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Have Yourself Some Anti-Refugee Hysteria


Have Yourself Some Anti-Refugee Hysteria

Chris Toensing

As holiday shoppers empty their wallets to buy presents for family and friends, there’s been an outbreak of miserliness among our politicians — directed at some of the world’s most helpless people.

At least 30 Republican governors, and one Democrat, are vowing to bar Syrian refugees from their states. One family was actually turned away at the Indiana state line when the local resettlement agency got a nasty phone call from the authorities.


At this point, I'm only surprised that Trump and company haven't called for the dismantling of the Statue of Liberty or at least covering it with a huge tarp. After all, wouldn't want to encourage those less than "exceptional" people to come to the U.S.

As to the actual facts regarding the recent acts of terrorism, since when have little details like facts mattered in the formulation of this country's foreign or even domestic policy? Truth, as always, is manufactured, as needed.


And in stark contrast, just a bit north of here, is this:

and this:


So, here's conservative politicians fearing the helpless refugees that they themselves caused to become helpless refugees by their blundering foreign policies and handing out weapons to anyone in the ME who pretended to be supportive of US agendas. Idiots!


If you will read the comments section there a number of voices there that seem to agree with Trump. Racists are racists no matter their nationality.

That said Canada as a percentage of population has over 3 times the number of Muslims as there are in the USA.

I do not feel less safe because they are here. Decent people are decent people no matter their faith.