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He Loves Us... Unless We Don’t Love Him


He Loves Us... Unless We Don’t Love Him

Diane Ravitch

I watched the Republican convention last night.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka was light-hearted, loves her father, and gave a good introduction to a man whom few know well.

Watching Trump give his speech was an out of body experience.


"Watching Trump give his speech was an out of body experience."

The laugh delivered by that line is therapeutic... especially in Serious-as-a-heart-attack times!

Dear Diane, you are FAR too kind about the man, the matter, and the growing phenomenon.


Full blown mental disorders will put you in a safe house or on the street if you are poor. It will put you on top of the food chain if you are wealthy.

Namaskram, Armageddon.
And we have the flying monkeys that make up the system to thank for that.


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Let's "get used to" something better - comprehensive intelligence, consideration for most people and realistic consideration of the future. There may not be many employed workers in the future where projections for the number of jobless as a consequence of automation, are frightening many
countries. Thoughts about guaranteed annual stipends are being discussed in Finland and Switzerland. What would Trump want to do to deal with the consequences of automation? He left that out of his talk. Jill Stein actually does talk about some of problems and their solutions. As a physician I think she would have a better idea about health needs and solutions. To meet something better visit: https://youtu.be/ua3_XUOJEQE


Irony, people. She was in shock and irony was her only choice of response as civil discourse.


You did watch Trumps speech, right? Are you totally incapable of recognizing fascism when you see it?


The Donald. There's just no there there...


Irony...tongue in cheek shocked irony.


That Trump has given no specifics at all, should be more frightening to labor than his opposition to the TPP is reassuring. So he opposes free trade. Good! But what policies will he take on unions and labor in general? He's a billionaire and a supporter of big business to the extent that he's calling for zero precent tax on them. History shows that cutting taxes on corporations does not lead to more jobs. Trickle down has never worked at all.

And even if he is calling for other measures progressives like (e.g., restoring Glass Steagall and breaking breaking up the big banks), he supports big coal, big oil, and the gun lobby. So labor might want to ask him more than a few questions before jumping on his bandwagon.

Furthermore, he has stiffed so many of the small companies that have provided labor for his hotels and casinos, has summarily dismissed all calls for making restitution, and has even savagely belittled much of that work.

He needs to provide so many details that it's impossible for anyone to know exactly what he'd do if he became President Trump. What are the chances that he'll get Congress to go along with him on any of his projects like rebuilding the infrastructure? All we know is that Congress doesn't like to spend money.

In addition, if he built his wall along the border, what would he do if Mexico refused to pay for it as he insists? Would he go to war with Mexico? Absurd! Would he implement some kind of embargo of Mexico? He'd destroy both countries' economies.

I firmly agree with Ravitch and always have.