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"He Doesn't Care, So Long as He's Not Liable": Trump Rally-Goers Forced to Agree Not to Sue If They Contract Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/12/he-doesnt-care-so-long-hes-not-liable-trump-rally-goers-forced-agree-not-sue-if-they


Perhaps it will have a good effect, fsvo “good”. Either people will come to their senses about how little Trump cares about them, or they’ll die of CV19 caught at one of the rallies.


Pro-fascist, anti-fascist, and only a few months till the election. Seems the loss of some of his supporters isn’t really that important. He must have a plan B, and it isn’t just more looters for the news camera.


In the lingo, it’s called a “hold harmless” waiver. You hold Orangeman harmless in order to see him.

Good lord, or whoever’s out there teasing me with an avalanche of signs connoting a total collapse of His Pestilency’s feint into fascism, have mercy on me. I’m not accustomed to optimism about anything. As if the teensy taste we were treated to out in front of the White House was quite enough for us, thank you. “He’s the last one who doesn’t get it” someone said.

I’ve previously observed that the apogee of USAmerican fascism occurred in the moment of the infamous photo-op. But the spike was just before, as Pestilency spewed from the Rose Garden, where assembled lickspittles could overhear flash-bangs as peaceful protesters were assaulted by the US military in what would be named “Black Lives Matter Plaza” (I’d suggest shortening that to “George Floyd Plaza” btw.)

Immediately after that paroxysm, his “Winston Churchill moment” was truly the inception of a precipitous decline. First came the wave of outraged clerics, starting with the pastor of the church he mocked, and not stopping as it knocked over Pat Robertson. Then came the generals, culminating in Orangeman’s chairman of the joint chiefs, who spat in the boss’s face yesterday. Now even some politicians seem roused from their sloth. Pelosi sees voter-intimidation in Georgia? Biden says Pestilency will probably stick to that structure after losing, but don’t worry about it… and I’ve never heard them speak like that before. Both Senate and House Republicans find it in their endangered electoral interests to distance themselves from Robert E. Lee?

We are winning. Each day, we’re winning. It’s an apparent avalanche, on all sides. Even the agitprop machine is ditching him now. But watch: There are so many “doom no matter whom” types around here, you’ll see plenty of hard-boiled hip nihilism in pessimistic comments to follow, I’ll wager.


“Immunity from lawsuits encourages irresponsible and reckless behavior, and undermines public health, as the Trump campaign is now shamefully making clear.”

Anyone who agrees to this is committing a crime against their neighbor and the rest of us. They are, obviously, cut from the same sociopathic cloth, breast fed on hate and that “rugged individualism BS” that has no social consciousness. And in many states cases are skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, this would-be-king, Menace extraordinaire, is convening a gathering in Texas on policing and deliberately excludes the three top law enforcement officers who are all black.



We know he does: The blame will be placed on BLM protestors. And these supporters will more than likely agree. I have never experienced a more selfish, self-centered nation and wonder how we have managed to last these last few centuries. And then Life happens…See you all out on the streets and we can’t let up now and create that new, better world for us all!


Seems like Darwin was right, a bunch of derelicts are exposing themselves to a potentially fatal pandemic because they don’t believe in science. When they start dying disproportionately it is an automatic upgrade to the gene pool.


The problem, Niemand and Adam, is that they will be spreading it to others and they just don’t give a damn. That is the problem.


What about the people on the outside that contract the coronavirus from the Magats that go to the rally, shouldn’t they be able sue the bastard?


This IS red-state Tulsa we are talking about after all. It’s best not to expect too much common sense from there. Anyway, the dead don’t vote.


I’ve got a brother living in Tulsa. I don’t even know what to tell him. My family has had a longstanding policy of regarding any observations of mine as mad ravings. I had to give up. Some people as good as tell you, straight out: “I don’t understand a word you say” – after which it seems pointless.


Amazing how many in the duopoly fail to see the obvious and the right priorities. Money must be what is making them obtuse. They will have to be dragged and thanks for encouraging us all to stay in the streets. We are getting a bunch out in a little corner of Northern Vermont this Saturday and have ready a large banner.

About that “Winston Churchill” moment…


I posted a you tube documentary on the Tulsa massacre yesterday and hope you get to see it.
Maybe your brother can be persuaded, if he does not already, to wear a mask, etc.?

Trump is the worst in the long line of arsonists.

As far as family goes I can commiserate with your feelings. I have given up on my biological family but still send them waves of love–what can I lose? It is a good protective shield. Besides the thing for me at least is to begin seeing the wider community as my family which includes all other species and that the universe itself is our greater body. A tall order, I know. But I am working on it.


Yep… The day before yesterday CNN did just that. One of the female talking heads was suggesting the latest upsurge in C-19 cases was because of BLM protests - NO mention of all of the states that have been foolishly “reopening” over the past several weeks prior to the protests, or the states that never locked-down in the first place.


Your description of your family situation I believe may accurately describe many of us here at CD. To most of our families we are “wild eyed liberals” and “commies”.
My wife’s family in particular, white Christian fundamentalists all, genuinely believe that Africans sold themselves into slavery and actually thrived under it (a common belief among evangelicals and conservative Catholics). However, this past Christmas was a very telling experience. These socially stunted rubes would normally spend half their time singing the praises of Reagan/Bush/trump and how wonderful the nation was doing under supply side fascists. But this year they were silent. They sat there, drank too much, and picked on each other instead. It was very telling that none even mentioned Trumps name, as though uttering it would cause their tongues to burn burn out of their heads.
My wife whispered as we stood in the kitchen, “do you suppose they figured out that they fucked up?”
I doubt it. But we can hope can’t we?


Oh yeah, we knew that narrative was coming from the main stream media. Since the powers that be weren’t able to fight coronavirus with their inadequate passive response, they needed to assign blame. And of course, they blamed “the blacks”.
This was all too predictable.


This might be a clue. Fauci calls this trajectory of new cases a “stubborn plateau” and SARS2 his “worst nightmare” – checking off all four boxes: novel, respiratory virus, highly transmissible, persistently lethal.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    21 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   3.  02/05/2020          11          11
>   6.  02/26/2020           4          15
>   9.  03/18/2020      10,427      10,442
>  12.  04/08/2020     417,018     427,460
>  15.  04/29/2020     603,199   1,030,659
>  18.  05/20/2020     520,436   1,551,095
>  21.  06/10/2020     443,188   1,994,283

I am not sure from this article if signing away one’s right to sue Trump clears him of premeditated criminally insane gross negligence.


I enjoyed your response “my family … as mad ravings”. I can only hope that we all make it until the election without total destruction. I see that my grandkids are out marching which is good to see. Maybe I had some influence on them.


I would place the apogee of US fascism at 1898 or so. That is the approximate date of taking over Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines. Genocide of indigenous people and union busting by the army is also fascism.

The US has been a fake democracy game run by opposing political team fascists for a very long time.