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Hawks Clamoring to Attack Iran


Hawks Clamoring to Attack Iran

Emile Nakhleh

As Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Saudi crown prince and de facto ruler Mohammad bin Salman clamor for a war against Iran, they seem to have conveniently forgotten the destruction and mayhem wrought by the American invasion of Iraq 16 years ago.

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Some of the most bloodthirsty people EVER are at the head of the US military, security system and the only thing they know is war. Iran is NOT a threat to the US, just like Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t. So my question is WHY THE F**K are they wanting war with Iran? It’s a war they won’t win!! It will enrage survivors and spawn generations of terrorists whose only mission will be to blow up the west, especially the US. And remember the US hasn’t won a war since WW II. The first gulf war doesn’t count. It was a slaughtering tuna in a barrel exercise. Gads, now I know what to write about on my Medium site today. @jrallen1200 : Mike Pompeo is an idiot and Bolton is Satan along with other neocons in the admin.



War with Iran is predicated on defending the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia, with a sprinkle of controlling oil and the primacy of the petro$ thrown in.

The US, of course, also insists upon containing the interests of Russia and China in the region – both countries have economic and diplomatic ties to Iran, and they don’t give a shit about our sanctions.

On that topic of bloodthirsty, well, Pompeo’s use of religious reasoning to justify attacking Iran is quite telling. Insofar as it amounts to an attack on Shiite Muslims, it couldn’t be more dangerous or ill-advised. A safe estimate of the world’s Shiite population is 200 million. Why we’d want to alienate that large a group of people – the majority population in Iran, Iraq, and a plurality in Lebanon – is beyond me. If even 10% of that huge group were drawn toward militancy, we’d be at war all over the region for basically ever. Damn, American foreign policy is just needlessly violent and stupid.



Why? Are Rockwell and Halliburton’s stock prices down?




When your country is in the hands of, and run by lawless religious crackpots, the law of unintended consequences doesn’t penetrate the brainpans of these maniacal fools. And, I’m not just talking about Trump, Pompeo, Bolton & Co. A dangerous portion of the Democratic Party is also horrible and frightening on a possible war with Iran. Or, war with Venezuela, N. Korea, Nicaragua, Bolivia…in fact, the Permanent Gov’t of the National Security State ( the unelecteds ) are, apparently, totally insane and have completely gone off the rails. Especially since 9/11, even though they’ve been looney for a very long time (19__?).
And, now conscripted taxpayers and the sheep who follow the false flagwavers, are going to do this again? " Is this a great country, or what? "



Bet the 2012 list still has those. Probably more, true.



It turns out that the John Birch Society’s depopulation conspiracy is not Agenda 21, but their Lord and Master Trump and his neocons.



In Vietnam we were finding out about the futility of the war after we got there, and there was no place to retreat to.I would wish the soldiers of today would understand the futility of attacking Iran and getting killed. For What?

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True from our perspective; but not for the trillion $$$$$$$$$$$ war profiteering industry. Wars are never futile from their perspective! Because they never lose any wars because they always get paid regardless of the outcome.



But, in the US, theological whimsy trumps sanity. Every time.



Ego vs. mindfulness. Ego doesn’t care about truth or reality.