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'He Is Lying. People Are Dying': Calls for Texas Governor to Resign as He Blames Power Outages on Wind and Solar

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/17/he-lying-people-are-dying-calls-texas-governor-resign-he-blames-power-outages-wind


I can’t help but wonder how such a mean spirited racist, misogynist, xenophobe like Abbott found himself in a position of leadership that he is neither qualified for, or capable of, succeeding in?
Oh, thats right, he got elected.
As one in four Texans huddle around space heaters and campfires trying not to freeze to death today, let them find a modicum of warmth and comfort in the knowledge that they did indeed vote for this. What you have there in the lone star state is Donald Trump in a wheelchair.


Texas is blessed with multiple sources of energy, such natural gas and oil and nuclear, as well as solar and wind.

YEP… and it’s also blessed with multiple assholes who run for and win political offices. Hard to feel too sorry for them when they seem to select and elect idiots at a very high rate.


Change the name to dump and you have the same wonder.


With the ecological crisis, the pandemic, inequality, and poverty it is the time we stop looking for scapegoats. We each have to take the responsibility to counter such tendencies by opposite thoughts and actions. The current crisis demands it.


As often said: Everything is bigger in Texas, including their lies.

Here’s the facts: 90% of Texas is not connected to the US electric grid.
This was done with deliberate intent so as avoid any federal regulations.
At the same time they established a so called “power reliability
commission” to deregulate the now “independent” grid. Ironically, it
seems they did have a tie line into Mexico to have a way to move some
spare capacity for a good profit and still avoid any federal regs.
The shivering has gone international!

Without a grid tie to either the eastern or western national grid
there is a very frosty Texas with lying politicians blaming the wind
and lack of sunshine instead of admitting their own stupidity.

However, their is a silver lining for some Texans. A slice of Eastern
Texas and Western Texas (fortunately) not rich enough to enjoy
the privilege of being on the exclusive Texas Independent Grid.
They are now basking in the warmth of being tied to the Eastern
Power Grid.


I don’t think blessed is the right word. Cursed?

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I used to believe that even dumber Americans realized their own intellectual shortcomings and at least voted for leadership that was smarter than them. I no longer have that child like fantasy.
It appears we have made Menckens prognostications true. The halls of politics and our boardrooms are now filled with like minded ignorant dingbats, a reflection of the voters themselves. And those dingbats have made Ronald Reagan’s tired old axiom come true. Our institutions, both public and private, are now distrusted by a wide swath of the American body politic.
I’m afraid this is exactly what fascism looks like.


Translation: “I take no responsibility.”–Gov. Abbott
From whom have we heard that before?


No consolation for the Texans but:



But Brian, i know some educated Americans who voted for dump. It just doesn’t compute. (But then i also know some educated brits who voted for johnson.)


Wonder what’s happening to folks’ breathing apparatus, old folks without kin, disabled or poor folks without “faith-based charity” or friends? TX Idiocracy was a plague, BEFORE the plague a catastrophe BEFORE the climate catastrophe. I remember being in a Baytown mill that killed three 1099 temp “hands” in a single week. They yelled at us for calling the paramedics, then stared at their victim, as he lay dying from doing his job. The roll line was blocked, since we’d not move him, in shock: without backboard, blanket, oxygen, paddles or any hope. He lay dying for nearly an hour. My crew, in the next bay over, had no idea. Texas OSHA put up plastic chains, totally undocumented hands tripped over. Our employer was freed from Workers’ Comp & can take money FROM your direct deposit account. FUCK Texas.






My disdain for republicans grows daily, they have no shame or remorse. Their willingness to lie so that they can line their pockets as they bow down to the almighty dollar is destroying this world.


Trump has an extensive (read expensive) education too.
Turns out there is no fixing stupid.
Sometimes all an education does is transform a useless sociopathic moron into a dangerous one.


All too true. However, it speaks to our society in general that a significant portion of our educated do indeed vote for horrible people. But we must keep in mind that America’s wealthy and educated vote for people that will A) expand their portfolio, and B) protect it from everybody else.
But then there’s the argument that America’s educated aren’t really that well educated. Here in the USA there is no such thing as a liberal arts education anymore. Everything is now outcome based. We are taught to be marketable in a capitalist society. We are not taught to build for the future so much as we are taught to survive the present. In short, we are not a nation of engineers that build. We are technicians that keep everything running.
Our educated have become just as socially awkward and primitive as any rube living in a cabin in Appalachia. In truth, they probably always have been.


One has to wonder if your ‘disdain’ is generated by strictly partisan motives or if you are equally disgusted by Cuomo’s murder of hundreds of nursing home patients? The fact that you are more concerned with criticizing the party affiliation rather than the harm done do is indicative of what’s wrong with America today. Did you write a similar response to Newsom’s mismanagement of the California fire and utility responses? or is that ‘excusable’ because of his ties to the wonderful Getty and Pelosi families? All politicians are worthless bastards, vampires living off the blood of the people - the sooner you realize that no ‘man on horseback’ is going to save you, the better off you’ll be.


And it’s a whopper. If you can’t trust the sun, what can you trust?

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You know Cuomo is not entirely responsible, Seema Verma is. There are thousands of nursing homes across the country that have agreements that permit/require respite care. There is little supervision across settings for acute care a frequent source of contamination that extends to entire communities. The administrators of those facilities should have objected, but that is in a long list of reforms needed.
If you are ever required to have that level of care, I suggest you do your homework on what you are getting into, and what the alternatives are.


That sounds reasonable, ever though of running for public office.?


Yes you are correct that Cuomo is not completely responsible, however neither does the Texas governor sit on the Board of the electric utilities, nor does he design the engineering specifications for overhead transmission lines. Don’t excuse Cuomo just because he has a (D) behind his name - it is very possible it just stands for ‘Dick’