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he Fight for Bernie Delegates Is Escalating—and Could Help Beat Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/07/he-fight-bernie-delegates-escalating-and-could-help-beat-trump

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Retire Status Quo Joe and Replace Him With The Man Who Will Deliver Us From Pure Evil.



Restoring the New York primary will give AOC the opportunity to campaign for Sanders, including shining a bright light on Pelosi and company’s CARES legislation capitulation to the GOP.


I love Bernie, but he handled this badly. He refused to go after Biden policy wise and aggressively point out his record to make distinctions between them, he instead let the mainstream media bully him into silence about that hiding behind false calls for decorum and civility, he declared him his friend like it mattered or was a winning strategy, he dropped out way too soon to not be blamed for if we lose to Trump (which they will do anyway no matter what Bernie does) and then he endorsed the rapist saying he will support him no matter what. He played this badly and now he has no more leverage left. At this point no one takes him seriously and I am quite frankly not only disappointed in him but embarrassed for him.

This is the man who withdrew his endorsement of Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks cause of some questionable comments he made in the past on women but he calls a guy with credible sexual assault allegations, not to mention a mile long footage of creepily breathing down women’s necks and inappropriately touching them, his friend whom he endorses???

Sorry Bernie but this is your shame. You let down your supporters by refusing to do what it takes (and i understand there was a whole Establishment fighting you but that is precisely why there was no time to play softball), you call a creepy, lecherous, lying rapist with a track record of quashing the small guy and championing banks and sexual predators, your friend, you gave away all bargaining power by declaring unconditional support to said rapist - which really doesnt give Team Biden/Wall street any incentive to even take you seriously anymore or to accommodate your request for any progressive things. I’ m done listening to you. Go away already.

The thing is, if in politics you arent willing to get your hands dirty and wanna be liked and all like Michelle and Barack, then you need to consider another line of work. If you want to make real change and take away power from the elites, you cant do that by being civil to and freaking ENDORSING said elites!!!


How in the hell do you pick a candidate that is a toss-up with a complete imbecile on pace to murder over 500,000 americans this year alone???


Agreed. I just dropped my Sanders vote into the mail yesterday. I hope everyone else did/will do the same.

Sanders is far from a good choice, but he’s so much better than Biden or Trump that it’s self-destructive not to vote for him


So tired of all this!
Doesn’t anybody see that the dems are done?
Nothing is going to change if we keep voting for them because “we have nowhere else to go”. I am tired of being a registered member of a party that hates me, my ideas, and my candidates.
We need a NEW party!
This whole process was rigged!
When their favored candidate raises the most money, it’s only about money raised. When OUR favored candidate raises the most money by far from the most people by far, “Let’s talk about electability.” Unbelievable!
I am a football person. If we only get two parties, shouldn’t they oppose each other? If both teams decide who is going to win, it’s not a game! Right now the republicans have no opposition. You cannot win without a DEFENSE!
I was reluctant to believe that Bernie’s role was to be the sheepdog to get US into the Corporate Dem fold, but there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation.
I am heartbroken. Why didn’t Bernie rally his millions of supporters? Why didn’t he fight 'til the end? Influencing the platform is BS! There has been no outreach to US. They just wanted US all out of the way so they can get back to business as usual.
Just think how much more exciting it would be if the establishment got behind Bernie from the beginning. I thought we were all democrats? Why wouldn’t you want the most popular politician in the country to be YOUR candidate? Because the Democratic Party is controlled by Republicans. How nice for the owners of our society to create a system in which it doesn’t matter which party gets in. They get whatever they want!
Sad, but true!
I’m ready for a NEW party and a new system!
Peace, Love & Sunshine!


We need to get Dennis back in play. He’s the only politician I know of who said “No” to the corporatocracy and made it stick. And he paid a terrible political price for doing it because the people believed the propaganda about what a terrible mayor he was for not selling out to them.


I posted this elsewhere, but it’s appropriate here:

Trying to turn the Democratic Party to the left by achieving minority status on irrelevant committees is the worst strategy imaginable and a disgusting waste of progressive resources.

