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"He Couldn't Breathe": Graphic Video From Killing of Carlos Ingram Lopez Draws Outrage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/he-couldnt-breathe-graphic-video-killing-carlos-ingram-lopez-draws-outrage


How many more,how many more will be abused and murdered? Peace


Add this death/murder report to the growing list of cop and idiot brutality from morons are us!!

" Three staff members of a Michigan youth center have been charged in the death of a Black teenager who died while being restrained after throwing a sandwich, Kalamazoo county prosecutor Jeff Getting announced late Wednesday.

Cornelius Fredericks, 16, died 1 May, two days after he lost consciousness while being restrained by staff at Lakeside Academy while screaming “I can’t breathe” as staff members put their weight on his chest (for almost 10 minutes!), according to a lawsuit filed on Monday.

The Kalamazoo county Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Fredericks’ manner and cause of death was a homicide."



Cops are more interested in dominating while they’re arresting a person of color, than, treating that person with human respect.

Allowing them to breath doesn’t cross the cop’s mind.


The Chief who offered his resignation - Chris Magnus - is known as one of the more progressive police chiefs in the country. He did a lot of things in Richmond, CA. to improve the police department and relations with the community. It really is time to get some other trained people to be first responders to some of these situations. Maybe the police have to come but they should be directed by a mental health or social worker. Still - the police forces need weeding out and elimination of the militarization, swat teams, no-knock warrants, police unions, officer bill of rights, the drug war, asset forfeiture, etc, etc. It is a real mess and our fellow citizens are dying.


Well he said one time he couldn’t breathe and the cops had no choice but to keep him face down because he was naked and freaking out!!! They also covered him, which many wouldn’t do and gave him water! It’s the drugs he was on that killed him. The cops didn’t sit on him on kneel on his neck. Not saying this isn’t extremely sad, but I feel they aren’t at fault. Someone I know fainted in back of a cop car in NY in blazing heat after beggin for one window to be rolled down. Not sure if he asked for water or how they revived him. But he was not on drugs.

It didn’t have cross their minds. It was up front, in your face, coughing and gagging. Anyone doing this to an animal should be fired. Anyone doing it to a person should be jailed or executed. This person had zero chance to defend himself.
I’ve seen a lot but not giving cpr to someone until after the fact means total incompetence of all who were there.


Come on man, when someone is cuffed, a blanket covering all available air, and hearing someone OBVIOUSLY CHOKING, AND YOU DO NOTHING UNTIL THE CHOKING STOPS. JUST WHOSE FAULT WOULD THAT BE?
Sorry about the upper case rant, but are cops required to drink a certain kind of water or what?
There had to be a better way to subdue a person, and I didn’t hear any offer of comfort to guy being sufficated. None


I do not know what percentage of cops are former Armed Forces members, but that would explain why the GOP wants to retain the “qualified immunity” for them since as former military they too had similar immunity.

Being trained to kill, then hired as police, is all wrong.


No choice is a common excuse
But that is a false statement


How about that fraternity brothers of Tucson and Wilmington. Charlie Manson must be juggling fire balls as he dances in jubilation.

Carlos Ingram Lopez died at the age of twenty seven years as he was terrorized by moronic cops. A grandmother will regret and suffer for her call for “help” for the rest of her life. Damn these cops, no justice just resignations and as usual that’s only because it was on video.

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It may seem radical is to suggest that we release every inmate in the country. What is more radical though is continuing to imprison people for minor crimes with long sentences while empowering the police State to feed the prison industrial complex because it pleases Wall Street.
Here’s a thought. A young man gets 20 years in jail because he was caught three times with selling grams of pot. “Three strikes you’re out” is the common phrase used for this inhumane law.
The judge could then say… “I sentence you to two years in a jail where you will be repeatedly raped and enslaved by vicious, cruel and mentally ill inmates for your entire sentence. You will be humiliated twenty-four seven, live in constant fear of death and violence and if you complain to a guard, you will be either ignored or punished by the guard.”
The judge could also say… “I hereby sentence you to twenty years in prison without parole to be immediately sent to work as a slave for a prison that will subcontract you out to wealthy corporations until you are released or else you die. Refusal to work for one of our contractors will mean that you will be forced to live in even worse conditions with only suicide as a practical alternative to your constant pain and suffering.”
In reality the victim generally receives a combination of both sentences comprising of brutal rape, regular beatings, incredibly long sentences, forced labor and of course living in constant fear. This is the reality of the American prison system. Is it any surprise when this man’s grandmother starts sobbing uncontrollably once she realizes that the police are but the first step towards a brutal future for her grandson? I would personally let a thousand guilty men go free rather than sentence one innocent man to prison, but that has never been the case in America.
Instead we get people like Trump who wants to gun down peaceful protesters or arrest them en masse for being poor and for speaking out against racism, sexism and fascism. Or else we get a so-called liberal like Biden who promises to incarcerate millions more (usually people of colour), add 50 more capital crimes (crimes you can be executed for), increase the length of prison sentences and pledge an allegiance to our dozens of law enforcement agencies as he brags about his ability to “get tough on crime”.
These are the acts of sick and depraved individuals, yet the American public is forced to choose between these two types of cruel monsters to lead us down the yellow brick road. Give me a break! 99% of our incarcerated population have committed crimes that pale in comparison to the millions who have suffered because of the ideologically bankrupt, sociopathic leaders who only act in support of their wealthy donors.
Let us get rid of all corporate Democrats and Republicans this November and usher in a new era of empathy and compassion for all. Our humanity demands no less.


