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Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Is Running for President With Focus on 'War and Peace'


Two things:

I work with Democrats all the time. I have no choice. The city I live in is governed exclusively by Ds. It’s been that way since 2006. In that time, the d-party has presided over a rather sad gentrification of formerly working class, mixed-race neighborhoods, including mine, pricing people like me out. Real estate developers own the place. So, while I work with dems to battle developers, I don’t vote for them.

If you want to stop the slams against the d-party, you might want to hope, wish, and pray that they desist from drumming up hope for change while moving ever rightward. We ran out of time for that stuff long ago – the climate crisis is a lot more urgent than incremental half measures can address. That’s partly what I referred to when I threw out the term ‘status quo.’ That won’t cut it.

At any rate, I appreciate reading your thoughtful comments.


From reading other commentaryy on her announcement here at CD. And, tieing it into the the Anti-BDS legislation being proposed, the slighting and shaming of Angela Davis, the amnesia seeds being sown against Malcolm X, the boot still on the necks of The Black Panthers regarding their positive community work. The " endless war on ideas " is the overlay for the endless war on terror, at home and abroad. Brought to you by the concept of acceptable free speech vs.real free speech. Who are really the deciders? When was the last time they invaded a white nation, WWII? But, they supported apartheid in S. Africa and now something similar in Israel, right? " Build a wall like Israel does " bellows THE POTUS. HMMMMM…Oakey dokey says The OhBummer/Clintonistas’ lackeys.
When we invade Sweden I’ll reconsider, possibly.
BTW- Sen. Booker was also floated out there with Tulsi. I’ m not surprised, why are U?


Thanks, Dara. I didn’t know he has done at least four interviews with her. Here’s the link to all four, compilated:

Jimmy Dore and Tulsi Gabbard all 4 segments compiled just for YOU! – Sep 15, 2018 - YouTube


Wait has Tulsi voted the wrong way or made comments about BDS that are clearly anti free speech? (As has Gillibrand). Has she commented on Angela Davis or the other things you mentioned? I hope you aren’t bringing up issues unrelated to her to gripe about (even though I might agree with you on all these issues).

Based on @TomJohnson1 's post I read https://m.jpost.com/American-Politics/Democratic-presidential-contender-Gabbard-supports-and-criticizes-Israel-577149. She at least criticized Gaza shootings and settlements to a degree but she’s not exactly where I’d want her to be on this issue. Still I’d want to know who’s better. Warren is at least as bad if not worse. Gillibrand is worse.


So you’d vote for Trump if you were convinced the Democratic Candidate was a worse evil?


Could you please cite your proof of Bernie’s loss of followers? I have seen or read nothing of the sort. Nor have I noticed that particular phenom (except ageism, which is crap). Thanks.


agreed. some rather unsettling attachments she seems to have.


You can do your own research.


Gillibrand is on shakey ground for a few reasons. Tulsi needs to steer clear of Romney’s bunch. 47% of the people, who he doesn’t want voting, would like to dress up as Native Americans and ambush him and his bunch in a Utah meadow. No hard feelings though, Mitch, it’s just business.
The War & Peace Campaign by Tulsi should be good for the 2020 Democratic Primary. But I’m supporting Sen. Sanders until he tells me not to. Then it’s Warren or …???


That is my inclination as well. If he isn’t running I’m sure he’ll be asked about whether he is going to endorse anyone and I don’t have a prediction on if he would do that or not. My issues with Warren are similar with Gabbard (statements on Iran and Israel) but I lean towards Gabbard right now - I just find her more direct during interviews this far. Hopefully people figure out some debate formats that work for a large field - the Republicans sure didn’t.


That was the line here.


Oh no worries, little man. I am capable. Better than you having to prove your drivel, eh?


My sense also. She seems to shift her positions around in order to find what might acquire her a constituency. Perhaps now she’s settled on something, at least for the moment.

As a cautionary tale, I’m remembering what Nader pointed out to us before Obama-1. You don’t get into office and then fight the power. People who fight power have been doing it their whole lives.

As for being a “Hindu,” her parents appear to have been hippies of some sort. Hinduism is a culture. It’s not so easily acquired as just deciding you’re going to be a Baptist.


I’m not sure there are any better peace candidates. Everyone has bought in on the War on Terror. I do know that Sanders voted against the Iraq War, but I suspect he supported the Afghanistan War, which was a bogus war, since it was the Saudis that attacked us.

One thing is certain, there is no reason to make war anywhere else, least of of all iran. And I know that Elizabeth Warren considers Iran a threat, though they’ve never haven’t initiated an wars on a foreign country in some four centuries.

I just think if you’re going to make war and peace your centerpiece, you should be on the side of peace.


I still feel Trump was worse than Clinton could have been. Doesn’t matter now.


Well you know he did because as every progressive would do well to burn into their brains - Barbara Lee is the only person in the House or Senate to vote against the 2001 AUMF which lead to the Afghan war. (Sanders was in the House at the time). Would I want to see Barbara Lee as my president? Hell ya. But much as I wish that, she isn’t running. I was going to say she might not be as likely to win as some bigger names like Sanders or Warren, but I don’t really know that - if by some miracle she announces, I’ll re-evalute that thought then.

I listened to two critical pieces by video bloggers I like (David Doel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgg3TZuVkOo, Kyle Kulinski: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXKtEEiaj9k) since my last post and I have to say I’m not happy about her statement on torture that Kyle brought up. For someone to be progressive and not understand people like John John Kiriakou who argues quite clearly that torture is never utilitarian - if you think that, you either watch 24 and can’t tell fiction from reality or you associate with some very worthless people who are feeding you lies. The fact it is also immoral and even incredibly flawed people like McCain can make a definitive stand against it is just on top of the argument that ticking time bombs are bullshit scenarios (yep Kyle, I agree). I hope I never hear something so stupid come out of Sanders’s mouth. I now have to give the edge to Warren who has made quite a few anti-torture statements even though she is just as bad on Iran and Israel in my estimation. I still hope Bernie enters the race and I hope Tulsi can help with bringing up the anti regime change topic.


This may sound a bit too crazy but we the people from Hawai’i know the truth about Tulsi:

  1. She is not Hindu she is Caucasian-Samoan born in American Samoa, moved to Hawai’i when she was three.
  2. Her religion is “Science of Identity” organized by Chris Butler or Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, the son of Willis Butler (physicians for social responsibility), who defected from Hare Krishna to create his own religion. Tulsi’s father and mother are the top disciples.
  3. Her father also posed himself as a Catholic and has been elected since 2006 to the State Senate with the support of conservative christian Pacific islanders.

Her agenda? We don’t know. Only her guru knows.