The DP convention will be held in mid-August, and the platform committee will meet in the weeks preceding that. Even if Bernie gets a few minority seats on the platform committee, the most that they will get in the platform will be a few utterly irrelevant weasel words. Progressives will hold onto a ridiculous thread of hope until the convention closes - and at that point, it will be too late to redirect their energy. The DP establishment could not have designed a better trap.


So we should support Sanders even when Sanders won’t support himself? Support Sanders because we don’t like Biden, even when a vote for Sanders IS a vote for Biden? Support Sanders because maybe there might be cosmetic changes in the platform–there won’t be, but even if there are, they’d be meaningless. We’re being played, the party actually despises us, and we have to say enough. There is NOTHING there.


Biden is going to lose. He has all of Hillary’s pro-corporate and warmongering flaws plus the touchy-feely/Tara Reade problem plus the mental decline. A few weasel words in the Democratic platform won’t sway any votes.

Trump’s Achilles heel is the Senate. If the Republican majority there can be eliminated, the Senate could block all of Trump’s judicial and administrative nominations along with everything else.

Yes, retaking the Senate means supporting the Green Party candidate, Lisa Savage, in Maine. Ranked choice voting gives the Green Party candidate a real chance to win. Spread the word!

Website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org

Gibberish Joe cannot beat Trump. Put your energy into a useful fight.


Every day Sanders continues with his endorsement of Biden he discredits himself. It’s the left that will be most discredited by Biden because the contrast is most obvious. By supporting Biden, Sanders is seen to have chosen an accused sexual predator over the victim.


(This is a reply to @nickyus.)

I’ll vote for Bernie for four reasons:

  1. By voting for someone other than Biden, my vote expresses my rejection of the DP establishment.

  2. A vote for Bernie helps to force the DP establishment to play with the rules again and thus to expose their dishonesty.

  3. By voting for Bernie despite his endorsement of Biden, I am manifestly rejecting Bernie’s endorsement of Biden.

  4. Filling in the ballot, which is sitting on my kitchen table, will take only seconds. It’s hardly a sacrifice.

You’re absolutely right on this:

That’s why I’ll spend my time and energy helping the campaign of Lisa Savage, the Green Party candidate for the US Senate in Maine.


The fight for delegates is now based on the fight for credibility. Sanders has painted himself in a corner. Is Bernie now going to write an op.ed. – “I believe Tara, but I’m going to continue to Endorse Biden.” It’s a ridiculous notion, but that’s where he’s got himself. His only real option is to continue to stay in the corner and be discredited each and every day, maybe get more delegates but so what, he’s discredited. Or he defends his trustworthiness, his integrity and comes out swinging – make his mea culpa and retract his endorsement of Biden.


Platforms. Aren’t. Binding.

This is the most worthless ambition of all time. Platform creation is what you do AFTER you take over a party, as the Clintons did AFTER Willy won office.

But by all means, maybe you’ll be able to “kick the football” this time.


No one cares about the platform, which is as nonbinding as the DNC’s “rules,” which Tom Perez changes at will. The point of voting for Bernie in the primaries is to give Bernie the delegates he needs to win the nomination when Creepy Joe drops out.


Nebraska is up next - primary date is this upcoming Tuesday, the 12th, so vote by mail now for Senator Bernie Sanders.
Then, it’s Oregon on the 19th
Hawaii on the 22nd
Let’s win some progressive delegates!
p.s. tell all your family and friends to vote for Bernie in Nebraska, Oregon, and Hawaii - we need Bernie’s policies more than ever!


Solomon is a border collie. I like border collies but this one needs some re-training. He needs to be broken of that habit of herding the sheep into the duopoly.


From this article:

“The perception that the party is in the pocket of the rich…”

Damn, Norm, it’s a perception because it’s the truth.

Gee, I wonder who will have more influence on Norm’s party, progressives like him who the party takes for granted because he’s too cowardly and unimaginative to pursue an alternative, or big $$$ donors like Haim Saban?