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"He Doesn't Want You to Vote": Trump Threatens to Block Funding to Michigan for Sending Absentee Ballot Forms to All Voters Amid Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/he-doesnt-want-you-vote-trump-threatens-block-funding-michigan-sending-absentee


Tyrant Trump’s tantrums are getting more frequent and more obviously revelatory of his fear of expulsion from office and potential incarceration. I hope this threat to freedom is advertised to all Americans. Give me vote by mail, or give me death.


From Biden’s camp there is no reply at all. Where are our strong leaders fighting corruption? Answer: There are none. Third world countries now pity us.


Trump Tweeted, “This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State. I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!”

Once again Trump’s ignorance of the Constitution is on display. Election laws are reserved to each individual state. The Federal Government has no say in election laws in the States. The US Supreme Court overstepped its bounds when it ruled in Florida for George Bush. The US Supreme Court should have recused itself as it has no jurisdiction over election laws in States.


He is admitting that he cannot win with a fair vote


Me thinks that Gov. Whitmer has gotten under trumps very fragile, thin skin. The pricktater in chief seems to be quite intimidated by strong women, Gov.Gretchen in particular. What a worthless, cowardly weenie the trump thing is.


The democrats are on board with the trump campaign. That’s why they nominated Biden. They know that trump will beat him. Can you imagine Trump and Biden on a debate stage? Trump will have Biden in tears. He won’t let him get a word in edge wise. And Biden will begin to stutter and stutter and stutter. And Trump will win in a landslide. Pathetic.


Well I hate to say it, but they’re already giving us death.


Every morning I scan the news hoping to find something regarding trump (which I won’t state here) or that Biden has dropped out.

With each passing day it looks more and more likely that trump (and his enablers) will either stop the election or be in place another 4 years.

Each day I grow more and more resentful at democrats for putting the worst possible candidate in place to run against the worst president in u.s. history.

Adam said it well above:

And “they” to me is democrats and republicans.

Serious question: can anything be done legally in response to this latest dangerous threat by trump? If no, this confirms we have zero checks and balances left and are in a totalitarian nightmare.


The government of Michigan is doing the right thing. Mailing out the ‘applications’ for the voter to sign, date and return by U.S. Mail.
Then, the absentee ballot itself is mailed to the person. If the citizen does not return the application, they do not receive a mail in ballot.
It may occur that walk in voting can safely occur in some Michigan towns.

Say a prayer for the 25th.

El-trumpo is visiting a Ford plant today. Their share price may drop in half !!


Yeah, Trump must be licking his chops in anticipation! When Trump walks over to Biden’s podium and stands behind Biden while he is talking, Biden will completely freak out and say something like: “MY TIME IS UP”.


Maybe, maybe not. In Michigan, it’s interesting that the Libertarian candidate, Con. Amash, dropped his idea about running for POTUS.
Internal polling, perhaps, makes Trumpkins nervous in the Fuhrer’s service? What did the Congressman get?
Hopefully, Con. Amash got some promise of federal assistance for flood damage and infrastructure repair and housing, etc. etc.
Threats are inverted promises, very dystopian in this instance. Also lunacy for a guy who brags about being an Economy God.

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It’s looking more and more like I’ll be the only one marching with pitchfork raised. I hope my heart condition, shortness of breath, and neuropathic feet hold up for a mile or two.


I’ll be marching right beside you, with Mr. Cane and perhaps some other interesting items. My motto as Walking Woman is if I can see it, I can walk it. And I’ll wear a red sash and red and black paint on my face.
This disenfranchisement has been a long time in the making. From the 1930’s, in fact. It’s the Old South, where only the worthy are allowed to vote. Milton Friedman and his neolib cohorts from University of Chicago, the Harry Byrd machine in Virginia, the economist James M. Buchanan(who was awarded a Nobel Prize in economics for his quackery!), and then the Koch family linked to the Murdoch media machine. Only ones who should have the right to vote are rich white men. Period. The amendments to the Constitution that allowed more and more people to vote will probably be brought before SCOTUS to annul.


> Critics noted that while withholding funds in such a way would likely be illegal

This would only matter if the courts would enforce the law instead of dictatorially legislating from the bench. With everything eventually making its way up to the fascist dominated supreme court, that is unlikely.


BINGO! Nobody can be this stupid, it must be planned.


When Trump threatens to withhold monies that all agree Michigan is entitle to, unless Michigan accedes to a demand Trump is not entitled to make, he’s likely acting on what he learnt as a builder: don’t pay workers and companies you’ve engaged what they are owed when they present their fully justified bills unless they agree to a discount for some fabricated facile reason or accede to some other unwarranted demand. Especially if you have them over a barrel, like they need their money right away, then milk them of what they have earnt, is his ever-so-smart idea. Trump’s the sort of guy you would not want to do business with and leave yourself vulnerable. Many had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Trump’s attitude simply put: If I get a chance, I’m going to take or withhold what’s rightfully yours unless you jump through my hoop and give me something I’m not entitled to.

This is how autocrats work. They don’t respect democracy. They respect power. Trump will do whatever he can get away with if he feels it is good for him now. He’s not the sort you want with power over you.


"Donald’s Against Democracy-He’s Taking Your Right To Vote Away."

-New Bumper Sticker Available Soon-

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You can borrow my wheelchair G. I have one just in case I need it somewhere down the line.

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Michigan and Wisconsin or Walker and Snyder were major in allowing the Kochs to put Trump in the White House. They needed to get that oil in Canada to sellt in the Gulf for their own pockets. Putin helped too. Trump loyal to them all. Until this is settled know Trump/Trumpers will do anything to keep Trump in the White House.