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"He Doesn't Want You to Vote": Trump Threatens to Block Funding to Michigan for Sending Absentee Ballot Forms to All Voters Amid Covid-19

Well Trump is correct if he means his economy. I predicted that Trump’s insane wall was all about him and wait for it: Trump just awarded one of his companies a $1.2 billion dollar contract to build the Wall. Like I said before, Trump used illegal immigrants as a red herring.

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Citizens arrest?

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America is now officially the nation who had it all, everything any nation could ever have wished for, and lost everything because they were collectively stupider than the poorest and most deprived and disorganized nations on earth.


I’m not sure I can answer your question, but I saved this story the other day on this subject. Never heard of the writer, but the link to his organization in the story seems legitimate, If anyone can refute this please speak up. A quick rundown:
If the election is cancelled, Pelosi would be sworn into office in Jan.,2021, per the Constitution, so not likely this path would be taken.
Since the states control elections, the republican controlled states are the biggest concern. They control 29 state legislations with 302 electoral votes (270 are needed to win), and they could automatically designate their states electoral votes to Trump ensuring his reelection, without an election in these states. But there’s a twist, the Governors of the states legally issue their states electoral votes, and their are enough ® controlled states with (D) Governors to block this, whether this happens or not, who knows in todays political climate. There are many other factors at the state level that could effect this equation.
Of coarse all of this is under the assumption the courts will follow the law and the Constitution, something the un-supreme court failed to do in their 2000 decision. Hope this helps.

“Finally, A Reason Not to Worry: Trump Can’t Cancel The Election, Even During Coronavirus”
Jason Harrow

Harrow is a LA attorney and executive director and chief counsel for “EqualCitizens-US”
There’s a link in the story to this org. (hyphen replaced . above so I could get it past the MOD)

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Well spell check strikes again, should read: “and there are enough [R] (as in republicans) controlled states…”

I believe it is the same in Wisconsin. That’s how we voted in the primary. Applied, received a ballot, sent it in. Who knows if it was counted though.

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Mom passed away (non covid-19) at the end of April. We have hers to use as well.
Condolences are not necessary.

Too bad Obama didn’t have the cojones to do this to Missouri after Ferguson.

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I’m sorry G. Our Moms may be friends now.

As far as politics goes, when I growing up I thought my folks were indifferent. As time went by I could see that they were thoughtful and non party. You know, people who say they vote for the person, not the party.

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