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'He Cares About No One. Not a Soul': Ire for Trump After 130 Secret Service Agents Reportedly Infected or Under Covid-19 Quarantine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/he-cares-about-no-one-not-soul-ire-trump-after-130-secret-service-agents-reportedly


The Secret Service should stop protecting Trump. If he wants security, he has enough money to pay for it himself.


Look on the bright side. A maskless Newt Gingrich and his (latest) wife had front row seats at Trump’s Election Night “Sellabration”.


People have been loudly and clearly stating how dangerous trump is for years including Tony Schwartz who said in 2018:

“We need to keep front and centre that this is a person who is far outside the norms of ordinary behaviour,”

“I believe the republic is at enormous risk that goes far beyond what most journalists are comfortable saying and what the general public therefore – it doesn’t really fully understand,” he said. He added: “We are in a true emergency.”

And in keeping with the topic of covid and horrid human beings in positions of power–
a quote I happened upon this morning:

“For what it’s worth, cancelling our Thanksgiving celebrations to prevent the spread of COVID gives us a great opportunity to talk to our kids about how entering someone else’s home and spreading a deadly disease is foundational to the holiday in the first place”


Yet another example why Trump needs to be arrested and prosecuted for criminal negligence and reckless endangerment. While this is a good article the editors need to do a better job of proofreading when it refers to the Secret Service as Secret Serves.


A couple of years ago I volunteered to teach the Secret Service a unique course in the art of synchronized shoelace tying on this very forum.


If We the People must pay for him to have Secret Service protection for the remainder of his life, I say we give the Secret Service a day off from that job, and pray for a reduction in our taxes associated with the end of that protection.


Does that apply if he leaves the country?


Do people in jail need Secret Service protection??


I do think he will be offered exile this coming February.
In trade for a long quiet time and for his sons to step away from
their current dash to be the RNC.

This reduces domestic discord while we fight the cordova war,
but also promotes the republicans to nominate another even worser
jerk, like senator Cotton, in 2024 and / or 2028 to be prez.
They will win one of these two.


If DT hasn’t sufficiently alienated (1) the Secret Service, (2) the military, (3) the military police, (4) _______, then he isn’t going anywhere - 76 million votes for Biden or not.


Cohen and Manafort are already out of prison, so no reason to believe that DT is headed there, which is a darn shame.


Does the Secret Service have a choice?

You mean Trump has no morals or ethics?? Who knew?? I think we need another 1000 articles like this to finally be convinced.


Nope. If Trump goes to prison, his protection services will be provided by the Aryan Brotherhood.


You’re always looking on the bright side. Do you ever reflect on a childhood friend who has made the transition and think: Lucky stiff, not having to live through this! (It’s obvious I do.)

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/05/2020         164         164
>  18.  05/07/2020   1,247,876   1,248,040
>  27.  07/09/2020   1,858,891   3,106,931
>  36.  09/10/2020   3,274,082   6,381,013
>  45.  11/12/2020   4,127,851  10,508,864

David Cay Johnston was saying and forecasting what is happening now even before drumpf was elected.

There was a 21 or 22 step facts/criteria to ID a psychopath put out around or just before the 2016 election, and if you read DCJ’s reports on drumpf it was easy to fill in the blank to every single one of those identifiers with an affirmative reply of, yes, absolutely! There wasn’t even a question of doubt.

HE BELONGS CONFINED IN AN ASYLUM!!! He’s a danger to everyone around him! He reportedly stalked and raped a 13 year old girl at an Epstein party! His first wife said he raped her! He fucked a porn star and was having an affair with a Playboy bunny while his now bimbo wife was home with a newborn, and then he paid them off to keep quiet so he could run for president, all while he was cheating on his taxes and charity fund and laundering money for druggies and Russian mobsters!

Wake up!


Tell that to my daughter who has been living with me since last March when college prematurely ended! We are in close quarters and she complains about my “doomerism”.

Speaking of my daughter (who is still on track to go to her Fulbright in S. Korea in a few weeks, fingers crossed— big time), I read your post to her about Mary Wollstonecraft and she loved it as did others I shared it with—so thanks again.

More seriously, my mom died last weekend and yes, that was one of my thoughts.

My dad died about 8 years ago and on his death bed he said: “I’m glad I’m getting out of this messed up place now----world is going to hell in a hand basket”.

That did not necessarily leave me feeling uplifted and relieved (but my dad and his personality ----is another story and way OT!).


Thanks for that. Maybe I’m just out of sorts. I’ve been spending a lot more time than usual with old dead friends, lately. Like the spooky part in the movie where there are too many ominous flashbacks of previous episodes. I totally appreciate it whenever Bill, in particular, drops by like that – so I try to hide it from him that this business creeps me out just a little bit…


The question is is what happens IF, as hopefully it will and should, Individual 1 goes to jail on the SDNY indictment that is now waiting for him when he’s escorted out of the WH? Seems to me that if he’s convicted like his lawyer Michael Cohen was, he forfeits all his privileges like SS protection.