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Have You Heard of the CIA’s Iran Mission Center?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/18/have-you-heard-cias-iran-mission-center


Thanks Vijay,
I guess the CIA has learned from its Iraq weapons of mass
destruction lie to get a special operations to start war-- also for Israel’s
benefit. With Iran destroyed the clepto state won’t have a powerful nation state
getting in its way.
Thanks for this outstandingly valuable piece of journalism


Second that. This is the type of knowledgeable, informative, direct writing I wish there were more of on the Internet.

  1. The reporter sent to Cuba on the news of a US battleship attacked by Spain wired back, “There is no war,” and requested to come home. Randolph Hearst replied, “You supply the pictures and I’ll supply the war.”

Nice work, both of you CD commentators

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Shanahan just got fired. We were wishing to say bye to Bolton. Maybe he will move too. Details in moonofalabama.org today.

But why have you kept Israel out of the picture. NutYahoo has been crying the sky is falling for more than 20 years when it comes to Iran nuclear program. NutYahoo was fully against the JCPOA, and got Trump to get out if it. NutYahoo has come to congress and openly showed opposition to any kind of deal with Iran. NutYahoo has Mossad steal documents from UN to show the world what the Iran nuclear was all about , all in the hopes of getting the world to agree to an attack o Iran. Obviously that failed miserably. So leaving Israel out of this picture of pushing for war against Iran, only paints half the picture in this game of deception and trickery!!!


Well said. Welcome to CD the antidote to the miasma of corporate news.