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'He Belongs in The Hague': MSNBC Slammed for Handing Erik Prince 'Megaphone' to Sell Trump (Again) on War Privatization


'He Belongs in The Hague': MSNBC Slammed for Handing Erik Prince 'Megaphone' to Sell Trump (Again) on War Privatization

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid reports that President Donald Trump is "showing renewed interest" in Blackwater founder Erik Prince's plan to hand the war in Afghanistan over to a private army led by an "American viceroy," MSNBC on


If we have to have a cop in every country, shouldn’t we have one on everybody’s door step, a bank examiner 24/7 to watch the banking industry, a cop watching every dollar spent by the federal government, and an EPA representative at every drilling site, mine, and power plant?

I said it before we ever diverted to Iraq, the U.S. war mongers need to do an “about face,” and head home. You blew up all of the obstacle course training places and took out the members of Al-Qaeda.


The Reality is that the US Military is already a Mercenary force , waging war on the behalf of Corporations those Corporations waging war for Profits sake.

It an illusion and deception that these wars being waged are to “defend freedom an liberty”

Just like Donald Trump the end result of years of corrupt Governments legislating on behalf of the one percent , Erik Prince is the end result of wars waged for tat same 1 percent.


Ahhh. Just what Trump needs… His own private army!


To paraphrase Deep Throat: Follow the Blood Money!


True, unless one changes the narrative to: these endless wars as being waged to enable the liberty of the war profiteering 1% to defend their freedom to screw the 99%!


Fucktard dropped (flunked) out of the Naval Academy and “transferred” to Hillsdale “College” (a Bible-toting bastion of bullshit if ever there were one) oft touted by the likes of Mark Levin. He did go on to become a Seal, which tarnishes that tradition for me. This dishonorable POS should be kept in a cave. I have no problem if it has a Tora Bora zip code. If he wants the spoils of Afghanistan, let’s show him the way…


MSNBC should have used the airtime to discuss the 565 separated children instead of this garbage. (see previous story)


Make money by murdering, torturing, bombing, impoverishing others in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Reach heaven by throwing acid, beheading, honor killing, suicide bombing and other Muslim traditions.

Organized religion and oligarchy. Nature’s ways of controlling overpopulation.


At the beginning we were told the enemy numbered fewer than 1500. Three trillion dollars stolen from the citizens of the United States later, our enemy is now global.

This is the cost of believing the impossible government conspiracy theory about 9/11.

Stupid voters get stupid government then they lose their country.

It’s the incumbents, stupid. Vote differently or get the same.


Erik Prince of Darkness (the real Dracula) belongs in the Hague. Andrea Mitchell should interview someone with the opposite opinion of him. They would tell you why that war is a waste of lives.


nature –

At first glance, what you’re saying looks like insanity – the saddest part is how real it has always been!


Yes, it’s real insanity.


Erik Prince-----needs an #METOO memo. Could he have been anymore demeaning? Cutting her off, constantly, not answering the questions, and throwing off the oily and rancid smell of a sexist–that permeated through the screen.
OOOOOH ICK. Went to religious school did he—well,“What hath God wrought?”

Yes this sister and brother act shines even more clearly for me. Betsy dumbs them down-----and the only job left for them will be " to fill up a body bag," so to speak.

Whats wrong with PEACE…???. oh poor Erik— he only recognizes that other homonym — PIECE…as in “piece of the action.” : (


Absolutely right. And when we realize that the Bush crowd was compliant with 9-11 every single dollar spent and life lost was a war crime. Aren’t we proud to salute that flag today? G


So the American empire has finally degenerated to hiring out its murder to mercenaries? Just great! That is exactly what the Roman empire did just before its end. I know Americans are afraid to actually take a good look at themselves. They are deathly afraid of what they will see, calumny, corruption, torture, inhumanity, death and destruction, lies, deception, gross hypocrisy, blackmail, war, invasions, death of untold numbers of children, war crimes, kidnappings and many other degenerate and disgraceful activities! That is America today. You should be ashamed!


Eric Prince is a subhuman criminal monster who should be in prison right now for crimes against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. No matter who is in charge of the Afghan war they’ll end up running away with their tail between their legs. Eric Prince will be showing off for a couple of months then his men will start arriving in body bags plus millions of angry Afghans out for his head. Prince will unite the people of Afghanistan, Taliban and all against America and what she stands for, he will only be hastening the USA Empire’s collapse.


USA, Israel Saudi Arabia and Pakistan brought us 911 not Al Qaeda or the so called 19 hijackers.


No Al Qaeda or ISIS without CIA and MOSSAD.


And the profit is in fleecing the dumbed down American taxpayers in the tune of trillions deficit military spending.