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He Lies (Again) and El Paso's Pissed


He Lies (Again) and El Paso's Pissed

The Great Pretender's wall hysteria is happily, increasingly running into its own wall - people in border areas pushing back, from Nogales, AZ taking down his razor wire to New Mexico pulling back his troops. Now to sell the wall he's brilliantly heading to El Paso, where his lies have enraged everyone; he'll be met by protests, Baby Trump, a March For Truth and counter rally led by homeboy Beto O'Rourke, and the furious, widespread avowal, "!No Mames!" - no friggin' way.


More two minutes of hate for the masses to consume! Another week in fantasy land has begun!


For every wall there is a tunnel or a ladder…Idiots.

Isn’t it strange that Fox trots out the Gringos to say we need a wall.

But the Mexicans…Oh… Not so Much Air Time for You.

The fact that they were here Centuries before the US…Don’t Think About That.


Since you bring it up and I happened to have come across that information recently and thought to jot it down, here’s an interesting stat: Between 1990-2015 183 tunnels traversing the US-Mexican border were discovered by US authorities. One has to wonder how many there are that haven’t been discovered. That detail, more than anything else, points to the futility of this stupid wall idea…but stupid is as stupid does.


Someone please tell me I interpreted this the wrong way, but what is a video of “chimps breaking out of a Belfast zoo…” have to do with this story? Is Abby equating Mexican and Latin American people with chimps? If so, totally inappropriate.


Hi ReconFire: I think its a message to Trump, that walls can’t, in the end, really keep anyone out—the Chimps are OUT in Belfast—and the People are IN the zoo, but outside with the Chimps. NO matter the difficulty, once ONE chimp found a way, others will follow. : ) People will do the same. : )


Hey stardustIBID, yeah I get the correlation of them overcoming a wall, just seems the writer could have found a better metaphor to make her point. It’s too close to the people of color = monkeys racism. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive.


OH , ReconFire----hi and yes, being very very white with red hair----I did miss the racism connection ; sometimes we white people are dense------sorry, so I see your point. However, the thing about chimps is that they can rip a person’s face off—so they get respect. Sad comment on the often missing quality of kindness in human nature. : (