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'He is a Faker': Ruth Bader Ginsburg Publicly Spars with Donald Trump


'He is a Faker': Ruth Bader Ginsburg Publicly Spars with Donald Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer

In recent media interviews, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has publicly decried the candidacy of Donald Trump for president, characterizing the presumptive Republican presidential nominee as a "faker" with "no consistency" and "an ego."

Her unusually partisan comments earned some condemnation from centrist media commentators as well as Trump himself.


Gee, isn't that encouraging, two fakers running for president. So, the deciding factor in who to vote for is who fakes the least?
Oh, if you have moment, take this in:
Leaked Clinton Ad Attacks Bernie For Protecting Workers - YouTube


Voting for the lesser of two evils has become voting for the lesser of two fakes.


Trump totally is ego driven. He's a billionaire. Can you really expect him not to have an inflated over-driven ego? He's clearly conceited to the core. He's a terrible candidate for any public office save that of Street Sweeper. Hand him a broom and have him show us what he's really made of! Maybe we can get Hillary to hold the dust pan for him.


Keeping Guantanamo open is critical to ensure there are enough cells to house the Clintons, Trumps, and other sociopaths.

Brooms and dustpans will be part of their daily Guantanamo routine.

Change the proper nouns and everything Bader Ginsberg said about Trump applies to the Clintons.

If Bill Clinton and Obama had not followed the DNC play book and enabled the GOP to control Congress we would have a less right wing SCOTUS and would not be concerned about who the next crook in the White House nominates.


Justice Ginsburg is not referred to as " The Notorious RBG" for nothing. That being said, Supreme Court Justices (remembering Justice Scalia) should keep opinions to themselves, and stay out of the political arena, lest they have to recuse themselves from any cases before them. The alleged left didn't admire Justice Scalia for all he did, and we can't let Justices partake in the circus they must observe and make judgments on. No matter how much we agree with what they say...


Of course he is a faker; he is the ultimate Republican. The party's entire platform is built on fakery.


Needs to be tested for senility.......way way out of bounds.


Since Clinton took over the team blue....they are almost indistinguishable from team Red..'that's the rub'


Jazzbo is clever to bring up Don Corleone from the Godfather. I agree with deckhughes. The Supremes are supposed to be above politics and we all know that is simply a working fiction in practice. But Ginsburg should put her politics into her written opinions--not the court of public opinion.