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he Fight for Bernie Delegates Is Escalating—and Could Help Beat Trump

Cleveland rocks

Solomon, I read everything you wrote for several years. This is the most ridiculous and pathetic of all. I’m insulted and embarrassed for you

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Chris Hedges says Bernie is afraid to end up blamed and ostracized like Ralph Nader. Some revolutionary. We need a leader who has the guts to run the risk of ending up like Jack Kennedy!


I hear you. You would not go easy on Biden, i probably would not go easy on him but Bernie is different. Some say he is weak in that sense. Maybe he is weak for not going after Joe hard but i truly believe it is not because he is afraid to hurt his feelings but rather his conscience cannot allow him to go after a man clearly in decline.
Have you ever watched a movie where the good guy finally has a clear shot at the bad guy and you are screaming in your head for the good guy to shoot but the bad guy is wounded and down and the good guy just cannot pull the trigger?? Drives me crazy!! I hate those kind of scenes but i also have come to understand in real life there are people who are born with very sensitive conscience. These kind of people always are sensitive to the suffering of others and often risk their lives for that of another but the sour part is they extend the same to bad people and it drives us crazy!
I suspect Bernie is one of these very rare type of people.
Bernie cares deeply about the issues he fights for. Look at his voting record and you will find him fighting for social security and veterans and against Iraq war etc even when it is not popular, even when it means that he stands alone. He tried to go after Joe on social security, and ’ The youtube’ was born. But i wish he had gone further with that.
I think someone said that Joe was always kind to Bernie even when they voted different. Remember when Hillary said that NO one likes Bernie and When it was brought up during a debate Joe walked over to Bernie and gave him a hug?
Bernie is an underdog in congress and to the DNC because he fights for what we care about. So he has a weak spot for Joe who has occasionally reached out and been kind to him and for that we now want to throw away his entire life of working hard for poor and working class? Really?? All those years of voting on the right side mean nothing to us??
Losing when you had the potential to win is hard but please let us not alienate Bernie, the only consistent guy in politics standing up for what is right. I cried watching Bernie endorse Joe. It felt like watching an ex i still had feelings for marry someone else!!! Lol!! Feels a bit stupid now. But that is the truth. It hurts.

If Sanders truly cared about the nation, he would not have done what he did. I’m sure he dropped out merely to avoid being primaried.

Wonder what would happen if Biden doesn’t make it to General Election? Would we be able to select his replacement, and bring Bernie back? I certainly wouldn’t want to the DNC to make the choice!