind of Democrat.:grinning::grinning:


It is hard to generalize but I think for many Republicans their core values come from religion not the enlightenment. Therefore it doesn’t really bother Republicans that much that Trump is a fascist and white supremacist. However for Democrats these aspects of Trump are unacceptable. Would any Democrat support a fascist white supremacist promised single-payer, healthcare, free tuition at public colleges, and a $15 an hour minimum wage. I would hope not. A fascist white supremacist is so outside of the core values of Democrats that the person would be totally rejected regardless of campaign promises. The KKK has a religioous aspect. The Southern Poverty Law Center published a long article on the connection between hate and religion or the exploitation of religion to be more accurate… Ignoring religion makes it impossible to understand Republicans and why they are so different from Democrats. The Tea Party has a religious aspect. Dominionists like Ted Cruz are rising in the Republican Party. Probably the goal is to sweep away secularism in the United States.


The tipping point is coming…wait for it, here it comes, here it comes…


Right, and if it’s not Mikey at the helm, it’s Ryan.
Can’t lose.


Until we acknowledge that we have a money in politics problem, not a Trump problem, we will continue to be bombarded with articles like this.

Irrespective of any alleged “tipping point”, whoever succeeds Trump will be no better than Trump and likely will be worse. Perhaps not a reality TV POTUS like Trump, but at least as toxic to the 99%.


Trump could be a blessing in disguise for Democrats providing they don’t again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It seems the DNC is busy doing just that by chasing the left away.


There is an interesting article in Raw Story about the workings of the drumpf supporting mind and how to deal with it. Drumpf’s supporters use mostly their lizard brain (#1) to evaluate him, his words and his deeds. Liberals have a well studied tendency to actually evaluate a situation based on facts rather than emotions (#2), much more than conservatives do. Since the conservatives can only be reached through emotions, the article suggests that his behavior and his policies be couched in emotional terms like granny killer. And the message has to be constantly repeated because repetition gives statements a covering of legitimacy.


You noticed that, did you? The recent episodes with the DNC election and then purges followed by appointment of lobbyists to the board make it obvious that they haven’t learned a blessed thing from the last decade of losses at the state level followed by Clinton’s loss in what should have been a slam dunk victory.


Oh we haven’t reached the tipping point yet. Wait till Trump does something that either irrevocably tanks the economy or tries to have his own war to try to boost his ratings. Impeach the bastard now before we end up all regretting it.


Tipping point? Hardly, not when it only took 27+% of the vote to elect Trump and not when the largest bloc of voters, buy far, were the no votes. Approval ratings don’t distinguish between those who vote/intend to vote and those who don’t vote. That means that Trump, with an approval rating in the 37-39% range, is still in a position to win, again, in 2020, unless more of that 56-57% who disapprove actually vote. With the Democratic party establishment firmly sticking to their centrist/elitist ways, not likely.


There will be no tipping point. Trump will fundamentally change America and the return to what we call a moderate and democratic or even a socialized America is either dubious or a long long time from now. Is not Trump, is the corporations that for decades have turned this country into a slave farm. Americans wants things to be this way or have no idea of what is happening. Americans live to work, have no life, and make sure all their earnings go to a few fat frogs at the top.


We don’t even know who the presidential candidates will be in 2020. Could be Bernie versus Romney if Trump doesn’t make it. And, there’s all the anti-voting rights steps Republicans are taking to game the system, including a fairly disturbing thing that just happened:

Moreover, the party is clearly moving Left right now. If it were 2002, Joe Manchin would have negotiated on healthcare and given Trump bipartisan help on the tax cut budget. That isn’t happening though. Even the most conservative Democrat isn’t playing ball. That’s a huge change from GWB era, and a good one.


Not to mention what will happen when the stock market’s clearcut “irrational exuberance,” inspired by his endless largess to all our worst corporate freeloaders, reaches its inevitable conclusion.


It is over. The sooner people realize that the better. We don’t have a legitimate government for a long time, we don’t have a vote and people are completely controlled by corporations in the U.S. and here’s why: if we had any kind of control or grown ups in charge Trump would never have been placed in power. It’s over, the United States as we know it have ceased to exist.