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"He Can't Keep This Grift Going": Trump Adds Refusal to Concede to First Acknowledgment of Biden Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/15/he-cant-keep-grift-going-trump-adds-refusal-concede-first-acknowledgment-biden-win


Damn right he can.

73 million votes for this Orwellian figure.


He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!

" We have a long way to go? "
That asinine Trump statement, tells me that this tyrannical, Amerikan Fuehrer is adamant and plans not to leave the oval office. Trump has over 70 million acolytes who will back him up. Looks more ugly, to me all the time. Are we on the cusp of another civil war?


The last part is true, but it was the Republicans who rigged it with their extensive voter suppression which has been going on for years. However, they failed miserably.


Where were all these “Stop the Steal” Trump-supporting protesters when Biden and the DNC stole the nomination from Bernie?


Every day Trump exceeds expectations.

Humpty Trumpty sat on his wall. Humpty Trumpty had a great fall. All the king’s donors and all the king’s lawyers couldn’t put Trumpty back together again.


Move over Benedict Arnold!


Trump is a pathetic whiny loser–end of story


Trump and his Republican Party are sore losers because they did not cheat good enough!


Benedict Donald will be a name that lives in American, infamy.


BA just got Trumped for No. 1 traitor.
May their names, their actions, be reviled as long as there is anything recognizable as America.
We must not be forced to forget.
Remember and revile the cohort traitors as well.


There is one good reason Trump must have to maintain his claim that the Election was Rigged.

He refuses to concede because he KNOWS he’s won. Why?

Because HE’D had been working for months to RIG HIS OWN WIN !!
For HIM, he CAN’T have lost.

So … for Trump, it’s obvious … he WON !
… he already PAID for it … it’s HIS !

ONE THING he learned from his “Business Experience”:
When you make a LIE, you continue to REPEAT IT, ad nauseum.


That is what amazes me–not that Trump is incompetent, a liar, and a fool, but that about half the American population is okay with that. For me, that means there is not a common set of values that most Americans share, values such as a belief in democracy, acceptance of the social contract, or even agreement there are fundamental truths illuminated by careful inquiry. I would be a stranger in a strange land if I were to move to North Dakota. Rather wish the nation would shatter into fragments of people that do share the same values.


Everybody, please listen to this, 50 Ways To Leave The White House.


This is Priceless!


Nice play on words!


Michael Cohen had said that the man is broke and why this slush fund. Now, is NY going after him come Jan. 20? He will need that money on the lonely way down.


The election was rigged. Sad to say that it was probably not illegal. (I’m referring to the important election; the democrat primary, not the theater held this month.)


Just listened to an interesting segment on CBC Radio One’s Sunday Magazine stating that Trump is one of a long list of authoritarian strongmen(dominators). And that he won’t go quietly. He and his team(composed of people who have served other strongmen, including Putin) will sabotage the incoming Biden administration to the point of collapse, then lurk in the background. Trump and his family will continue rallies, prowl on the outskirts of global summits(look for Ivanka and Donnie Jr.), then try again in 2024. Our defense is just that, build a grassroots wall to question every move, every Tweet, every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth. He has a personality cult, just like Mussolini, that includes the hard-core religious folks. They overlook all sins.
Don’t keep saying, “Oh, it can’t happen here!”. It has, and now we must rebuild something that will protect us from the MAGAs and their leader. Anyone who craves a Strict Daddy who will solve all problems and bring back a Golden Age is an authoritarian themselves(cf Robert Altmemeyer’s work on authoritarians. The GOP collectively is a Double High).
We have work to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves and do it.


Great link! Thanks, PonyBoy. Shanti

It’s best to minimize attention to Donald at this point with a quiet watch to stop him if he creatively attempts at something totally destructive to the USA. (The demise of a quarter million citizens on his watch wasn’t enough for him- he wants more).In fact, he needs to be removed now! What is that 25th Amendment for anyway? Donald’s desperate need for attention gives him ammunition -minimizing him lets him shout to the wind. Let Donald rant and rage to his heart’s content along with the chorus of his sycophant supporters. President Elect Biden’s new administration will continue nonetheless to calmly and steadily put itself together followed by Donald’s whining removal on January 20, 2021. One story ends another begins. Good luck to us all…we need it.