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Have You Seen These Prototypes for Trump's "Ridiculous" Border Wall?


Have You Seen These Prototypes for Trump's "Ridiculous" Border Wall?

Jon Queally, staff writer

Will lowly competition between these proposals for Trump's "stupid, dumb" border wall the most Americans will ever see of it?


The present fence is already causing many environmental problems. Trump’s wall would cause even far more such environmental problems. We would be better off without any physical barriers between the US and Mexico. However, it looks like as long as the Republican depend on racisms and xenophobia for votes some sort of physical barrier will exist.


One of the Proudest moments, for our Fathers of WWII and those of us in Federal work at that moment in History, was the Demolition of the Berlin Wall.

It was the culmination of two Generations of sustained effort.

How low America has sunk and how much America has become the Despotic Tyrant.

God, Forgive Us Our Sins, cause I’m quite sure no one else will.


Are East Germany and the USSR Trump’s models for the future America. How can people support this abomination?


Where are the Price Tags on these samples?
Cost per foot? Cost per Mile?
How long to actually Build a Mile of each sample?

Does anyone get to take a shot at breaching each sample?
By ramming a nice heavy Truck into it, for instance…


Or the president’s STUPID HEAD!!


Yep, that Berlin wall really kept 2 countries separate–I mean really.


But, but…Trump has promised America that Mexico will pay for the wall, and in fact Mexico keeps bothering him about when and where they can send the money.


I think the model is more like the Israel/Palestinian wall. Economic and stupid.


I have an antique Kennedy machinist tool box (black, not brown or green) and it has a really nice brass lock on the front. So I took it to a locksmith to see if they could repair the broken brass lock.

The first thing the locksmith said to me was, “Well, if I want something to be safe in a toolbox, I do not lock it. That’s the surest way to insure it will be broken into–just put a lock on it and see.”

And I bet because of his “small hands”, he will pick the biggest, thickest one there is. More money to spend on his contractor cronies (that no doubt–he is invested in). Just one more impeachable offense the GOP will overlook.


That is some of the cheapest, crappiest design and construction I have ever seen. I thought the wall would be high-quality, like what the Isrealies are building in Gaza. Why do we get a second-class wall?!

(Sarcasm, y’all.)