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Hawks Fume as World Celebrates Diplomatic Victory Between US and Iran


Hawks Fume as World Celebrates Diplomatic Victory Between US and Iran

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though a final deal won't be sealed until later this year, the framework agreement announced in Lausanne, Switzerland on Thursday between Iran and the P5+1 nations is having reverberations across the world—offering hope of reproachment, peace, and better days ahead for those who support it and heckles and frowns from those who appear to think that a continued stalemate and endless sanctions, or possibly war, are the better path.


See what the world/Palestine can achieve w/o the hawk isrealis - PEACE in the region !

I know there are many jews that oppose the hawks, but what to do about “collective punishment that the isrealis use on the Palestinians”


It is time to start pushing and writing, blogging and working the phones, people. I already called my senators, and Menendez and Schumer to tell them to start representing the US and not just Israel. We are writing and blogging most of the day. This agreement is the best things that has happened to this country since 2001. Defend it.


This is a fragile peace that may well be torpedoed by the corporate lackeys in D.C. before it even gets off the ground. The U.S. can’t be trusted when it comes to treaties and promises of this nature, at least not with the current slate of corporate fundamentalists that rule Washington.


Thinking like a right winger-what to do now?-----I know, we get our right wing Likud friends to start the war for us and then----since the US is such an friend of Israel, we drag the US into it. I’ll bet the phones are ringing right now in Bohner’s office. How can we get ourselves into another war? Republicans are more than war mongers the are war lovers and in their robes of evangelical righteous represent the very worst of this country. Not that they are alone. The really pathetic thing about the USA in my opinion is that they do represent about 40% of our ignorant, racist fearful and hating population. Why is this so? Why has the USA sunk to such moral depths?


The headline says that the world celebrates the deal between the US and Iran. Does that world include Russia, Venezuela, China, Iraq, Somalia etc?


Vote to remove “hawkish Democrats, including: Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Sen. Joe Donnelly (D- Indiana), Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Col.), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY).” (ASAP, repubs are hopeless).


Good to have averted another war thanks to the Iranians. Now let’s go for a complete victory for Mother Earth in banning all things nuclear–energy and weapons–and war itself.



“Let inspections, not bombs, do the work of disarmament.”


I hope and pray that peace will win in the end…but I’m not so sure it will…the forces of hate and evil will do everything they can to derail it… All the while claiming their Christianity. Replubicans wants war. But more than that they want Obama to fail. Their hatred for him knows no bounds.


The hawks fume, because there are no war profits in diplomacy. Their war cry is: PEACE, WHEN THEY MEAN, LETS BOMB THE WORLD TO PIECES!


Hate radio, the likes of Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly et al. The vitriol against Obama is outrageous but then that is what the robber barons insight. The Divide and Conquer strategy has worked well for them along with not teaching history, civics, and cultural difference of the world which we sorely need here in America.


The deal was between six countries (the UN P5 plus Germany) and Iran, not the US and Iran. Among those six countries is China and Russia, so I assume they are happy with it. I’m sure Venezuela, Somalia and especially Iraq (Iran is helping them fight ISIL) are happy about it too.


Autospecies hate is one helluva syndrome. May I suggest trying to transition to Big Bang hate. It will suddenly ease that singular psychic pressure.


“All I am saying is give Peace a chance”


“the jews”?

There are millions of Jews who do not support the brutal policies of the State of Israel.


Russia and China were both at the negotiating table and signed off on the plan. So called hawks are traitors if they undermine the plan. We have fallen so low, because we have stopped walking upright into the face of tyranny and belligerence. We are cowards cowering on our heals. Not with a bang but with a whimper is our epitaph.


Beware of more false flags by the Mossad. Israeli govt will not stand by and permit PEACE to flourish. Our congress is totally controlled by zionists as is the NYT, Wash Post. Maybe the "Fed’ ie the Rothschild bank of England will crash the dollar as punishment for our recalcitrance in not warring for Israel.


I’m surprised to find myself approving of Obama’s conduct in this instance - not only his participation in this multilateral agreement, but also his remarks defending it: calling on opponents to suggest something better.

Opponents of this agreement, led by Netanyahu, have no answer to the simple question: what more would you want from such an agreement? It already specifies the most stringent inspection regimen ever imposed on any country. If they were truthful, opponents would admit that any peaceful agreement is unacceptable - nothing short of war could satisfy their blood-lust.

But how did it happen? Why did Obama do the right thing, this once? Would it be naive for me to suppose that the advice Obama hears from the Pentagon is more level-headed than the lunatic “mainstream” itching to bomb bomb bomb Iran?


Fox news is one media conglomerate that is also pushing war the world over and doing so with outright lies.

Regarding the UKRAINE they claim Russian troops present and training the Rebels. I found it rather funny but they included a file photo as “proof”.

They tagline on the photo was dated july 29 2015. Apparently they can get photos of events that happen in the future.

As of 5 minutes ago that same photo up there for any that want to see this. Look for Fox News and the claim “Russian soldiers switch from fighting alongside rebels in ukraine to training them”. We can expect more of the same type of lies regarding Iran and Israel no doubt.