Well said. I wish more people were as capable as you to think outside of the box, and imagine breaking free of the the corrupt Duopoly that is destroying this country.


Funny thing is: the RPD turned right back around and commenced circling the drain again almost the week Chris Magnus left – as if the old gang was relieved to have him out of the way of their self-expression, finally. We don’t have the rough-and-ready bloodthirstiness of Vallejo’s cowboy’s, nor the oppressive institutional pedigree of OPD, here in Richmond, but we try harder.

For those of us left behind in Richmond when Magnus left, it was as if all his magic good-nice-cop fairy dust went with him – presumably to Tuscon, where it worked for him at least to keep another police lynching hush-hush for awhile. Good job, Chris. Stick around and reform some more, why dontcha?

Black man stopped and detained for 30 minutes because the Police officer did not like the way he was walking.


What these officers do is push and push and push until in frustration a black person that has been harassed over and over and over again for no reason other then the fact s/he is black reacts in frustration. The officer then has his “reason” to shoot that person or take him or her down for being “disorderly” and “posing a threat”.

I always read comments sections of articles or videos such as the one linked to and inevitably there also some guy chiming in that if the Black person had just been polite and answered the questions the Police officer had and followed his orders all would be well. These types have no clue . They are not subject to being stopped just because a police man does not like the way he is walking.


Hi gand –

The backgrounds are the same as many other Americans suffering from loss of
jobs, long layoffs – limited access to education or over-educated – some of the
25 million who have been long-term unemployed in our nation where it is the
Federal Reserve and NOT our Congress deciding whether we will have FULL
EMPLOYMENT in the US or not –

at the same time the right wing have been destroying unemployment benefits enacted
70-75 years ago under the Social Security Act – and Bill Clinton overturning WELFARE
GUARANTEES which stood for 70-75 years under the New Deal, as well.

If you noticed Chauvin and one of the officers with him were stacking boxes – many
others come directly from combat in Iraq. But this is what Elites are looking for –
desperate people who will do anything for a job. This is the threat to us all which has long
been recognized and which was responded to by unlimited unemployment insurance and
Welfare benefits now gone. Keep in mind, as well, these layoffs have been so lengthy as
to destroy any assets they may have had. IRA’s and pension plans are quickly gone.

Monopoly wealth and Monopoly businesses need to be broken up – and decisions that
have anything to do with the welfare of citizens must be made by our Congress in open
debate on the floor of the House and Senate.

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Well said –
Plus we have to realize that as many as half a million prisoners are released from
jail every year! How does this brutal system prepare them for anything else but
misery upon their release. Those who watched Brooks’ interview understand the
need for Mentors helping parolees find jobs – finding ways to pay for the tremendous
EXPENSES that pile up while they are in prison – and the damage to their families.

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"We’ve said this before—police should not be first responders to calls involving behavioral health and drug use," Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) incoming executive director Kassandra Frederique [said] in a statement. "When Carlos’ grandmother called the police because of his irregular behavior, she did not expect that they would kill her grandson."

The disclosure of Mr. Lopez’s death comes at a time when many Latinos around the United States are calling for changes in how police treat their communities, echoing similar calls by African-Americans. Last week in California, outrage emerged over the killing of Andres Guardado, an 18-year-old Latino student and security guard, by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy. The episode in Tucson occurred about a month before George Floyd, a black man, was killed by police officers in Minneapolis, igniting protests throughout the country.

The protests are helping all of those impoverished in this wealthiest of nations – where it all
goes to Elite/wealthy – not as they should immediately be helped but because their stories are
finally being heard and the people are listening. Ironic that this “shut down” has led us to new
insights into the effectiveness of protests by the people against another system that controls us
all – policing. Where our “public servants” whose salaries we pay are dressed as military
invaders striking with “shock and awe” so the president can have a photo op to wave a Bible to
excite his Evangelical crowd. At least one young man has lost an eye to the rubber bullets.

Meanwhile our towns are faced with becoming more corporate because small businesses are
failing under the pressures of MONOPOLIES like Walmart and Amazon – and banks aren’t too
happy to lend to small businesses. Many of the townspeople don’t understand what’s happened
where on average in our connected towns of about 5, it looks like currently at least one-third of
the small businesses have been lost.


I can agree with you but I think he - Magnus - gets how police should really be and how they should be serving and in relation to the community. However - sometimes it is delusional to think that something so broken can be reformed. Sometimes those who appear to have power actually have very little and are trapped by the institutions where they work.

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