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Have Your Coke and Guzzle It Too


Have Your Coke and Guzzle It Too

Jim Hightower

Good news about obesity: A new scientific organization is coming to grips with this bulging national problem.

Called the Global Energy Balance Network, it comes at obesity from a unique perspective. According to them, the key to controlling one’s weight isn’t cutting back on calorie consumption, but committing to a regular program of exercise.

Great, huh? You can literally have your cake and eat it, too.


I tell patients that their weight is like their bank account. If they deposit more energy as calories than they withdraw as exercise, their weight increases. The second aspect is that a cup of fat contains 2 1/2 times the number of calories as in a cup of sugar or flour. So grill that chicken, don't fry it.


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Let's also not forget that besides all the calories in Coke, there is the detrimental aspect of all that sugar. Latest research shows that sugar is strongly linked to heart disease, cancer and of course diabetes.
I live in Mexico, where the working people in general, drink soft drinks far more than water. These sugary drinks are addictive, and are destroying the health of populations all around the world.


Where I work, all my coworkers are over weight some significantly over weight. All come in to the job with those big gulp things in hand full of some sugary drink or just as bad or worse, some diet drink laced with chemical sweeteners.

My herb tea, organic gardening and vegetable eating is tolerated as coming from the older eccentric.


I've given up all soda. For years I drank diet soda. Now I don't use artificial sweeteners.

I've wondered what a soda would be like if they didn't use sugar or artificial sweetener.


My dentist friend used to complain that all his patients from a nearby island had rotten teeth. He found out that they had no potable water on the island and had to ship water in. So the islanders drank the more easily available Coke instead.

The West's most lucrative exports seem to be deadly wars, tobacco cancer and killer Coke.


The insidious power of advertising is evident when something no more worthwhile than Coca Cola's sugared water can be transformed into a billion dollar enterprise.

Advertising, the heart of capitalism and purveyor of idiocies, is to blame for this travesty.


I think that many people don't fully realize the effect an aging metabolism has on calorie maintenance- When I was young and up to 30 years old, I could pretty much eat whatever I chose without weight gain, but not so now- Working outdoors in A cold environment also burned off the calories as in arctic subzero temperatures your body would burn of at least 2,000 calories in A 12 hour day, just keeping warm-- All in the past...
Exercise, stress control and proper diet are key to graceful ageing...


So true.

And I look at my beautiful vibrant vegetables from the garden brimming with life and think, no wonder human beings are becoming sicker and sicker and sicker.

Very sad.


Is that the organism or society in general you are referring to?


True, so true!
Too bad someone can not put on an ad like the old drug ad that showed an egg frying with the caption: THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SODA POP!